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In 1987 a peaceful group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, known as Dinosaucers, led by Allo, came to Earth as ambassadors from the planet Reptilon. In an attempt to sabotage relations between the two planets, a rival faction of Reptilonians, known as Tyrannos and led by Genghis Rex, also came to earth. In the ensuing years of struggle, relations between Earth and Reptilon grew more and more tense, until the Tyrannos were able to steal the secret of Dino-volving from the Dinosaucers.

The resulting damage from full grown dinosaurs battling and rampaging through Earths major cities eventually caused Earths governments to expel all Reptilonians from the planet. In 2003, the Dinosaucers returned home in defeat, while the Tyrannos returned victorious. Genghis Rexs victory inspired his fellow Tyrannos to rebel against the reeling Dinosaucers, and eventually take control of the entire planet.