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In the year 2000, an organization within the United States government masterminded an event known as the False Grail War. This war, waged in secret, was in fact an elaborate ritual using the summoned spirits of heroes to fill a 'Holy Grail' created using research stolen from the three foremost magical families of the world: the Einzberns, the Tohsakas, and the Makiris. The aim, as with the 'real' Holy Grail Wars, was to reach the Root, the source of all events and phenomena in the Universe. The recruitment pitch? The last standing team of mage and spirit gets a wish granted by the purportedly all-powerful Holy Grail.

This organization openly advertised their Grail War to the Mages' Association, a conglomerate of magical practitioners also devoted to finding the Root. Formerly considered the authority on the creation of Holy Grails, and indeed, the only magical group powerful enough to create a Grail, the Mages' Association decided to spy on this first False Grail War.

Now, twelve years later, this shadow organization, or perhaps a second, has started a second False Grail War, having perfected the faulty design stolen from the Three Families. Once again, this war has been advertised to the Mages Association. Will they be content to simply observe this time, or will they attempt to quash this threat to their authority?

(This is an original themelisting designed as a sequel or spinoff of sorts to Fate/strange fake. The False Grail is not powerful enough to create a Saber-class Servant, but aside from that, potential applicants are encouraged to draw from any period of history they wish. Due to the blurred nature of the first False Grail, a number of Nasuverse rules are less strict here. Please contact the themerunner with any questions or ideas!)