Elise Leroy

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Elise Leroy (Scenesys ID: 62)
"This war is hell. But the consequences if we fail are beyond anything we could imagine. We cannot fail."
Full Name: Elise Leroy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) XCOM: Enemy Unknown-1R
Function: Ice Cold Sniper
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: [XCOM]
Other Information
Physical Age: 25 Actual Age: 28
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 6'0" Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkWtthtbQQ8


Elise was born and raised in Jette, Belgium to a middle class family. She attended a regular school, but decided on graduating from secondary education to join the Belgian Armed Forces. There she rose slowly up the ranks to become a Lieutenant, and was proven to be an expert marksman. She is friendly and kind to those she knows, but has had some trouble forming new relationships after an ambush by paramilitary forces killed her best friend. After that incident, she became rather cold to strangers, earning her the nickname "Ice." In battle she hangs back and uses a high caliber rifle to take down hostiles and provide covering fire for her team. She still thinks about that ambush, and has decided to take additional training in pistol combat to help cover herself if she were ever discovered alone.










Only Human: Like the rest of her team, and all of Humanity on Earth-115, she has a large, glaring flaw: she is only human. Should she be injured it will take a long time for her to recover. She's vulnerable to psionic attacks, and while more cool under pressure, can still get scared and panic in the face of the enemy. Also, her weaponry is far less effective against heavily armoured or shielded opponents, like Tanks and Mecha, with the exception of a well placed grenade.

Self Destructive: Elise still feels she could have done something more to save those that died under her charge. Every life lost in her care brings a little more weight to her emotional baggage. This can manifest under stress as an inability to think rationally, or even come about as a full collapse of her composure, leaving herself, and her squad highly vulnerable while she tries to regain herself. This cycles until she breaks down, and once broken, will take a long time to recover.

Vengeful: Sectoids were the first alien race to be encountered in the war, and they were the first to claim one of Elise's squadmates. Whenever she encounters a Sectoid or variant she loses her cool and will not rest until it is dead, going so far as to break cover and beat the creature to death with the butt of her rifle.

Under Pressure: Being the new Commander of XCOM has its disadvantages. The entire weight of protecting her world, running the Project and participating in missions puts immense pressure on her already delicate mental balance. This can lead to her becoming unstable more easily in combat, especially in tense situations.


Title Date Scene Summary
Operation: Ominous Truth February 19th, 2017 The resistance investigates an ADVENT blacksite, but what they find is more than they bargained for...
Operation: Secret Father February 12th, 2017 General Peter Van Doorn, a high profile member of the UN and a key contributor of vital resources to the XCOM Project is under fire.

Both XCOMs and Elite presence move to assist.

Operation: Bleeding Empire January 9th, 2017 XCOM calls for help in pulling one of it's agents out of a jam with the Trans-human terrorist group. EXALT.
Hokkaido Heist December 10th, 2016 From a watery insertion to an intense indoor assault, Maaka and a team of assorted specialists infiltrate an R&D compound in the subarctic mountains of Hokkaido. Many cyborgs and droids get trashed, and valuable prototypes and data get raided with glee.
Operation: Crimson Vengeance November 26th, 2016 Sometimes, people do things that are rather stupid.

Sometimes, those people get what's coming to them much sooner than expected.

Council Mission: Interception.

Operation: Crystal Serpent October 17th, 2016 UFO fall down, go boom.

Elites and XCOM make the aliens inside go boom too.

Operation: Black Ring October 10th, 2016 XCOM deploy to extract a Council scientist.

Turns out to be a blast from the past for the Resistance chief scientist.

