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D (Scenesys ID: 232)
"You and your kind do not belong among the living. You are nothing but visitors from the past, shadows from the world of darkness!"
Full Name: D
Gender: Male
Species: Dhampir
Theme: (FC) Vampire Hunter D-1R
Function: Vampire Hunter
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (21-Provisional Ally)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: Youthful Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? Unknown Voice Actor: Andrew Philpot
Height: 6'5" Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Eye Color: Dark
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu2Y8keVmdk


In a world consumed by shadow and ravaged by monstrous beings, one name alone is feared by Good and Evil alike: D. Where Nobility threaten humanity's survival, the infamous hunter-for-hire is quick to respond — provided his remarkable fee can be paid. Armed only by a long curving sword and a mysterious blue pendant, D's incredible skill comes augmented by supernatural physical traits, for he bears the same blood, and thereby the same strengths, of those Nobles he hunts. As much a boon as it is a curse, it is his dual-blooded dhampir nature which denies D the comforts of home and kin, as human and vampire fear him in equal measure. His lonely existence is gladly sustained that he might live to fulfill his purpose and forever rid his world of the Nobility's tyranny. Beneath his brooding stoicism lies a compassionate and dedicated soul, if one whose bloodthirst torments him as much as his principles define him.



DUAL NATURES: Like any other dhampir, D is graced by physical strength, agility, and speed that far exceed any human's capabilities; he is comparable to a true vampire. He is ageless, and difficult to kill, for his body regenerates minor wounds within moments. More serious injury heals when he is buried in the ground. D can survive incredible falls without harm. He can exert his will over some monstrous beings, and either command the creatures outright or instill a helpless fear. Unlike true vampires, D is able to travel by day. He can traverse running water, too, and is not weak to most holy symbols. Though he does not blend well into human society, he is compassionate toward its plight, and will defend human life even where he is endangered by doing so. (Consent may be required for some effects.)

SACRED POWER: The potential hidden inside D as a result of his rare lineage is what makes him far more formidable than almost any other dhampir or Noble in his world. To reveal his full power, D must also reveal his vampiric nature. His physical appearance changes: his pallor becomes more deathly, his eyes glow a bloody red, his fingernails become sharp claws, and his fangs grow more pronounced. His strength and speed are heightened. He develops telekinetic powers, and by will alone he can smash through basic spells. In this state, he becomes more vulnerable where his Noble weaknesses are concerned. (Consent may be required for some effects.) (PL 34 -> 36)


VETERAN HUNTER: Centuries have passed since the day D began to hunt Nobles. He knows the lay of his native lands, and how to surmount the frontier's common dangers. He possesses an innate sense of direction that has been honed by his many long travels. He is familiar with most threats and technology devised by the Nobility. He can ride any model of cyborg horse, and is educated in their basic repair.

SWORDPLAY: D's skill with a sword borders on the otherworldly. Throughout the course of his travels, he has learned and mastered various styles, combining these into a catalog of maneuvers many would find impossible to master. Elevated by his strength and speed, D's swordplay is fearsome.


MYSTERIOUS BLUE PENDANT: The pendant worn by D can automatically disable locks, traps, illusions, and other low-level magical and physical defenses that protect a Noble's domain. The pendant's usefulness typically only functions within D's world, but may have an effect on similar technologies and spells existing elsewhere. (Consent may be required for some effects.)

THE SWORD: A simple-looking weapon dating back to antiquity, D's sword sports a curving blade almost as long as he is tall. He carries it in a simple scabbard strapped to his back, and draws it over his right shoulder. If no sharper than any normal blade, it's far more enduring, able to withstand significant use before requiring any maintenance.


THE COUNTENANCED CARBUNCLE: Inside D's left hand resides a parasitic creature of unknown origin. The carbuncle appears as a small wizened face protruding from D's palm, complete with eyeless sockets, nose, and wide mouth. He has no known name, but he possesses a stubborn and sometimes snarky personality. The carbuncle's abrasive nature fortunately comes paired with a variety of useful, mystical powers. Many of D's more supernatural talents can be attributed to the carbuncle, such as D's spell negation, his uncanny recognition of deliberate mistruths, or his apparent gift for resurrection. Other more minor powers are demonstrated at need. (See +info D/Carbuncle1.)

