End of an Age (2/3)

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End of an Age (2/3)
Date of Cutscene: 20 April 2013
Location: Malfeas, Earth-776
Synopsis: Hope remembers her rescue by the Union.
Cast of Characters: Hope's Light
Tinyplot: End of an Age

I am Hope's Living Light.

The Change comes upon me, in the midst of horror and battle. Strangers come, newcomers from beyond the world I know. I see evil and corruption in some, yet honor and regret. I see purity. I see hatred. I see desperation. I see nobility. Most of all, I see Sacrifice, as one dies for me, and charges a child torn apart by sin to protect me.

They say I am special. That I am the one who could save or doom the world. They protect me, yet treat me as a child. They show me innocence and sorrow. They show me anger and heat. They show me the simple pleasures of life, washing away the pains. They show me duty, to friends and family and people.

They show me Fear. They show me Idealism. They show me Anger and Dissonance married with Purpose. They show me Determination. They show me Acceptance. They show me the bonds of Family.

They show me Love.

It fascinates me.