Exalted: the Modern Age-1

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In the origins of the world known as Creation, the Unconquered Sun and the Five Maidens created a world in the formless chaos of the wyld, and their children Luna, Autochthon and the five elemental dragons created a world filled with men, gods and elementals. But the Yozi took umbrage to this, and waged war against them. The Exalted were empowered to fight back against them...

But this is the modern age of skyscrapers, internet, smartphones and more. Even though divine beings work casino craps tables and beings of wood and sap hide in national parks, a war is waged at the fringes of reality against the Terrestrial courts. Strange men and women have been recently given powers of silver and gold, the wild, the elements and the trappings of death. Are they the next stage of evolution? Divinely favoured? Or something stranger still?