The Countenanced Carbuncle - Powers


Consent is required for most of these powers to have any effect. Their utility may be limited by scenario or world restrictions, and may sometimes not work at all. Nothing but the Carbuncle's sapience is a passive power: everything must be willfully engaged.

SAPIENCE - The Countenanced Carbuncle is a fully sapient creature possessing his own free will and abrasive personality. In his interactions with D, he is often demanding, deriding, or contemptuous, although these traits mysteriously vanish when the heat is on (or when D threatens to remove him). In more peaceful or somber moments, the Carbuncle is rather grandfatherly toward D, offering an old man's advice of the world whether it is wanted or not. His cunning intelligence has guided D through more than one hunt.

LIFE-FORCE GENERATOR - By consuming at least two of the four core elements — earth, water, fire, and air — the carbuncle can generate enough life energy to restore D from true death. The power does not extend to others except in more limited fashion where the carbuncle may rouse someone from unconsciousness or counter a poison's effects. Using this power is extremely draining. The carbuncle cannot generate life-force more than once daily, and cannot save D from death more than once per moon.

TRUTHSEEKER - The carbuncle can identify whenever someone is lying. While he may recognize mistruths, he cannot then force someone to speak the truth against their will — usually D handles that part.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS - If he eats it, the Carbuncle can identify it. Poisons and other chemicals can be broken down into their base components and separately named. He can even nail down a wine's age better than any sommelier! It is safe to assume that anything eaten is destroyed in the process.

SPELL EATER - Basic magic can be consumed and dispelled by the carbuncle. He absorbs the spell into himself by taking an impossibly huge breath that manages to consume most magics that he consciously targets. More advanced magic can be similarly countered, but at greater expense of energy. There is no limit to how often this trick may be performed, save that the carbuncle may grow tired.

INDEPENDENT ACTION - Severing D's left arm does not kill the carbuncle — it just sets him free to embark upon his own little side-quests. He's fully capable of using D's fingers for locomotion and crawling around wherever he needs to go.

LIFESENSE - The carbuncle can detect nearby sources of life energy, even when the source may not be directly visible. He's also able to identify gender and can make an estimate of age. Targets don't need to be very close for this power to work, but they can't be very far away, either, with the power's effectiveness diminishing after twenty yards. Even the undead can be sensed, but the carbuncle can be confused by someone adept at stealth.

FORCED SLEEP - The carbuncle's bite can place someone in a deep sleep. This is a magical effect and does not work well against magical or magically-resistant creatures. The strong-willed can resist this effect, too. The sleep could last for up to eight hours, but can be disrupted if there is sufficient yelling.

TRACKING - The carbuncle can read and analyze tracks better than D. He can identify how many people or creatures created the tracks, and how long ago the tracks were made.

PROTECTIVE CHARM - A vampire's victim can be protected from further attacks by the carbuncle's charm. The charm is placed over the victim's bite marks. Whenever a vampire's breath touches the charm, it manifests as a brightly glowing crucifix shining through the victim's skin. All but the oldest and most powerful vampires are repelled by the crucifix.


OSTRACIZED BY SOCIETY: As a dhampir, D can find few safe havens among humanity. Even those who hire him are often afraid of him. His unnatural appearance and demeanor make it difficult for him to fit in among a human crowd. No one trusts him, fearing his Noble nature, and yet no vampires trust D because of his humanity. Such isolation forces D to live a lonely, nomadic life where even basic resources can be hard to come by. He does not often make friends, and violence tends to break out if he's in an area for too long.

VAMPIRISM: D is in many ways more vampire than human. He must constantly struggle against the insatiable hunger for human blood. In addition, relics and special weapons targeted toward vampires will harm D, though most holy symbols do not. Divine prayer and power will have more effectiveness upon D than they would a human being. A stake through the heart will instantly result in his death (recovery from which requires the carbuncle's intervention). Garlic repels him and, if ingested, can act as a potent poisonous agent. Standing in the rain will reduce D's body temperature, inhibit his movements, and slow his metabolism.

