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Saddle up, Partner.

Welcome to Gomorra, California - also known colloquially as DOOMTOWN.

Rebuilding after a cataclysmic event, the town of Gomorra has been at the centre of all manner of horrible weirdness lately. Most of it is down to the proliferation of valuable Ghost Rock (a super-fuel capable of powering strange and miraculous devices) in the local hills.

Gomorra has always been a little bit lawless, but now all sorts of groups are vying for power in the town - and only sometimes do they do it quietly.

The Morgan Cattle Company have invested heavily in the area, and are looking to buy the place out from the noses of the locals.

The Fourth Ring Circus came to town and have set up camp - as near as anyone can remember (at least, most of the time) they've only been there a week... for months and months, with all sorts of strange carnival folk wandering around town.

The Sloane Gang are a bunch of renegade outlaws drawn together by the promise of power that comes from the barrel of a gun or a fist full of dollars.

And the Law Dogs are the County's rightful representatives - the long arm of the law, trying to extend its reach to a town that ain't never had much time for that sort of thing.

When the dust has settled, we'll be lucky if Gomorra is even still standing!

(Doomtown-1 is based on the Doomtown: Reloaded CCG published by Alderac Entertainment. It shares some similarities with the Deadlands setting, but the theme is far more focused on one particular town and the goings-on of its inhabitants, and is less interested in the wider setting of the Weird West. It also takes a far looser approach to the canon regarding how things work, with more hideous clown abominations and less defined Huckster abilities, for example!)