Fallout: New Vegas-1

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The year is 2281, some 200 years after the Great War that ended the world. Humanity and Earth is on the mend, and new life appears amidst the irradiated landscapes. In the sweltering heat and smothering dust of the Mojave, a new hope for humanity blooms as the glittering lights of Las Vegas have come to life once more, and the sweet call of the Old World's old den of vice and sin and life beckons the world once again.

But War Never Changes. Now two great powers stand at the brink once again, ready to fight to the bitter end over the resources of New Vegas and the Great Hoover Dam. Caught in the middle are the inhabitants of the Mojave, trying to eke out an existence in the barren wastes.

Fame and fortune await in New Vegas for those ready to claim it. Where will you stand?