Dark Souls: Last Days of Fire-1

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The gods have all left this place.

Now, after countless ages and cycles of dark and light, there are only the last fading embers of a modern civilization of concrete, and machinery, doomed to sputter, rust, and die out unless the Flame is rekindled once again.

With so many legends and stories lost to time, no one knows nor truly understands fire, or the nature of the curse, yet Undead roam in a crumbling world, forever without light and forever without hope, eking out a miserable existence amid the remains of skyscrapers of steel and glass, that once touched the heavens. Shambling among clustered ruins of once grand cities, facing threat of Undead hunters, demons, and each other, they fight, die, and go hollow as inexorably as the march of time.

Only one Undead among them all can rekindle the Flame, this chosen accursed doomed to wander in search of his destiny. Undertaking a pilgrimage to a land that once had many names, now called the Soul States, the only question is will he give of himself and return light to the world once again? Or will he damn it all to eternal darkness...

A modern, dark post-apocalyptic take on the Dark Souls universe, where the divinities have long since faded into the mists of time, hidden away from the world and refusing or unable to return as darkness seems to win out more and more over light with each passing day as humans try to push the Undead away, and the Undead slink more and more into madness. Demons and monsters roam freely, while divinity is scarce, sorcery and pyromancy burn their brightest, while users of miracles dwindle down in a world where there is seemingly no hope and death is guaranteed.