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Decades ago, a galactic war started. A group calling themselves Medical Machina created a robotic army, and sought to turn the galaxy into a place of pure conformity. They even went so far as to capture the Space Pirate Atomsk, the most powerful being in the Galaxy. The only thing standing in their way now is the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood, a police organization seeking to stop Medical Machina, and the other criminals of the universe.

Many places across the galaxy live blissfully unaware of this war, though. After all, Medical Machina poses itself as a producer of medical robotics, and the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood keeps their work secret. But, even on these less advanced worlds, the war is having its effect. After all, across the galaxy, a handful of otherwise normal people are developing N.O. Channels. These N.O. Channels have been popping up naturally and unnaturally, creating portals across long reaches of space.

And, making things worse, a number of wildcards are entering the conflict. Those who seek to free Atomsk, the Space Pirate rumored to steal entire Galaxies. Those who seek to tip the scales of the war. The entire conflict could be thrown off balance at any moment.