Cthulhu Mythos-1R

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The most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. Such is the sole, delicate veil hiding the horrors that exist outside our perceived reality, the truth of a purposeless, mechanical, and uncaring universe that we could never understand, the effort to do so only ending in madness.

Such horrors include the Great Old Ones, extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings of extraordinary power who view humanity as humans view insects. Some regard us as annoyances on their path, others regard us as vaguely interesting creatures to observe, while others regard us as pathetic things to be toyed with for their own enjoyment. And their servants are no better, from the mindless Shoggoths to the brain-collecting Mi-Go.

The universe simply doesn't care, and the Great Old Ones are testament to that. The most we can do is hope for the bliss of ignorance in the face of such deadly knowledge.