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The Golden Age of the world saw great unity after the defeat of the Primordials and their imprisonment in Malfeas. Then came the the effects of their Great Curse, and the champions of old, the Solars, the Lunars and the Sidereals, were driven insane and weakened, until the Golden Age came to a collapsing end. Under the combined might of the Terrestrial Exalted host, the Celestial Exalted were defeated; the Solars imprisoned at the bottom of the deepest ocean, the Lunars driven to exile to the edges of the world, and the Sidereals tied and strung to their own Loom of Fate, and Yu-Shan sealed from the world.

The Age of Sorrows saw the rise of the Shogunate, until the Balorian Crusade threatened to rip the world apart at the seams. One hero rose to take control of the Terrestrial, the Scarlet Empress, and she turned the greatest weapon at their disposal against them, the Sword of Creation; under her authority, the Realm was born from the Shogunate, and she would usher in a new era of peace.

One day, the Scarlet Empress went missing.

The Realm fell into a state of civil war and unrest. Their vigilance frayed, the Anathema returned; the insane god-kings, the Solars; the rabid beasts, the Lunars; and the delusional weavers, the Sidereals. With their might so divided, it felt as though the age of the Realm was at its end. But two generals rose from amidst the ranks of the Great Houses, and together brought low the others, uniting the Realm under two banners, two colors. They separated their authority in two, one ruling the ground and the other the skies and seas.

With the renewed state of the Realm, the war on the Anathema can begin.

Creation enters the Scarlet Age.