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In the year AU20, the Digimon MMO was released on a modern day earth. A virtual reality game that became incredibly popular across the whole world. For two years, the popularity of the game grew incredibly. But, as the MMO is reaching the peak of its popularity, people are realizing something. Though the MMO is not real, there is, in fact, a Digital World where real Digimon exist. Some people discovered it through the MMO, some discovered it through other incidents, some simply found it by chance. Now, across Earth, a number of people have learned that they have Digimon Partners.

Behind the scenes, a threat is appearing. The Dark Ocean, another realm filled with strange beings that take the form of Digimon. It threatens to conquer the Real World and the Digital World both. Few know of the existence of the Dark Ocean. Some of those aware of it are willing to do anything required to stop its conquest, though, even if it requires resorting to conquest. Others chose to fight both the Dark Ocean, and the would be conquerors.

This is an original theme based on the Digimon franchise. Digimon partners in the theme function as they do in several of the anime. The governments of the world are becoming aware of the existence of Digimon, and are soon going to start making organizations to deal with the crisis.