Fang (Dropped)

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Fang (Scenesys ID: 594)
"You hear me Clunea! I'll be coming for you!!"
Full Name: Fang
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Theme: (FC) Unchained Blades-1
Function: Dragon Emperor?
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: 24 Actual Age:  ???
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor: Troy Baker
Height: 6'1" Weight:  ???
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Aqua Blue
Theme Song:


Once a mighty Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan, Fang was banished from his world and stripped of all his power whenever he, in his arrogance and disrespect, insulted the world's creator goddess, Clunea. Chafing under the shackles of Clunea's curse, he now wanders the Multiverse seeking not only a way back to his rightful kingdom, but a way back to his formidabble true form of an ancient dragon, too. The only assets he has for accomplishing this insurmountable quest are his memories, his knowledge of combat, and the formidable power to channel fire through his swordplay. Perhaps most astounding of all is his unyielding will: no matter what fate has in store for him, he will push on, never giving up -- even if it means his death. Stubborn, bull-headed, and arrogant, he nevertheless has a few soft spots, hidden though they are beneath a brusque exterior. Yet even these are not enough to cure him of his insatiable thirst for vengeance. Clunea will know his wrath when the time comes -- and he will do whatever it takes to see it done.










The Curse: When Fang went to their creator, the goddess Clunea, he upset her with his arrogance and disrespect. By his own actions, he -- the most powerful of mortals of his world -- was not only cast out of his own world, but changed back into his form before he became a dragon, too. Cast into a weakened state and stripped nearly of all that he once was, Fang must now work to regain his strength he once had, and find the means awaken his true form once more; to fledge yet again into the mighty dragon he was.

Arrogance: Fang is extremely arrogant. He doesn't listen to others with ease, and likes to see himself as not only the one who is right, but also the one who is strongest. Even when he may find himself in the mud, he still refuses to believe that he is a lesser being. Though the Dragon Emperor can maybe be taught to hold his tongue, he will always find ways to bite off more than he can chew, and thereby find himself in bigger messes then he should be in.

Fearless Leader: Fang is known for being rather fearless, and though some may see this as a good trait, it actually plays right along with his arrogance, making it not so great. Because he believes that he is still the strongest and refuses to accept that the curse has made him any lesser, Fang has a nasty tendency to charge right into a fight. In this he shows himself to be a fearless warrior who yes, has all the courage, but less sense of risk than a bull set loose in a china store.

Homesick: Not that Fang will ever admit it out loud, at least not to people he hasn't come to really know, but -- he is homesick. He has found himself alone in a cold new world that is far more vast than his own, different rules then he is used to abiding, and none who can relate -- at least in his mind-- to the situation he is in. The desire to find a way home and to undo what Clunea has done to him may lead him to making poor choices on who to believe and who to 'trust'.

Dragon Blood: Fang may look human, but he is still a dragon. As such, those who have abilities to command dragons may find him easy to control, due to what Clunea has done to him. Though his will may be strong, he doesn't have the defenses he should have to fight off such effects. As such, the stronger someone's aura is over his, the easier it is for them to command him.

Equipment: Fang relies on his equipment for both protection and for dishing out the damage. Without a sword in hand, his attacks are feeble, and he can't use some of his Burt Forms. Without armor, his endurance suffers, and he can quickly succumb to nasty blows. Despite this dependency, he's not exactly kind to his equipment. His ferocity in battle often leads to broken weapons and ruined suits of armor. His fire-based attacks can speed this process up.

Dragon Hoard: Like many dragons of legend, Fang has a love for collecting objects. Anything odd, shiny, or valuable is sure to catch his eye, and if he wants it badly enough, he'll go after the item -- even if his pursuit leads him into traps set by his enemies. He can even be distracted mid-fight by something of sufficient interest. His love of his collection leads him to severely punish anyone who dares steal from him. He will track a thief to the four corners of the Multiverse if it means getting back what he thinks belongs to him.


Title Date Scene Summary
Two Illyas November 29th, 2014 Chloe takes the Union to fix up Fuyuki's leylines and runs into an old acquaintance and an old enemy. Poor Illya is left as confused as ever, and Shirou never catches a break.
Winter Spring November 1st, 2014 Fang meets up with Ayako again at the Springs.
A Water Spirit's Fortune Telling - 3 October 22nd, 2014 Ayako is in the mood for fortune telling once more!
Forest Hunting October 17th, 2014 Fang runs into some unexpected people while out hunting in the forest for food.
Not Of This Multiverse October 10th, 2014 Welcome to the Multiverse, Dragon Emperor. Its going to be a rough ride.


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