Dragon Age: Inquisition-1

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In the world of Thedas, a time set to medivial ages, is in turmoil. The Circle of Magi: a special institute where mages can study peacefully without persecution, and without fear, has shattered sparking a war between the mages and the militant arm of the human church, the templars a special order of warriors meant to combat magic and hunt down illegal mages and kill those who use blood magic. Whats worse, the templars broke from the human church, which tried to make them be more lenient to their charges. Open war exists all over thedas between mage and Templar and the one chance for peace, a Conclave organized by the head of the Chantry is all that stands between mass war about the world. Unfortunately a massive explosion at the conclave have caused the breach, a massive hole in the sky which leads into the world of demons and spirits. Smaller tears are appearing where demons pour out, threatening to consume the world