Eric Bane (Dropped)

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Eric Bane (Scenesys ID: 550)
"It's not as if I have much of a choice..."
Full Name: Eric Bane
Gender: Male
Species: "Half-Vampire"
Theme: (FC) DARK-1R
Function: Not Yet Fully Fledged
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20s Actual Age: 20s
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Doug Cockle
Height: 5'10" Weight: ~160 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Light Blue
Theme Song:


Eric Bane. A name that doesn't mean much to him. Waking with amnesia at a club called 'Sanctuary', he discovered two things-- that he had been turned into a vampire, and that if he didn't drink his creator's blood he was destined to become a feral, flesh eating ghoul. Hoping that the blood of an old and powerful vampire would suffice, he has been searching for a vampire who can fit the bill, but has met with no success. While Eric does have vampire powers, he is a fledgeling, and lacks the great physical constitution of other, older vampires. Physically he isn't much superior to a well-trained human, and will die if he's shot enough. His preferred method of getting through a hostile situation is to use his vampire powers from ambush to take foes down. These powers range from short-range teleportation, regen, and an oddly strong connection to the shadows. Though his stealth needs work. Eric isn't just any fledgeling vampire. His bond to the shadows and relative strength for a fledgeling is because he is the prototype CryoGenic's Project Ascension. But ultimately, will any of that matter? Or will he soon fall to ghoul-dom?









  • Amnesia: Eric Bane was once a vampire-hunting soldier of Cryogenic. However, after he was changed into a vampire, he lost his memory. He now remembers nothing but his name. This is a standard effect of having been turned, from all accounts. It's possible he'll get his memory back, but until he does, he will remember nothing of his life before waking up in Sanctuary. When he is faced with something that reminds him of his previous life, he has a tendency to experience excruciatingly painful, debilitating headaches.
  • "Half-Vampire": Not the traditional definition; in Eric's world this term refers to vampires who've been turned but have not yet drank their creator's blood. While he's extraordinarily lucky, and has displayed the strength and tenacity to get through situations a decade-old vampire would have trouble with, there's no getting around it-- Eric is not a full vampire yet. He stands no chance in a fight against a vampire of even only a few decades in age.
  • Vampire Weaknesses: Weaknesses tend to vary with the vampire. For Eric, direct sun/UV light burns his skin painfully, creating an acrid-smelling black smoke, and will eventually kill him. While he can resist the call of day sleep for longer than most vampires of his world, eventually he will be forced to sleep... whether he's safe or not. The stake through the heart is... well, most everybody dies when they're stabbed in the heart. And he CAN be killed with enough bullets... which is not too terribly many more than a human can take.
  • Particular Blood: In general, vampires of his world are very particular about the blood they can drink. They generally don't drink each other's blood; they receive no benefit from it, and it will actually make them sick if they're not careful. They can only survive on blood from a living human being (though they need not kill the human). Neither synthetic blood nor animal blood will sustain them for longer than a few days.
  • Time Is Short: If Eric Bane doesn't find his creator and drink his (or her) blood-- or if he can't find the blood of a sufficiently old vampire-- in time, he is going to become a mindless ghoul. So trying to locate appropriate blood is always on his mind, and he doesn't have time for much else besides his search.
  • Loudest Stealth Ever: Having been an armored trooper at one time, stealth is kind of a new thing for him. That said, due to his connection to the shadows, he now finds himself naturally drawn to it. But he has a lot to learn. His Shadow Leap in particular is a problem. It creates a noise that can be heard up to fifteen feet away by possible opponents.


Title Date Scene Summary
INTRO: The Concert That Wasn't ft. Red and Johnny September 19th, 2014 Swank learns a bit about booking random acts from the Multiverse, and Red gets a chance to shine!
Brockton Bay PRT Fundraiser September 12th, 2014 A light social scene revolving around a fundraising bound!
Warehouse Blowout Blast August 27th, 2014 Moving to yet another prospective hunting ground, Eric Bane meets one of the local heroes. And some of the local villains.
Broom's Clean Sweep Roadside Sale! August 23rd, 2014 It's amazing who runs into who at these traveling merchant roadside things isn't it?
I Only Wanted A Bite! August 21st, 2014 Eric's Hunting goes completely FUBAR when he mistakes Wash as the vampire equivalent of a cherry pie. Malcolm takes exception to someone trying to eat his pilot. Hijinks ensue!
Dial V for Vampire August 21st, 2014 A Robot and a Vampire run into eachother in a dark alley.


