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1. Who are you enhancing?
What is the name of the character you want to apply a combat enhancement to?

2. Trait Choice
Which trait (Power, Precision, Mitigation, Endurance, or Drive) do you want to apply your Enhancement to? If you are back-claiming a very large amount of RP potentially worth two or more Enhancements, please specify them individually.

3. Justification
What events have transpired that have resulted in your character increasing in ability to the point that you feel an a combat Enhancement is warranted, and why? These events must be things that can be followed "on-screen" and which created RP for happening; offscreen training or acquisitions, and/or attending scenes that resulted in walking away with new toys, are not in of themselves sufficient justification. Running or creating a considerable amount of scene content for a significant audience overall, is always a valid justification, regardless of whether the character being Enhanced was present and/or gained power from it.

3-2. Role Shift (OPTIONAL)
If the character has experienced a transformative shift that goes beyond iterative powering up, and fundamentally alters the character's role within their theme and/or the narrative of MCM, please elaborate how and why here. e.g. Anakin's fall to the Dark Side and becoming Darth Vader, or Magus defeated and joining the party. If this would result in a change of Archetype, please specify which. Note that this kind of change requires significantly greater justification and a greater level of detail in explaining it than an Enhancement Star, and fine details are largely up to staff discretion, however this need not necessarily involve extensive content creation in many cases.

4. Scene Reference
Please list the IDs of the scenes necessary to track this sequence of events. You may leave scenes out if they were of minor significance and resulted in little or no RP creation, but overall please try to be complete for record keeping's sake.

Send your completed application to mcmush@gmail.com with a subject of Enhancement Application - Character Name. If using gmail, please disable the plain text feature.