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The kingdom of Drangleic is a cursed land in more ways than one. Once a glorious kingdom led by the just and honourable King Vendrick, something happened to bring about Drangleic's fall from glory into decadence and damnation. Buildings have crumbled, knights have lost their honour, and many more have lost their lives.

Drangleic is a mere shadow of its former glory; like the tattered remnants of a charred flag clinging to a splintered flagpole. The curse of undeath runs rampant in this forsaken realm, but there is hope still in this broken place.

Rumour holds that a cure to the curse of undeath may be found within Drangleic: Hope for the hopeless, which is an attractive prospect indeed. Such a rumour is so powerful that it draws many from far and wide, even from lands as distant as Mirrah over the mountains, to seek their fortunes...