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Dimentio (Scenesys ID: 472)
"Now... Ladies and gentlemen... Get ready for the greatest magic show you'll ever see!"
Full Name: Dimentio
Gender: Male
Species:  ???
Theme: (FC) Super Paper Mario-1R
Function: Charming Magician
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age:  ??? Actual Age:  ???
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: None
Height: 5-6ft, who knows Weight:  ???
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Black/yellow
Theme Song: A Criminal Mind - Gowan


A freelance mercenary and magician employed by Count Bleck, Dimentio is a calm, intelligent master of dimensions, rather confident and lighthearted, with a twisted, psychotic core and a goal to create his own dimension, made and ruled by him. Employed by Count Bleck to obtain the Chaos Heart and destroy all worlds, Dimentio works with Bleck and his underlings to find who they need, all the while keeping his own sinister plots on the down low and using his teleporting abilities and invisibility to his advantage in this. A true enigma, many rumors have persisted about him, ranging from him being the descendant of the one who created an ancient race of fairies, to being a dark sorcerer who created a book foreshadowing the end of the universe. Even though he may have dangerous magic, he's still physically weak and very, very bad at physical combat, has issues with dimensional perspective being originally 3D, and may be too overconfident for his own good. Oh, and he's crazy and is likely to stab you in the back to get what he needs. That's pretty important to mention too.



MAGIC: Dimentio is a Dimensional Mage by trade, and one of a very high caliber. He can warp space and dimensions to create a variety of effects, including creating his own pocket dimensions of relatively small sizes, and moving through them seamlessly in seconds. His magic expands past this, with general abilities related to stealth such as invisibility and hovering, and energy projection most could imagine in a mage, as well as abilities allowing him to create magical fields with which to inflict a variety of effects, such as explosions and paralysis.

Dimentio's pocket dimensions max out at 256 cubic feet, and boost his (and, via a glitch, everyone else's) power similarly. The number 256 dominates much of his trickery, including his max duplicates (though it's so taxing he typically sticks with a handful.) Invisibility is hard to maintain on the move, quickly growing taxing and unstable, but can be maintained indefinitely while motionless. (See +info Dimentio/Magic for more information.)

TELEPORTATION: Dimentio is capable of teleporting, by 'flipping' through space to another position, distorting the space around him and the area he is teleporting to. This is instantaneous, and can be used to carry other people through space as well. This teleportation is usually in his line of sight, but he can also teleport instantly to places he is familiar with as well as to warp gates he has been to before. In combat, Dimentio has been known to use his teleportation for trickery, but usually does it in large delays to give his enemies a chance. It is also trickier for him to teleport just anywhere whilst distracted by combat, usually just in line of sight, or back to Castle Bleck as a last resort. Dimentio's teleportation is incapable of breaking wards, and he cannot teleport in/into warded areas.

Additionally, Dimentio can teleport objects in much the same way, but this is also still line of sight, and is rather noticeable. The larger the item, the more effort it takes, and massive objects are likely to tax him quite a bit. Effortlessly, he can teleport about the size of two people at once.

FLIP: As a master of dimensions, the third dimension is no exception. Dimentio is capable of turning from a 3D form to a 2D form, becoming as flat as paper and able to move alongside walls as well as dodge attacks. (OOC Consent to use or as fluff for coded misses)


TRICKSTER: Dimentio is a trickster. A liar, a tactician, and one all for himself. He feigns sanity, acts as a servant to one he could probably destroy rather easily and cares nothing about, and has repeatedly hidden his own true intentions and plans from even his own allies. He is rather skilled at coming up with strategies to further his goals, and lying is second nature to him, with Dimentio capable of weaving fibs effortlessly.


CASTLE BLECK: Dimentio's main base of operations, owned by Count Bleck, it's namesake, is a giant palace located in a realm of darkness. Guarded by a large range of minions, with several rooms and one for each of Count Bleck's generals, it's rather hard to get into the Castle, with the currently only known door being in Flipside, and requiring extraordinary power to even open. However, Bleck's generals are all capable of teleporting there at will, as can Bleck, making it the perfect hide-out.

FLORO SPROUTS: Borrowed by an acquaintance, Dimentio has several seedlings of plants known as 'Floro Sprouts' at his disposal. When tossed at someone's scalp, they root in the skull, allowing Dimentio to hypnotize and brainwash them to do his bidding for as long as the sprouts are planted. However, if the brainwashed individual is knocked out or the roots are destroyed, the sprouts will die, harmlessly popping out, and the brainwashing will be stopped. On Elites, it's much less effective and easier for an Elite to just outright refuse it. (Short time (one scene) requires consent, longer mind control requires TP approval)


COUNT BLECK: The owner and leader of Castle Bleck, and the leader of the plot to destroy the multiverse, Count Bleck is Dimentio's boss and a powerful villain in his own right. Possessing a scepter of dark magic and abilities to temporarily slow the flow of time and speed himself up, he is no pushover. Additionally, he possesses the Dark Prognosticus, the book that contains the secrets to creating the Chaos Heart. Full of rage after losing the girl he loved, he seeks to destroy the universe he believes took her from him. However, even with his power and his evil goals, he still cares deeply about each of his minions, seeing them as family, and is in fact rather polite. Little does he know that one of his own plots to betray him. PL 32.

