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On the surface, the world is quite normal... but underneath it all lies a horrible web of conspiracy and cults, of ruinous sleeping gods worshipped by dark cultists, of ancient magical lore contained in fragmented, maddening tomes penned by the insane or the alien. It is a world where the Earth itself is just one tiny planet in a universe full of ancient alien civilizations, of mind-bending creatures beyond space and time.

It is a world where the mystical lore takes shape into beings with a will and spirit of their own, where corrupt men and women seek power from That Which Should Not Be. Where those who seize this power, these Sorcerers, summon giant machines formed of magic and gods themselves to do battle and enforce their will upon the innocent.

It is a world with only the tiniest spark of hope, fanned by a single gigantic corporation that bases itself in a lonely city by the name of Arkham City, holding the prestigious Miskatonic University... a city where the fate of a universe will be decided.