Digimon Emperor (Dropped)

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Digimon Emperor (Scenesys ID: 468)
"There is only one perfect being, and you're standing before him!"
Full Name: Ken Ichijouji
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Digimon Adventure 02-1R
Function: See Name
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: ~15 Actual Age: ~15
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Romi Park/Derek Stephen Prince
Height: ~5'4" Weight: ~120
Hair Color: Dark Blue Eye Color: Dark Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8pZErLExwM


Ken Ichijouji, known mostly by his alias of THE DIGIMON EMPEROR, is a boy in his young teens and the self-appointed ruler of the Digital World. Having stumbled into it a year back, he might have been just another kid meant to be a DigiDestined hero if not for the Dark Spore that hid itself inside him. Further weakened by the loss of his brother weeks later, he has put on a completely sociopathic facade and takes his frustrations at the human world out on the Digimons he encounters. Though in truth he suffers from severe confidence and identity issues, Ken's face as the Digimon Emperor is that of a cold, ruthless ruler who considers Digimons to be nothing but pets, if even that, not worthy to be called "people" so much as "programs". Though eccentric and somewhat over the top, the fact he quickly managed to enslave most of the DigiWorld speaks for itself. Not quite useless on his own, he nonetheless tends to rely on his creations and enslaved minions to do the work for him.









  • Literally Kicked A Puppy Once: It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Digimon Emperor can be prone to fits of over the top villainy, as if he weren't taking the situation as seriously as he should be. This can lead him to make fairly predictable mistakes (ranging from underestimating opponents, revealing his plans out loud, exposing a critical weakness out of belief it can't possibly be exploited, etc.) or pay attention to the wrong thing.
  • Dark Spore: Since most of his strength and intellect comes from the Dark Spore, something which could cut it off him temporarily would be able to reduce his overall effectiveness. Since the range of things that could cause such an effect is vaguely undefined, please inquire before attempting to invoke this disadvantage. Permanently removing the Dark Spore would require working it out in advance, as it would cause significant changes.
  • Equipment: Since the Digimon Emperor relies so much on his gear to function, whether it be his Digivice, the Dark Towers or the Dark Rings, it goes without saying that finding ways to separate him from his technology, or preventing his technology from being able to transmit, would be quite damaging.
  • Dark Rings: Dark Rings, while easy to make and throw around, have two very critical weaknesses easy to exploit: 1. They require a working Dark Tower nearby to function, meaning destroying a Dark Tower renders Dark Rings inert, and 2. Dark Rings are fairly obvious targets and more likely to break than their wearers, making them the obvious choice in what to aim at. Dark Spirals, while they still suffer from the second weakness, ignore the first.
  • Confidence Issues: Ken has very, very significant self-worth problems which lead him to act even more grandiose as the Digimon Emperor to make up for it. There are ways to get under his skin and make him slip up.
  • Guilt: Ken feels extremely guilty for the death of his brother due to the timing of it, essentially right after a fight between the two that ended with Ken wishing he was gone. This was the catalyst for most of his changes.
  • Pawn?: The Digimon Emperor's actions and plans are part of another being's greater schemes, and they don't necessarily involve him staying in his position, or in fact alive at all. Such an axe looming over his head is doubtlessly going to come up in the future. Probably. Time willing.


Title Date Scene Summary
Meeting An Emperor July 8th, 2014 Dr. Violet Hunter would like to meet the Digimon Emperor. A meeting ensues.
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
Primary Village Seven June 20th, 2014 Primary Village Seven, in Tatsuto Satou's Digital World, seems to be under threat of attack by a Mothmon flying above its tower. Heroes gather to protect the baby Digimon of the village, but not everyone's there to be a hero!


Title Date Scene Summary
Nurturing A Real Partner (Digimon Emperor) June 21st, 2014 The Digimon Emperor starts taking care of a baby Digimon he stole! Poor Wormmon.