Dawn (Dropped)

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Dawn (Scenesys ID: 58)
"Do your best!"
Full Name: Dawn
Gender: Female
Species: Trainer
Theme: (OFC) Pokemon-6R
Function: Pokemon Coordinator
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5'3" Weight: 117 lbs
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A pokemon coordinator, Dawn is a young girl who has chosen to focus on competitive contests that gauge style and appearance as well as effectiveness. Growing up as a trainer, Dawn has had to face many hardships on the road, and was forced to learn humility and understanding to go with her original confidence. She remains a steadying, confident influence on those around her though, even if she may seem somewhat flighty and focused upon style and appearance. She should not be underestimated, though, as her skill in coordinating has given her various helper creatures numerous combination attacks and maneuvers that are greater than the sum of their parts.










Link Shock: Linking with Pokemon allows numerous advantages, but at the price of sharing its sensations to some degree. Painful or debilitating wounds given to one of Dawn's linked pokemon can backlash to her, causing psychic damage that can eventually knock her out or bring her enough pain to be distracting. This effectively means that the more pokemon she deploys, the more likely she is to face damage herself.

Do It With Style!: Many of Dawn's movesets and combinations are designed to not only be effective, but to be effective with flair. Unfortunately this means that she is often by habit working to do things with style even in more serious situations, which results in exploitable holes in her defense, or just suboptimal performance. Forcibly suppressing this can throw her off her game if she isn't focused enough.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Even though she can improvise to some degree, Dawn tends to focus her pokemon on doing well-rehearsed combination attacks or formations. A careful opponent can observe this and predict what is coming from the formation or pose the pokemon takes.

Leap Before You Look: While Dawn has learned the need to train and be prepared, she can still be a little impatient about showing off what she knows, and sometimes fails to do proper research on her opponents before engaging them.

LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE!: Thanks to an early childhood trauma, Dawn is very sensitive about her hair in certain situations. Making it appear too unkempt can fluster her and make her lose her cool, though this must be a more extreme attempt than simply messing with her style or otherwise rumpling it up.


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  • Piplup - A proud and adorable birdlike pokemon, Piplup can only fly short distances and is rather awkward. He is fiercely loyal to Dawn, as her original starting pokemon, and has highly-developed water-based attacks.
  • Chimcharr - Agile, fast, and hyper, Chimcharr is a curious and friendly sort who possesses basic melee and movement abilities, along with a selection of versatile fire elemental powers.
  • Turtwig - A plant-based, turtle-like pokemon, Turtwig is someone refined and polite, and possesses plant abilities such as vines and seed attacks. He is slow but tough.
  • Mamoswine - Rather grumpy and stubborn, Mamoswine is one of Dawn's strongest pokemon. He has chilling ice attacks and tusks of ice, and powerful ground attacks such as brief, short-range earthquakes. He is also extremely tough. Unfortunately he can sometimes be a little rebellious.
  • Pachirisu - A surprisingly serious electric-based pokemon, Pachirisu considers herself a scholar of sorts, though this doesn't stop her from possessing a large amount of electrical moves.
  • Quilava - Like Piplup, Quilava has a strong bond to Dawn, and enjoys showing off for her. Quilava is a bit vain, but possesses extremely powerful fire-based abilities. They are flashier than Chimcharr's, but less versatile.
  • Unfezant - Unfezant is extremely vain, which is not helped by his admittedly very primped appearance. As a flyer, he is swift and agile and prefers to attack from the air, though he is also strong enough to carry Dawn or another pokemon into battle if need be.
  • Houndour - Quiet, sleek, and almost humorless, Houndour is nonetheless very welcome on Dawn's team, as he is very good at teamwork. He possesses abilities focused on misdirection and hiding, combined with some basic fire-based attacks, on top of his natural teeth and claws.
  • Espurr - Dawn's newest addition is a psychic pokemon that looks a bit catlike. Espurr is affectionate, but a bit of a prankster, which can be a little dangerous when paired with her psionic abilities to mentally blast others, or simply to cause mild illusions or soothe others. (OOC Consent needed for most of these)Dropped