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Euphonia (Scenesys ID: 839)
"Individuality is an illusion."
Full Name: Euphonia
Gender: Female
Species: Spirit?
Theme: (OC) Chrysalis of Eternity-1
Function: Harmony
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 102
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 165cm (5'4) Weight: Malleable
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Rust/Red
Theme Song: Dying in the Dendera Fields in the Night - (Placeholder)


'Euphonia' - a portmanteau of euphoria and utopia joined by a root meaning 'sound' - is the impromptu overseer of life in the mystical land of Chrysalis. While she firmly denies the title of 'goddess' in all cases, she nevertheless seems to have considerable sway over her universe, and her presence demands an almost pious devotion from nearly all the people therein. Outside her home realm, she is still able to repair many forms of artificial constructs, like robots, as well as utilize 'lightning' for everything from combat to predicting one's psychological condition. In spite of her almost eerie degrees of empathy, she herself displays almost no emotion whatsoever, preferring always to maintain a more formal poise. Likewise, she seems inclined to use the royal 'We' in favor of 'I' as if her every word is meant to represent her people rather than the woman herself. Given that it should come as no surprise that her goals remain painfully nebulous to most, though she does promise this: 'One day our world will know unity.'










BLANK: In truth, Euphonia is not incapable of expressing emotion; only incredibly unwilling to do so. Still, her refusal to express herself outside of extreme, isolated outbursts can make her a difficult person to get to know, and certainly a challenging one to maintain a friendship with. Euphonia will only use 'I' statements or share personal opinions when she is pushed to do so, which can also serve as a very obvious indicator of when she is shaken or otherwise vulnerable. In general, her stoicism rarely benefits her.

SOULLESS: Euphonia's soul is stored separately from her physical form in 'The Needle', her base of operations. Should this structure or her soul itself ever be destroyed, she would die along with them.

MUSIC: Euphonia has profound and often erratic reactions to hearing music of nearly any kind, but the severity of this impact and the ultimate effect this exposure will yield is dependent on the form of music presented. For example, louder, more 'angry' music may impress that feeling upon her, causing her to inexplicably become more temperamental and irrational, while more calming music may lull her to sleep or leave her in an impressionable state where she can be turned against her allies or purpose temporarily. Euphonia is even more vulnerable to magic associated somehow with sound/music. (Note: It is preferred that any player who wishes to take advantage of this flaw consult with me first OOCly to decide on a more definite impact.)

GLITCH: The one element of chaos in an otherwise perfect world, 'Glitch' is a heavily-armed and densely populated rebel organization that operates within the bounds of Chrysalis. Euphonia and any who work alongside her are therefore their most sought-after targets, and they are often easily persuaded to help the cause of those who are pit against her. This makes them a volatile, consistent threat to Euphonia's existence and the existence of Chrysalis as a whole.

CLEF: The one way to unfailingly decimate Euphonia's focus and reason is by harming, or heaven forbid, killing, her close friend Clef. Were any harm to come to her, Euphonia would lose all control, abandoning all other more relevant goals to pursue whomever it was that wounded her. In the aftermath, it's very likely that Euphonia would be too distraught to act meaningfully for a long time as well.

LIAR: Euphonia is something of a chronic liar. Not only does this serve as evidence of her general inability to trust other people, but it also dilutes her own perception of reality. She will often forget how to segregate her truths from her lies, which has gone so far as to make it difficult for her to remember what her name was before the advent of Chrysalis. It's extremely likely even the most naive of souls may be wary of her words after a while, too.

IMPERFECT INSULATION: Euphonia is, perhaps ironically considering her abilities, intolerant to electricity. She has a natural resistance to smaller shocks, but if anyone who specializes in lightning oriented magic/attacks confronts her, they might be able to permeate her defenses. If this were to happen, it might only take one attack to completely disable her. Moreover, more mild, sustained electric attacks may make it difficult for her to aim properly, and could even muddle her cognition in the most severe cases.

THE REALM PERSONIFIED: As a physical manifestation of Chrysalis, anything that negatively impacts the world impacts her as well. Is there famine, drought, or corruption anywhere? The more 'extreme' or 'adverse' conditions there are that plague the world at one time, the more Euphonia will suffer for it. In mild cases, this can make her experience things like sickness or fatigue, but when things become particularly severe, she may actually lose PL points to reflect this. The latter will only occur when Chrysalis has been impacted by player actions, however.


Title Date Scene Summary
Operation URANIA July 29th, 2015 Elites descend into a long-abandoned military bunker, in search of Before Time technology. Things get a little crazy.
The Job July 22nd, 2015 Euphonia holds a meeting with the Flotilla and company to share the ever-so-vague details of her aforementioned job proposal.
A True Utopia July 17th, 2015 Euphonia, Clive, and their world are inducted into the Multiverse.


Title Date Scene Summary
Inception (Euphonia) July 19th, 2015 Euphonia broods over her first interactions with the Multiverse.