Spirit Crusher October 10th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia had stolen a man from the XCOM Commander. Now that man is coming home - changed.
New and Old, Two Worlds Collide October 1st, 2016 When Old meets New.
Out of the Fog August 4th, 2015 The R.S.S. Konstantinov flees the hot pursuit of the R.S.S. Taktarov, bargaining with multiversal powers if it means saving themselves.
XCOM Base Assault July 7th, 2015 XCOM's base of operations comes under assault by a large Alien force. But thanks to quick response from Elites, and some tactical cleverness from XCOM troopers, the aliens were repelled. But that only leaves questions.
Rocket Rendezvous May 19th, 2015 Rocket comes to Atlas to answer Rebecca Kismarin's job offer and combats some HERCs along with her and XCOM forces
= Aliens in the Mountains May 6th, 2015 Banjo arrives on Earth. XCOM is watching for signs of their invaders attacking other worlds. They pick up Banjo's craft, and go to investigate.
Operation Patient Sleep April 28th, 2015 The Council want something. And what the Council want, they get. Except this time.
Crashed Space Whale April 3rd, 2015 XCOM Shoots down a Medium-size signal. Elites help secure the crash site before the aliens can demolish any useful tech.
Project Sunray 2:The Enlasering January 6th, 2015 XCOM is still researching and iterating their Laser tech. Some designs show promise, others, not so much. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Operation Morbid Chant December 16th, 2014 Aliens invade Munich in Germany. XCOM + others go wreck face.
Project Sunray November 22nd, 2014 So begins Project Sunray, XCOM's first foray into energy weapon design. The group have working energy projectors, but they're unsuitable for field work due to heat dissipation issues, maybe the Multiverse can provide assistance.
Tech Realm Double Trouble November 12th, 2014 The Realm War kicks up again with another pair of Champions showing up with their robot legions to try and pick off a 'weak' champion. Only to learn that Dex Alruin is no longer as weak as even he thinks.
Site Recon October 31st, 2014 Newfoundland. A small fishing village. Noone has entered, or left the area for several days. The local government sent in a recon team to find out what was happening, who went dark.

Strike Two deployed to find out what happened, and this, is their story.

Operation: Fallen Titan October 5th, 2014 Rebecca Kismarin heads home... but is intercepted over Algeria. The Titan's Redoubt is heavily damaged and forced down by a Large UFO. Can XCOM and their Elite allies rescue the Corporate Maven? Find out, dear reader.
Lord Of The Inferno September 15th, 2014 Vi'Sharra and the Immortal Flames have hired out assistance from all corners of the Multiverse to deal with a rather large problem. The problem being that of a Primal known as Ifrit. Can they take this massive aetheric creature down? Or will it be they who become BBQ?
Project Thorax September 7th, 2014 Carapace Armour research hit a snag. Maybe someone outside the organization can help.
WMAT B4 Karian vs. Ariah August 5th, 2014 WMAT quarter-finals match between Ariah and Karian Icefang.
Ghost Town July 30th, 2014 In the forgotten lands a scouting party sent by Gaius goes to investigate a ghost town and comes to run across the most unlikely of things...
WMAT A3 Chronicler vs. Elza Lengar July 23rd, 2014 The thrilling battle between the Chronicler (Ainsley) and Elza Lengar (Elise Leroy), in the third round of Bracket A!
Lofty Ideals July 7th, 2014 Sir Bedivere of the Round Table, formerly of Camelot, now of the Union, leads a relief expedition high into the snowy mountains of the Multiverse. It's a treacherous winter road, and the threat of highwaymen and Confederates is a constant one. Whatever will this expedition of mercy find?
Manehattan Murders Part 2 July 6th, 2014 Manehattan murderer strikes again! Or does she? Join Fancy Pants and Detective Gum Shoe in a riveting and altogether mindboggling mystery--the death of Prince Blueblood, former member of the House Moon and Star and Lord of House Whitegold.
Defense of PA-N51 June 27th, 2014 The very generous but mysterious "League of Rule Companies" submits an urgent, last-minute contract and gets a wide variety of Elites answering the call.
WMAT A1 Raven DeVanos vs. Elza Lengar June 25th, 2014 WMAT Elza vs Raven
Samson and Delilah June 22nd, 2014 Cameron goes bad. A Multiversal team responds to stop her, and the aftermath of it puts John and Sarah in conflict with each other.


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