Title Date Scene Summary
Just a Migraine... (Eric Bane) September 30th, 2014 Eric is running out of time...

Info Files


The vampire virus from Eric's world is very much capable of taking on the qualities of another type of vampire. This is actually a plot point later, that exactly this happens. And now you know where DARK endbosses come from. Not only that, Eric's particular virus is still "open", being that he's not a full vampire yet, and is more accepting of other vampirism strains.

Add to this the fact that their idea of an "experienced" vampire is one who's been a vampire for 10 years, and "ancient" vampires are around 30. With this in mind, it's clear that DARK's vampirism is an exceptionally weak strain, producing vampires that are little more than, as Escapist Magazine put it, "a Goth with a personal trainer".

Given that, it's very likely that whatever kind of vampire is the first to feed his or her blood to him, that's the kind of vampire he will become. Eric's particular virus will likely accept and adapt to whatever blood is first given to him. And though he'll keep his connection to the shadows, he will take on additional strengths and/or weaknesses, dependant on the vampire who feeds him his/her blood. It's likely to change the development of his abilities and powers entirely.


Eric Bane's development will be shaped 100% by the participation of characters around him. Here are a few examples of what I mean by that:

  • If he's hunted down by a more powerful vampire for being a "mockery" of their race, then he would be at the mercy of that more powerful vampire, given the much weaker strain of his world's vampirism.
  • A scientist seeking a "cure" for the vampire virus in Eric's world just might succeed... if s/he can find an antibody that's strong enough to kill the virus while giving life to the patient again.
  • Should another vampire manage to feed on Eric and drain him to "death", it would turn him into a thrall, with no chance of ever making "full vampire" status. He wouldn't turn into a mindless ghoul, but he would have no will of his own apart from the commands of that vampire.

Whatever happens in RP with Eric-- no matter what it is-- is likely to stick unless staff rules it to not have happened. This means that the ultimate outcome of his story-- whether he turns into a ghoul, is rescued, or the multitude of other choices in between-- will be determined completely by the participation of the players whose characters he comes into contact with.


In the world of "DARK", vampires are made by bite, through a virus that infects the dead human's body after they're drained of blood. Once they rise, the creator feeds his or her blood to the "half-vampire", and the transformation is complete. Unfortunately, Eric's creator never finished the transformation. So, what happens to "half-vampires" in his world? Their minds deteriorate, until they become a mindless, flesh-eating creature they call a ghoul. It's not a pleasant prospect.

However, theoretically the blood of a sufficiently old vampire should be able to take the place of his creator's blood. But, to put this in perspective, most "ancient" vampires in Eric's world have been vampires for THIRTY years. In the Multiverse, where there are vampires that have been alive tens of thousands of years, being an "ancient" vampire after thirty years is a completely and utterly laughable concept.

Realizing this, Eric has been searching the Multiverse, looking for a vampire older than those in his world. He's not even sure that an off-world vampire will even work. But if they're so much more powerful-- and they are if the rumors are true-- then so much better. He doesn't expect they're just going to GIVE him their blood either. The ones in his world seem to be intent on killing him for reasons that generally have nothing to do with what he wants and more with the fact that the older vampires in his world tend to be REALLY SICK PEOPLE.

Therefore, I need a player with a vampire character who would be willing to let Eric drink his or her blood. The "willing" doesn't have to only be IC, either. Eric needs to complete his transformation, before he turns into a ghoul. Time for him is running out. But there's a twist-- since Eric's transformation is still "open", he will change to more closely resemble the kind of vampire that the source of blood is. This is completely open to negotiation, to what degree Eric changes.

He won't turn into a complete carbon copy of your vampire character though. His vampiric gift is the connection to shadows, he won't lose that. Ideally a player could tell me more about the vampires of his character's world, and we could work out between the two of us how much Eric would change, what he would gain, what he would lose, etc.

If you're interested or want more information about this, @mail or page, and we can work out the details. I'd love some help in making sure Eric doesn't turn into a ghoul. Or that I don't have to relegate this important connection to an offscreen NPC.


  • Malcolm Reynolds: "Thought your friend was alone. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't have hurt him too much."
  • Hoban Washburne: "Sorry. Was hoping it'd have gone a little smoother than that. I wasn't planning to kill you."
  • Ferham: "I'm beginning to think I'm not cut out for this. Sorry about that. Also you are crazy."
  • Armsmaster: "...Feels like I fell into a comic book. Be careful with those crazies."Dropped