Dragon Ball Z-1R

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This is the Dragon Ball setting following the defeat of Cell and right at the start of the Majin Buu arc. Dragon Ball primarily takes place on an alternate version of planet Earth, with vastly different geography, the presence of non-human sapients, dinosaurs, demons, and more than a few aliens. The Dragon Balls are mystical artifacts that can grant as many as two wishes to those who gather all seven and speak the password. They have been the source of much conflict over the years, particularly recently. Technology is pretty advanced where it exists, but most people make-do with little more than basic tools and perhaps a "Dino Capsule" or two -- devices that can hold enormous things in a very confined space. Recently, a monstrous android by the name of Cell was defeated after he almost destroyed the Earth. The planet's greatest champion, Son Goku, died fighting him. It was the Z Warriors - an elite group of martial artists - who supported him, and it was the son of Goku, Son Gohan, who finally rid the world of Cell.

Years have passed in relative peace, with criminals being the biggest threat to the people of Earth. The World Martial Arts Tournament is coming up, and with the promise of Goku being allowed to return to the world of the living for a short time to compete, the Z Warriors are training for the tournament as well.