NASTASIA: Count Bleck's personal assistant, Nastasia is the one who runs most of the things around Castle Bleck, most orders to other servants coming from her. Rather serious but in love with her employer, Nastasia doesn't tolerate failure, punishing the others..by making them write poetry. But she has her own uses, the eyes hidden behind her glasses capable of brainwashing those who she wills and turn them evil, or forcing them to do stuff they would never do otherwise, as long as her glasses are removed. Though, knocking them out should fix it right up! (Powers do not work on Elites, short time (one scene) mind control requires consent, longer requires TP approval) PL 20.

MIMI: A childish violent little girl with a passion for lifeguards and enslavement, and a true form of a giant robotic spider, Mimi is a very skilled shapeshifter, capable of transforming into anyone she has seen before (though it doesn't help with personality, she remains the same in that aspect), controlling red gems known as 'Rubees' that she uses as projectile weapons, and flying. Mimi is invincible to non-Elites, and very durable to Elites in general, and has a powerful spider form which she wields in the toughest of situations. PL 30.

O'CHUNKS: A former war general whose squadron was sold out and fell in battle, O'Chunks is a large, powerful, though slightly incompetent warrior, with extraordinary strength, able to rip parts of the ground out from under him and use them as projectiles. Though a warrior, he is also very honorable, always accepting defeat and showing pride in battle. PL 30.

MOOKS: Protecting Castle Bleck, and capable of being brought out by the higher-ranking members of Bleck's group, are a variety of minions, most brainwashed to serve Bleck. They range from Goombas, to Koopas, to really any race from Dimentio's world, and whilst large in numbers, rather weak 1v1. PLs range from 10-28, Cursyas as an example of 10, and the various Magiblots as examples of 28.


DIMENSIONAL WOES: Dimentio may be a master of dimensions, but he has been used to living in 2D his whole life. But, as soon as he entered the Multiverse and left his own world, 3D became the default. Whilst he can swap back to 2D, this would be hard to sustain permanently with the difference between worlds, and while in 3D, even though he's getting the hang of it, it can still be rather disorienting for him. Also, sometimes he rams into the sides of doors and passages on accident.

FEEBLE: Dimentio is a master magician. What he isn't is a master fighter. He may be fast and have powerful magic, but in physical combat, he's at an extreme disadvantage. If one forced him to fight fist to fist, he would most certainly lose, and he's not very strong either, heavy lifting having to be done via magical purposes.

TRAITOR: Dimentio is a traitor by nature. He truly sides with no one but himself, and allies are completely disposable. Siding with Dimentio, if you know his true nature, carries the risk of being betrayed, even when siding with him is favorable in other ways. And many people don't like traitors, either, so it's a double-edged sword.

PSYCHOSIS: Behind that calm demeanor is a creature of vile, psychotic intelligence. Although he usually seems sane, Dimentio is not in any way 'sane'. His mind is filled with insults and strange similes that he can come up with and throw out at any time, and he has no qualms with injuring others to further his own goals, no matter how bad what he has to do is. He sees himself completely above the law, and can smile even in the face of the most horrendous things. Any psychologist would find him completely and utterly insane, without a doubt. And sometimes, it's just not a good thing.

OVERCONFIDENT: Dimentio is very confident. And this often times can be his downfall. Many times, he cannot see defeat in his future, and he has high confidence in all of plans that he will win in the endgame. When he loses, he will be completely shocked at this turn of events, and his confidence can most definitely be used to an opponent's advantage to string him along.


Title Date Scene Summary
Dawning of an Endless Night July 31st, 2014 Strange interference turns out to be a signal, leading a group of Elites to discover a strange new world... with old, terrible dangers.
Monster Hunting... July 11th, 2014 Dimentio and O'Chunks go hunting for a monster at a..
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
Confederate War Council 062414 June 24th, 2014 The Confederacy meets to discuss current activities and future plans.
WMAT B1 Li-Ming vs. Prorth Edhuwi June 24th, 2014 The first round match-up between LI-MING and AGGRESSIVE COUNSELING, INC.! Commentary by Dimentio.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Info: Magic

Dimentio's pocket dimensions can all boost either strength, speed, or agility times 256 for anyone inside them, massively giving them power for as long as they are in them; however, this applies to everyone, not just Dimentio, and can be rather moot, though the effects of getting hit that hard can be rather..unfortunate. Their only use is as power amplifiers, with little other need. Dimentio's magic fields can do a variety of elemental effects, the most common being casting flames onto them, causing miniature explosions inside, or paralyzing anything inside of them, but this can be dodged by getting out of the rather small magical fields. Dimentio's energy blasts can be spread into a multihood of shapes and sizes, but the larger quantity and size, the more taxing it is on him. Invisibility lasts five minutes whilst moving, but indefinitely when still.Dropped