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Long ago, the greatest of the Exalted defeated the Primordial titans in battle, imprisoning some while slaying others. In recognition of their accomplishments, the Gods bestowed upon their champions dominion over all Creation, by Mandate of Heaven. These shining heroes went on to rule Creation as its Kings and Queens, raising magnificent cities, uniting the lands under the guidance of a grand Deliberative, and bringing forth the glorious First Age of Man... but the death knells of their slain foes dug deep into their souls.

Though felt by all, madness brought on by this Great Curse affected the Sun's Chosen the most. The Solar Exalted were driven to unthinkable acts of paranoia, decadence, extremism, and madness threatening Creation's very existence. The Lawgivers were abandoned by their Lunar mates, betrayed by their trusted Sidereal advisers, and slain by their Terrestrial subordinates, their potent Essences imprisoned and cast into the depths by the victors seemingly for all time. The First Age fell, its legendary infrastructure unsustainable without the Chosen defined by their ability to push beyond all limits, but those who remained to witness it knew they had saved Creation from a worse fate.

Time moves on however, unfettered by such quarrels. A little over a millennia later, Creation is a faded wreck of its former glories. In the panic of a double blow from a plague that brought Creation's population to its knees and Fair Folk invasion that trampled its remaining hopes underfoot, a Dragon-Blooded officer unleashed an ancient and forbidden superweapon to save Creation. Crowning herself with the Sword of Creation's cataclysmic wrath, the Scarlet Empress rose to power and began a mighty Dragon-Blooded dynasty now renowned and feared worldwide.

Though Creation was saved, the Second Age of Man is a time of tumult. The Scarlet Empress has mysteriously vanished from her throne, and her mighty empire stands on the verge of fracturing into civil war. The Deathlords of the Underworld field dread forces into Creation, bringing new souls to their horrific forges. The Lunar Exalted brutally harass and hound the Realm's holdings while propping up savage nations across the Threshold, driven by revenge and necessity. The Sidereal Exalted stand paralyzingly divided on what might be the most important matter: the Solar Exalted have returned, some twisted into the Abyssal and Infernal Exalted championing death and demons.

Creation's fate teeters dangerously atop a tipping point, and only one thing is certain: one way or another, the Chosen will soon bring the Second Age to a close.