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        For most people the word conjures up visions of beings of great beauty and charisma, with hearts cold as ice and dark as the night they strike from, bewitching those they feed on into giving their blood willingly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vampires... are just people. Just like people, they can be great or small, terrible or wonderful. Capable of good or ill. Maybe that's their greatest strength. Or their greatest weakness. That they're still human, even as vampires.

        Samantha Fields, the CEO of a company called 'CryoGenics', feels her mission is to give mankind the gift of an eternity free of diseases, aging, and death. For this, she needs vampires. Old vampires. Project Ascension, as she calls it, aims to study the vampire virus and remove the parts of it that kill a human and make him rise with a thirst for blood, leaving only the parts that will, she hopes, make humans immortal and immune to disease.

        The vampire subculture is insular, though. A human isn't getting in without a LOT of help. And CryoGenics needs information on who -- and where -- the old vampires are. Along comes Eric Bane, a member of M-17 -- the government-funded, vampire-hunting military arm of CryoGenics. Volunteering for a mission to clean out a vampire-run human trafficking ring (for food, not slaves, mind), Eric finds himself plunked right down in the middle of the front lines CryoGenics is drawing between humans and vampires.

        As a vampire.

        CryoGenics will soon make its move. The only place Eric can go to for help now is "Sanctuary", a nightclub that's really a... well, sanctuary for vampires. The place where all the information can be found, the place that's been all but unattainable to CryoGenics.

        Until now.

        As Eric struggles to make sense of his new state, with no memory of who he is, or who made him into a vampire, he will soon realize that being a vampire isn't all its cracked up to be. And also... that his days are numbered unless he can find an old, powerful vampire. But the old vampires he needs are twisted, evil. And he has to find the right one.

        Before it's too late for him.