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A secret world lies hidden behind the one we know, hidden behind a veneer of story and song. Fantastic beasts walk the earth. Great heroes have come before and will rise again, influencing the history of man. Magic still exists, though the master magicians who wield it are slowly diminishing.

In the year 537 A.D, King Arthur's host falls at the Battle of Camlann, leaving behind a sole survivor, and a remembered legacy of chivalry and lost glory. King Arthur himself joins the ranks of heroes remembered for their lasting impressions on the history of humanity...

As time has passed in this world, true magic grows to become more and more of a rarity, until it has nearly died out entirely. Mortal magi now practise thaumaturgy, though they still strive for their same ancient goal -- to reach the fabled "root of all knowledge," Akasha. To this end, they have jealously hoarded their centuries of knowledge.

Ill-considered rituals in search of Akasha cast long, bloody shadows over unsuspecting cities. Among the greatest is the War of the Holy Grail, where seven mortal Masters and seven summoned Servants vie for dominion over the Holy Grail, said to grant the wish of anyone who lays hands upon it. Yet even that relic was a lie, for the Grail was corrupt, and destroyed at the conclusion of the Fourth Grail War. The very one to destroy that relic was none other than King Arthur, returned as the Servant Saber, the girl who drew the sword from the stone and hid herself as a man to reign over Britain.

For the time being, the world seems to be at peace...