Doran (Dropped)

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Doran (Scenesys ID: 695)
"It'll work itself out."
Full Name: Doran
Gender: 'Male'
Species: Digimon
Theme: (OFC) Digimon: Great Demon War-1
Function: Digimon Exile
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Variable Actual Age: Old
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Variable Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song:


Doran is a Dorumon, a Child-level Digimon who had escaped into the Multiverse from a fallen Digital World. He has the ability to Digivolve into stronger forms, all the way to the Ultimate level if in good health and with plenty of energy, but cannot stay there for long. He is a free spirit who trusts nobody, beholden to none and living however he wills, he adapts quickly to new situations and is a pragmatic survivor to a fault. His devil-may-care attitude is truthfully just a ruse, blanketing over just how deeply he does care for those around him and even his own upright morality. That said, he is a bitter Digimon, as past experiences back on his homeworld drive a deep-seeded sense of anger and betrayal that he can usually keep under control.










UNSTABLE DATA: The digital data that comprises Doran has been damaged, likely because a solid chunk of it was stolen for use in Yggdrassil's DEX Project. While this does allow him to freely Digivolve to whatever form he chooses, it takes great mental discipline and a lot of energy to hold that form and the burden only gets greater the higher he goes. Breaking his concentration or injuring him severely enough will cause him to involuntarily revert back to Dorumon.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Digimon who survived the X-Program were witness to mindless swarms of DEX-Dorugamon and DEX-Dorugaremon attacking anyone they encountered and spreading the X-Program as they flew and when they died. Doran's Digivolved forms of Dorugamon and DoruGreymon are very close in appearance to the DEX versions, and can easily be mistaken as such. Negative reactions are expected, and he's even had to fight off some who wouldn't listen to reason.

SECRET PAST: Doran's true identity is Alphamon, the Aloof Hermit of the Royal Knights. He is fully aware of this and goes to great lengths to not even hint at his true identity, playing up the usual traits of the Doru line and the expected maturity at each level. He believes that if it is ever discovered that he is Alphamon, his enemies would hunt him down no matter where he goes and harm whoever they think is close enough to him. Whether or not it is actually true, he never wants to actually find out. This is not known to anyone but Doran himself, and will not be known until I choose otherwise.

WANTED FREE SPIRIT: As Doran is naturally an X-Digimon and was not 'chosen' by Yggdrassil, he is considered an Exile from his world. The Royal Knights distrust 'his kind', likely to hunt them down as much as ignore them, and the Demon Lords generally take the stance of 'join us or be deleted'. He has also had to endure a massive betrayal and the helplessness that followed, and it has left him very bitter. As such, he is suspicious of others at best and outright hostile to assistance or orders at worst. He reserves his friendship to a select few and extends his trust to fewer still, and avoids tying himself down to any one thing or person. Except Duke -- he's the exception to the rule.


Title Date Scene Summary
Mysterious Attack! Something From The Dark Ocean August 14th, 2015 A lake monster was beaten into submission via overwhelming firepower!
Digi Here - Digi Know July 15th, 2015 Duke holds a meeting in hopes to not only alert other Digimon, but to update the Multiverse on what is going on or at least what could happen soon.
Stand Tall Before The Coming Storm July 3rd, 2015 A game changer has arrived as Yggdrasil has started to take more interest or maybe its just a very curious Royal Knight.
What A Ride June 23rd, 2015 Duke comes back home to the Ranch to tell everyone what he has learned and what could be coming.
Pay Up Or Ship Out June 17th, 2015 A exile needs to pay up, but things go quickly wrong for them both.
Forgotten Ghost June 10th, 2015 Duke runs into someone unexpected down in the ruins. A ghost to the Digital Past.
Swords Without Cause May 15th, 2015 Gaonoir makes a deal with a Digimon and that Digimon decides to carry out the deal for the sake of his people. Only he will learn the hard way, that you should never make a deal with the devil dog.
Open Heart - Closed Eyes May 1st, 2015 Duke tries to distract himself by remembering the Digital World's alphabet(s), but this ends up being an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Doran and Alexis help out in their own ways.
The Beast of Shadows Pt. 2 April 27th, 2015 Who is this Gaonoir and why is he attacking a hive of -Beemon?
The Beast of Shadows April 26th, 2015 Investigation of a digital disruption reveals a new Digimon.. But just WHO is he?
Razer Strikes! April 25th, 2015 Razer tracks down rumors of Green Lanterns, only to be intercepted by some Union Elites...
Round Two For Destruction April 17th, 2015 The Mad Exile has at last been located once more, threatening the lives of people over Multiverse broadband. It is time to end her, but will the be successful this time? (Part 2 of 2 - Previous Log: The Hunter Or The Hunted)
The Hunter Or The Hunted April 3rd, 2015 A dangerous Digimon Exile has appeared and is threatening the lives of people. Can the people of the Multiverse end her madness? (Part 1 of 2 - Next Log: Round Two For Destruction)
Doran and Beelzebumon March 20th, 2015 Beelzebumon meets Doran, and has a bit of a misunderstanding...
Dream A Dream February 28th, 2015 Alexis comes to learn the truth behind who Duke really is, but if it is wise to hide it from him can only be found out in time.
After Effect February 25th, 2015 With the robbery done and Duke at an all time low, some friends go to find him. To pick him back up and get him back on the straight-n-narrow again.
Friend Or Foe: Decision About Lute February 19th, 2015 Lute wishes to help out Duke and possibly Doran, but Doran is a bit wiser then his other Digimon Friend.
Intro: Runaway Steak! February 17th, 2015 It was a peaceful day, until a steak thief Digimon showed up!
Street Dragons Are On The Loose February 10th, 2015 The Dravanian Horde attempt to after another village. Only this time these ground ponder drakes are met by the Garlean Forces and soon following, some others of the Multiverse.
Diamonds Are A Girls.. January 24th, 2015 Though the slums of Urbania is maybe not the best place to have a Jewelry store, some people do try to give some quality life to the broken down area of the big city. Just this one has attracted some heavenly attention.


Title Date Scene Summary
Sleeping Reality (Doran) April 18th, 2015 After the MetalGarurumon-X was dealt with in Urbania, most of the participants in that battle left for steak and morale-improving fun. Ryuu, on the other hand, had other matters to tend to...