Dragon Ball XV-1

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Welcome to the Dragon Ball world, a fantastic land of magic, wacky science, furious fists, explosions galore, and an endless supply of strange aliens. From the lofty Other World the Kais and Ogres run the celestial bureaucracy, managing the arrival of mortal souls into the afterlife. Beneath it all, sinister demons scheme to escape the prison that is their realm. Between the two is the living world which has no short supply of Ki-wielding titans and technological madman stirring things up. On the plus side, houses come in capsule form now!

At least, that's how it should be. Something went terribly wrong in this world and a great deal of its alternate timelines, bringing everything into a crashing halt some months before its Unification. All that remains intact is one instance of Toki Toki City from a so-called 'Prime' continuity and those who fled there from its Other World. Held together through the efforts of the Supreme Kai of Time (and possible only because it was housed in Other World, where Time works quite differently), Toki Toki City's become the main base of operations of an effort to construct a new continuity that can re-stabilize time before the Supreme Kai of Time's power wanes. This effort draws not only on the Time Patrol's existing members but a new wave of recruits summoned from the remaining fragments of broken timelines through a wish granted by the Eternal Dragon, Shenron.

This version of the Dragon Ball world differs drastically from others. It does not represent any one specific timeline but rather an arbitrary amount of possible timelines that have all been caught in the same mysterious crisis. Toki Toki City is a melting pot of figures from many variations and this theme can thus house multiple instances of the same character, though they'll rarely be TOO similar.