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Today is a repeat of yesterday. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today.

This mundane cycle of life has made the world seem so stagnant. Who would have known it was so warped...?

DoubleCross is a world of paranormal intrigue, violence, and adventure. A mysterious, seemingly sentient virus known as 'Renegade' was spread over the world twenty years ago, leaving eighty percent of the population unknowingly infected. As incidents involving people whose Renegade strains becoming active increased, the United Nations created a select international organization to protect the world against Renegade threats: The United Guardian Network.

Men in black hide the truth from common people. Humans have superpowers. Danger lurks around the corner. Evil organizations seek to use the virus for their own gains, and beings almost alien wander with an unquenchable thirst for knowing more about humanity. All of these special people, these Overeds-- doublecrossers between worlds mundane and strange-- struggle to live their lives and overcome adversities large and small to protect what they love... or exploit it.