BLOODTHIRST: The curse once laid on him by agents of the Confederacy has altered D's character. While under the curse's power, he was pushed to indulging his vampiric instinct to hunt and feed on human blood, and though he does not remember everything he experienced under the curse, his indulgence then has made it harder for him to resist any urges felt now. As a result, he is keeping himself more removed from anyone possessing human blood. Whenever his thirst exceeds his self-control, his vampiric traits become more prominent, and he must stop everything he is doing to focus his mind and body on resistance, leaving him vulnerable to enemy action.

LOATHING: The same experience has made D distrustful of anyone calling themselves a Confederate. He will refuse to work alongside the Confederacy unless ordered, and won't show a Confederate any shred of mercy or compassion.

SUNLIGHT SYNDROME: A tenacious form of fatigue unique to dhampirs, its symptoms build over long-term exposure to sunlight but manifest unpredictably. During an attack, severe exhaustion sets in so rapidly that D is rendered helpless. The only way to alleviate sunlight syndrome is for D to bury himself in clean earth until the fatigue poisons are leached from his body. Recovery can take several days, during which time he is unable to communicate or act.


Name Standing Thoughts
Dracula Vlad Tepes Hostile His annihilation is an absolute requirement to guarantee the safety of the Multiverse. A vampire unlike most I've faced in my world, his ambition and cruelty make him a dangerous foe.
Setsuko Kaminagi Friendly A dedicated and valuable friend. I owe her my sanity and my life, and will dedicate myself to repaying my debts however I can.
Beli Klum Friendly Someone who understands what it is to live in two separate worlds. Her success in founding Purgatorio gives me hope for my own future.
Crona Neutral Without Medusa Gorgon's constant influence, there is hope for Crona's redemption.
Yuuki Kuran Friendly I do not know why or how this girl possesses such unfailing optimism, but I find myself touched by her friendship.
Zero Kiriyu Neutral It's rare to meet someone so like me. If we ever have cause to cross each other again, it'll be the end for one of us.
Medusa Gorgon Hostile I felt no joy at her death; I felt only like something had been lifted from me.
Kagenashi Neutral A kindred spirit. Despite her affiliations and personal goals, despite the evil she sows, I feel like we understand one another very well.
Psyber Friendly Selfless and generous to a fault. His willingness to sacrifice himself may someday lead to his downfall.
Ainsley Friendly Inquisitive to an astounding degree, but well-intentioned and kind. An interesting ally to have.
Faruja Neutral My trust in Faruja grows despite his fanatic faith in the divine.
Lute Neutral Not to be underestimated.



Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT 2015 Opening Ceremonies July 30th, 2015 Mister Satan and Mistress of Ceremonies Mizuki kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament with a special opening ceremonies event!
FINALE: Stage Projection June 10th, 2015 The time has come for the Magnum Opus to be completed.
Catalyst April 8th, 2015 Elites find their way to the Athanor manor, where they are met by an angry mob and an eccentric alchemist.
His Haunt of Old February 20th, 2015 D leads a party of friends on a grand adventure into one of those horrible old castles so common on his world.
The Bittersweet Taste February 8th, 2015 Lu-Mey leads the strike on Castle Igarashi. Last fortress stronghold of the regent that wronged her so many years ago.
So, about that fox... February 5th, 2015 D meets with Kimiko Shinobu for a revealing conversation about his connection to Kagenashi.
Who is Logan Trieste Finale - Clash at Mount Battle January 27th, 2015 The Confederacy move to capture Giratina, and the Union attempts to stop them.
D. Vs. Lute: Vengeance for Medusa's Death January 19th, 2015 Lute and D have a duel, because of Medusa's death.
Return to the Tomb January 16th, 2015 Put on your Indiana Jones replica hats, boys! It's time for an ADVENTURE! D leads a party back to the Northern Frontier and Village Rosa. The nearby castle has been restored, but why, and by whom?
A Meeting with Oinari January 16th, 2015 The Union and allies enter Takamagahara to meet with Oinari on the subject of Kagenashi and the troubles spreading over Azuma.
The Cold Dark January 9th, 2015 Medusa and another witch do their very best to awaken an ancient evil, with the Union doing their best to prevent eternal winter from rising again. D however, has another focus as well...
The Legend of the Black Fox November 19th, 2014 After receiving a message from Oinari, the Union travels to Azuma to investigate the former palace of Kagenashi and learn some of her past.
Lute and Crona Go To Hooters November 2nd, 2014 Lute and Crona go on a date to the Cinnabar Island branch of the restaurant Hooters.
Awakening October 1st, 2014 D has woken from his latest dirt nap. Setsuko greets him.
Salvation's Last Stand September 28th, 2014 Finale to the Hunter's Curse TP. D is ambushrescued by the Union, who attack him into becoming a good guy again.
Hunting the Princessu September 23rd, 2014 D goes hunting for vampire princess superblood. Zero doesn't like that very much. Yuuki is a popsicle.
Grudge Match: Psyber vs. D September 15th, 2014 Psyber has a fight to pick with D over his actions recently. The two agree to meet in Summer for a duel under the moonlight. The grass is stained red with their blood.
Into Purgatorio September 10th, 2014 D leads the Confederacy in an attack upon Beli Klum's realm, Purgatorio. He aims to recapture three girls under Beli Klum's care -- vampires turned by Dracula's power. Beli musters her allies into a desperate defense, but is it enough?
Courtyard Clash 2014 August 27th, 2014 Setsuko Kaminagi meets D in the courtyard of Castlevania. Violence ensues.
The Rising Black Sun August 20th, 2014 Kagenashi sets out to steal enough power for her fifth tail, but things don't go exactly as planned.
A Familiar Meeting August 8th, 2014 Dracula decides to evaluate D's current state himself, and Medusa does her best to further corrupt the dhampir.
Jailed...Again August 7th, 2014 Medusa visits D again in Castlevania's Cursed Prisons, eager to see what effects recent events have had on him.
Drawing out the Beast August 6th, 2014 It's time to draw in the target, and Medusa isn't below using one of her allies as the bait.
A Visit to the Mountain July 29th, 2014 D comes to Purgatorio to catch up and visit an old friend, and perhaps find some peace.
Awkward Vampire Conversations July 28th, 2014 D meets Yuuki Kuran. Things get awkward. D frowns. Vampire chat.
Dinner for Two July 23rd, 2014 After her victory in her exhibition match with D, Medusa wants what was promised her.
WMAT Exhibition D vs. Medusa Gorgon July 21st, 2014 Exhibition match between D and Medusa Gorgon, done to supposedly resolve a personal matter.
WMAT A2 Blackout vs. Aurora July 14th, 2014 The shinki Aurora vs. Blackout (OOC: Juno Eclipse) in the WMAT's Bracket B, Round II!
WMAT C2 D vs. Takamachi Nanoha July 9th, 2014 The dhampir D, elegant and noble, takes on the Confederate child mage, known as Good Nanoha.
WMAT C1 D vs. Samael June 28th, 2014 WMAT first round match between Vampire Hunter D and the Purely Awesome Samael.
WMAT A1 Ariel vs. Mel June 27th, 2014 The child unicorn Ariel fights with the tiny tanky terror, Mel, in a surprisingly violent match for the Round 1 A Bracket!
WMAT A1 Black Demon vs. Kasumi June 22nd, 2014 This Sunday, Kasumi the Meowcenary and the mysterious woman calling herself the Black Demon will face off for the first round of the WMAT. Swords! Axes! High-flying acrobatics, maybe! And FIRE, lots of fire. Don't miss it!
WMAT C1 Bowser vs. Toph Beifong June 21st, 2014 C bracket, round 1. Bowser faces Toph Beifong in a battle of rock and fire, complete with cheering from Feds and Union, family and friends. And also underlings in Bowser's case. Commentator: Mithos Yggdrasil and his two summon spirits Efreet and Gnome.



Title Date Scene Summary
The Road to Understanding (D) September 25th, 2014 D drags himself back to Castlevania after a fight goes badly. The carbuncle mocks him, and asks pointed questions.
The Fall (D) September 12th, 2014 D rises from his grave and reflects on the events which played out in Purgatorio. A significant decision is made.