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By playing at this MUSH or connecting to this MUSH, you agree to ALL of these terms.

The various themes represented on this MUSH are property of their respective creators. This MUSH is not affiliated with any corporate entity and makes no attempt to challenge these copyrights. Individual characterizations and storyline are copyright of the MUSH's creator or the individual creators, whichever is appropriate. This MUSH is not for profit in any way, shape or form and is a work of fans out of love and enjoyment.

All players agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You certify you are at or above the age of 16. Any player below the age of 18 must have parental permission. This MUSH, though unrated, may have violence and/or language of an adult nature at any time, either through In Character (IC) venues, Out Of Character (OOC) venues, or otherwise, as well as other situations requiring a mature player. These situations can be rated higher than PG-13 (sometimes rated R) at any time. On occasion, by invitation of the admin, 15-year-olds WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION may also be allowed to apply for a character if they are deemed capable and mature RPers, but this is unlikely. Asking for this type of exemption will likely be rejected. If we have reason to believe you are not of proper age of this MUSH, you will be permanently removed.
  2. You agree to follow the rules set forth in Policy, the rules / news files in general and any direction made by the administrators of this MUSH. We're the bosses, here.
  3. TinySex (TS) is defined as sexual situations at or above the rating of R. This is not permitted on this MUSH in any form - over channels, pages, or in public or private rooms. If you MUST indulge in this activity, take it elsewhere. If you are caught participating in such you will be punished and possibly removed. TS involving minor players will almost certainly result in removal of the players in question. Although this MUSH is geared towards mature players we are NOT oriented towards sexual activities nor will we ever be and those who insist on such are advised to take it elsewhere.
  4. You disclaim MCM from all liability for what happens here. You agree that our liability is limited to exactly what we charge to join the MUSH ($0.00 US). You acknowledge and accept that adult content may be accessible here. If you are below 18, you agree that you will not intentionally try to access this adult material. All conduct, postings, mail and other communications are strictly the liability of the person who put them out. Furthermore, all advertisements are solely the responsibility of the poster, and MCM does not accept any liability for the validity or invalidity of any specific advertisement, or any advertisements in general. You must ask permission from the admin before posting any ads.