Dragon Genesis-1R

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The world of Ophion. The location of an ageless battle between two entities, the dragon goddess, Thalassa, and the chaotic entity, Mardochaios. For millennia they battled silently, the rest of the world living in ignorance. However, the development of humanity to its current point has tipped the balance and it is now only a matter of time before chaos erupts.

In order to curb the spread of chaos and prepare for what's to come, the goddess, Thalassa, began to unleash her creations on the world. And that is how the first dragons came into existence.

Once human, now dragons, these people have found themselves with the ability to shift between forms. With their new lives as dragons comes incredible power, but also serious responsibilities. After all, power and their immortality has its price.

Twelve years have passed since the first dragons were created. Separated by ocean, the two continents of Soteria and Cabeiri are both experiencing the trouble of dragons rampaging. All intelligent, some oppress and kill humans, some prefer to hide, while others choose instead to hold back their more aggressive brethren, maintaining hope that humanity will one day accept them.

For now, all dragons have one question sitting at the back of their minds, 'Why are we here?'