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Q: What is Unification?

A: Unification is the term for a universe / world entering the Multiverse. Every world that becomes integrated into the Multiverse experiences it.

Q: How does unification work?

A: A temporal tweak introduces an alternate timeline in which the target setting unifies into the Multiverse. There is in short nothing to go back to -- your timeline is "here" now.

Q: How much of my setting comes with me?

A: Only the important parts. That can be quite a lot: For Star Wars, the whole galaxy. For Fullmetal Alchemist, maybe a planet at most or a handful of nations at least.

Q: Can I unify alone, or without my world?

A: No.

Q: What is a warpgate?

A: An entry point to a subspace highway. Each warpgate connects a limited number of nearby warp gates, permitting long-distance travel across astronomical distances. It's possible to make artificial warpgates, but most are naturally occurring. All worlds gain a set of warpgates upon unification; at least one per major city.

Q: Can I destroy a warpgate?

A: Artificial yes, natural no.

Q: What if my setting doesn't comply with (tone, theme, etc.) and it's really important to my setting?

A: It's on you to figure this out. Themes are required to bend to the MUSH, not MUSH to themes.

Q: Can I get equipment or powers from other settings?

A: Sometimes. It should make sense in context, involve putting RP into it (so basically never at-application), and you should have relevant Advantage slots to devote to it. A typical robot shouldn't become a vampire for instance.

Q: If I buy a YT-1300 or Firefly-class starship, could they be better than the Millennium Falcon or Serenity?

A: Practically speaking this is impossible, as those ships would be Defining Advantages to the people who hold them. So a character who completely re-defined themselves with this equipment (which would be extremely odd) would still only be able to be around as good.

Q: Why are all source materials assumed to be equal?

A: Because the MUSH is not a playground for any single person's pet series.

Q: Does this mean I got nerfed when I came to the Multiverse?

A: No, this sort of thinking leads to a lot of OOC wankery. On our MUSH, this is how settings would interact if they came in contact with one another even pre-unification. In short, our setting just works that way.

Q: Which is better: Magic or Science?

A: Neither, they're equal. One might be more contextually relevant than the other in some circumstances, though. Using one to debunk or debase the other is OOCly bad form, and ICly just wrong. In short, have fun with your toys and don't deny people the legitimacy and flavor of their own.