Fate/Chase The Swallow-1

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The year is AFTER COUNT 1999. It is nearly a thousand years since the death of Gaia, the Earth. And yet humankind - the fearful species of Alaya - continues to exist. The decay of Gaia's corpse has poisoned the land and the sky, destroyed the plants and the beasts, and released into the atmosphere the space dust known as Grain - a concentrated, toxic form of mana. In this shattered Land of Steel, the Hundred Subspecies, known as A-Rays, fights a war for dominance against the last true humans. In defense of their territory, humans have created the Ether Liners, human beings who can survive unaided in the poisonous Grain and draw upon it to fight.

The war rages across the dead continents. In the middle of this raging battle, Sasaki Kojiro, the fabled Destroyer of the old world, walks a lonely and tormented path. He does not know where he is going, for all people reject him; he does not know what he seeks, for his wish has come true. He fights a never-ending battle for the sake and joy of battle, for as long as he can still take joy in such a thing. He is the ultimate disaster in human form, surpassing all the Hundred Subspecies and the Ether Liners alike.

But, among the stars, true despair comes for the Land of Steel, ready to show the people the true meaning of an ultimate disaster...