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Evette (Scenesys ID: 593)
"Space is really pretty, isn't it? I still don't know why father cried when we would look out at the sky together..."
Full Name: Evette Annalise Elegy
Gender: Female
Species: Synthetic Human
Theme: (OC) Noctilucent Echo-1R
Function: Time Capsule
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age: 157 (still mentally 14)
Still Aging? Nopes. Voice Actor:
Height: 4'9 (149cm) Weight: Uhmmmmm...
Hair Color: Black! Eye Color: Blue~!
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcU8PRS0BYk


Born in a chrysalis of metal, stars, and countless chemicals, Evette Annalise Elegy is a marvel of science as much as she is an enigma of psychology. Spurred on by an innate programming of curiosity as well as the deeply-ingrained words of a man she simply refers to as 'father', she is determined to be a light in the lives of others, and to learn all that she can so that she may be useful to those around her. Unraveling mysteries is her life's goal, and the praise she receives for doing so is its very meaning; even if she has phenomenal autonomy for a mostly synthetic being, she is still a cyborg, and for her that means that helping people - regardless of who they are and why - is her number one responsibility. Herself the result of a project meant to preserve humanity's collective wisdom in a dying world, she was sealed away some time ago so that she could live on and share with the rest of creation the centuries of history locked away in her little head. To help her gather more information, she was otherwise empowered with a neural implant that allows her to interface directly with other examples of artificial intelligence, eyes that can see in the dark and detect heat patterns, and a 'hyperprocessor' that allows her to record events in a shareable format. But in spite of all of this, Evette is a fairly unremarkable and normal girl who just happens to be extraordinarily eager to please, and perhaps just as anxious to find her errant father.










NON-COMBAT: Evette has absolutely no access to any relevant offensive techniques. This makes her useless in direct confrontation most of the time, meaning that she will usually need to be protected when traveling into dangerous areas.

DULLED SENSES: Evette is exceedingly well made for an automaton, but she isn't perfect. Her experiences of pain and touch are far less acute than the typical human which, while serving as a natural painkiller, makes it extremely difficult for her to even realize that she's been hurt. This means that she will often push herself too far past her limits without even being aware that she is doing so.

IMPRESSIONABLE: To an extreme fault. Not only does this make her poor in dealing with confrontation, verbal or otherwise, but she is also quite likely to adhere to the suggestions of others so long as they (1) don't conflict with something another person she is closer to already told her to do, (2) aren't given by someone who makes her uncomfortable, and (3) won't cause any harm to herself or someone she likes. Her personality is still in virtual infancy as well, meaning that everything that happens around her, for better or for worse, shapes her considerably in ways she cannot control. (This is filtered by common sense and OOC requests before exploiting this +flaw for something crazy would be nice.)

SEPARATION ANXIETY: Evette becomes extremely uncomfortable in isolation, and this becomes progressively worse over time. This can only really be fixed through contact with people whom she has come to trust, and oftentimes she will reject the presence of strangers unless they can otherwise placate her. Given this, she can be a bit clingy.

FATHER, WHERE ART THOU?: A deeper personality flaw and the general explanation for 'Separation Anxiety'. Evette firmly believes that her father is alive out in the Multiverse somewhere, and telling her otherwise is a good way to flood her with apprehension. She is completely unwilling to talk about this with anyone but those closest to her, and even then it's fairly difficult to get her to calm down to a point where it can be discussed rationally. Calling his personal traits into question probably won't make her very happy either.


Title Date Scene Summary
His Haunt of Old February 20th, 2015 D leads a party of friends on a grand adventure into one of those horrible old castles so common on his world.
Old World Brews January 24th, 2015 Seft and her crew make their way to the Sunset Sarsparilla plant and find out the true nature of War and the True Legend of the Star
Halloween Poker Night 2014 October 31st, 2014 Halloween Poker Night 2014. The poses below will look a bit sparse, as there was a TON of radio action! Expect radio stuff to be added later. I also had to cut out the pretty ASCII card art, because it wasn't playing nice with wiki code. :(
Shedding Some Light October 20th, 2014 Evette reactivates her space station.
A Late Awakening October 15th, 2014 A traipse through a decaying space station leads to an unusual discovery.


Title Date Scene Summary
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