Cyberstorm 2-1

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The year is 3291. Humanity has endured four sieges threatening to extinguish it forever. The Cybrids were AI warriors built to fight for humanity, instead they became its greatest enemy. Over the course of nearly two and a half centuries, humanity fought against brutal, ruthless war machines over four separate and equally devastating conflicts. The official page on the Cybrids was finally turned in 2847. Four centuries later, in 3245, the great mega-corporations of Earth have expanded into the stars, exploiting resources on distant star systems. UniTech, one of these corporations, continued to engage enclaves of Cybrid remnants on distant planets.

The threat eradicated once and for all, or so presumed, exploration, expansion, and exploitation efforts by earth-based corporations have continued. In 3289, A "meta jumpgate" is discovered in the Typhoeus system that allows for cross-galactic travel instead of 'merely' neighboring star systems. A 'gold rush' of sorts has begun, where eight of earth's largest mega-corporations are vying for supremacy and total control over the Typhoeus system--and ultimately the jumpgate that lies within.

The weapons of this war, like the many prior, are HERCULANs (Humaniform-Emulation Roboticized Combat Unit with Leg-Articulated Navigation): bipedal warmachines of varying size and construct, more commonly known as HERCs. However, instead of humans, these machines are piloted by organic pilots called Bioderms, formed from protoplasm and given shape through electromagnetic fields and genetic memory, they offer a 'safer' alternative to their Cybrid predecessors and despite being capable of much higher intelligence, are treated no better than expendable battlefield assets. Corporations use these machines and their jacked-in pilots to wage open war against each other on distant worlds for the rights to own these planets and the wealth they offer.