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Many years ago, there was Creation. At the end of its First Age, Exaltations fought amongst one another, and buried beneath the ruins of their wars most of their glories. Its Second Age was much darker, as the heroes of old returned to challenge the world that was built in their absence, and as forces both immense and terrible tried ruining the world. Its Third Age wiped it all away.

The sheer scale of the war called for Lytek's office to be locked in an attempt to trap the errant Exaltations, just as the Incarna readied themselves. In the resulting battle, the Yozi were destroyed, warped into Neverborn; Yu-Shan was shaken, and every Celestial Exalted killed, their Shards now locked in Lytek's office. The Incarna never returned to Heaven; where they went, none knows. The Deathlords were broken; the Wyld warded off. And then the Neverborn found sleep once more. Creation was left in the mortals' hands.

That was thousands and thousands of years ago.

Modern Earth, 2012.

Mankind has all but forgotten its heritage. Great beasts and magical beings remain, but none so powerful the mortals cannot contend with them. Through their numbers, humanity has risen to conquer Creation and call it Earth, and the years have defaced it. Superstitions have it that this is the end-year; old writings from ages past predicting a great shift, that humanity's age is over. The sun slowly sets on Creation's Fourth Age.

The lock on Lytek's office has been broken. 100 Sidereals, 150 Solars, 150 Abyssals and 300 Lunars find themselves hurled into the modern world, having only gotten to watch it evolve from afar. In some mortals, age-old genetics start awakening, Dragon-Blooded making their reappearance too. The Neverborn shift in their tombs, as some of their Deathlords finally take physical form again. And at the outer edges of the world, the Wyld starts moving once more.

After the Age of Glories, the Age of Sorrows, the Age of Destruction and the Age of Man what will you do to ensure the Fifth Age is named after your victory?

OOC: This is a very primitive 'Modern Exalted' setting, which stars primarily Abyssals, Lunars, Solars, Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded. There are no FCs left other than the Deathlords and the Neverborn, and they are not appable. Any backgrounds or advantages granting access to your past Exaltations' memories cannot be selected. Elder Exalted cannot be applied for (they haven't been back long enough). Knowledge of the past Ages must be earned in RP; no stats, Charms or macguffin will suddenly grant you information on things that aren't around anymore.

Consult: http://multiverse-crisis.wikidot.com/exaltedmodern