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On a world like Earth, but not Earth, fantasy is reality. The World of Two Moons, Abode, hosts a thriving population of humans, animals, and other creatures that are very close to those of Earth... but subtly different.

Through the ages, as humanity has advanced into an age of steel and civilization, others have been present. Explorers from the stars, now stranded on this world, they splintered into primitive tribes of their own: many tribes of willowy and graceful elves, several bands of brutish underground trolls, and pixie-like preservers, all spawning myths that lead into the modern age.

One tribe of elves finally gathered the others, leading them to the Palace of the High Ones in the frozen north. After a grueling war against the trolls there, they regained their birthright, and all was thought to be at an end...

Now, thousands of years later, the Palace of the High Ones has shattered. Humanity has grown and become more civilized, more organized. And it is they who hold the shards of the Palace, while the various elf tribes seek a way to regain what is theirs.