Crona (Dropped)

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Crona (Scenesys ID: 476)
"Hey. My blood is black, you know?"
Full Name: Crona Gorgon
Gender:  ???
Species: Meister
Theme: (FC) Soul Eater-1
Function: Beloved Child
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Maxey Whitehead
Height: 5'6 Weight: Spindly
Hair Color: Pink Eye Color: White/Black
Theme Song: Crona - Nick Cave - O Children / Ragnarok - Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (warning lots of screaming)


One of Medusa Gorgon's greatest creations is, undoubtedly, her own child. Crona has been the subject of vicious experimentations since their birth. The result has been someone with a deeply warped sense of self. Crona lives in a state of heightened agitation, fully expecting anything (and everything) to blow up in their face, or turn out to be something that can hurt them badly. Even their own body isn't safe! Having been fused with the demon sword Ragnarok, a sentient weapon which constantly bullies, berates and belittles the unfortunate Meister from within their own blood. And yet, for all this, Crona can be a truly terrifying opponent. Capable of shocking violence, Crona utilizes their own blood, the power of the demon sword Ragnarok, and deadly sonic vibrations to kill those that Medusa points them at. Because deep down, all Crona yearns for is the acceptance of their mother...










Ragnarok: Even though Ragnarok actually has some fondness for Crona in his own way... he's mostly a horrible bully, and Crona can't escape him! He steals Crona's food, subjects them to noogies and harsh treatment, and generally grinds down Crona wherever he can. The more Crona is dominated by Ragnarok, the easier it is for the Demon Sword to push Crona towards insanity and keep them off balance.

Fear: Crona's overriding personality trait is their fear. They are afraid of their mother, afraid of pain, afraid of death, afraid of failure, afraid of weird things, and strange things, and new things, and loud noises, and their own body, and themselves. Crona exists in a constant state of perpetual fear, knowing with an absolute certainty that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and believing themselves a horrible failure as a result.

Inability To Deal: Crona just doesn't do well with unexpected situations. New people, new abilities, new moral dilemmas... they have a tendency to make Crona freeze up and take a moment to assimilate this information. Truthfully, this is a reflection of the far more serious Fear flaw, as Crona lacks the self confidence to believe that they can make the right call in ANY situation which hasn't been spelt out for them in advance, but it bears noting.

Guilt: Second only to their fear is Crona's guilt. They have done horrible things, and despite the fact that they have done these things and face constant negative reinforcement from their own blood and their mother, Crona is not actually a horrible person. The trouble is, having done so many awful things, Crona now feels that they must push onwards - as though they can possibly salvage some value from it if they just keep commiting atrocities...

Insanity: When pushed into combat, Crona has to rely on the power of the Black Blood to fight. Doing so lets out all of that built up frustration, tension, and hate that boils underneath the surface. It also makes them babble mostly-incoherently, and makes trying to talk sense into them incredibly difficult.

Momma's Favorite: Crona wants nothing more than their mother's approval. Even the smallest hint of affection would be enough to keep them going. They know that their mother hates them, and this knowledge that they are a perpetual disappointment to the most important woman in their life gnaws at Crona constantly. With such expectations weighing on them, there is nothing Crona is able to deny their parent.


Title Date Scene Summary
Bad Blood November 4th, 2014 On the island of Phase Rock, a teenager has a breakdown and a soldier tries to stop them killing everyone in the vicinity in the process. Does anyone really come out of this a winner?
Corrections and consequences November 3rd, 2014 Mommy dearest is not happy when she learns about her child's betrayal.
Lute and Crona Go To Hooters November 2nd, 2014 Lute and Crona go on a date to the Cinnabar Island branch of the restaurant Hooters.
Black blood and black wolves October 5th, 2014 On a trip to New York Medusa and Crona encounter a beast that seeks to interfere with their business.
Motherly Instructions September 2nd, 2014 A child is summoned for the sake of making certain details clear about the current situation regarding D.
Glowing Blood. July 4th, 2014 At a secluded military outpost, Crona is spurred into action to murder soldiers. It doesn't take long for the Union to muster an effective defense. But in spite of the corpses they left in their wake, it soon becomes clear that they might not be the only victims in this scenario...


Title Date Scene Summary
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