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In a modern world where the lines of reality are separated between the human and demon realms, humans go about their everyday lives unassuming of the beings that live in the dark. Zombies, vampires, werewolves and other mythological creatures are real, only just now beginning to emerge and come out of the darkness. Rumors of catwomen and succubi are alive in the cities, vampires hailing from Romania, undead rockers from Australia and a muscle-bound Frankenstein being reported in Germany. The Darkstalkers are real, and exist both in our world and that of the dark, the demon realm. Some want fame, others are thrillseekers, others just want to be left alone, a greater few want to be king of all they survey, or consume the earth itself.

The creatures that reign here are Darkstalkers, their battles rock the night and the last survivor will be the victor.