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A second world lies behind the one that we know, hidden away behind a thin curtain of lies and secrecy. It has been thousands of years since the Age of the Gods, and the modern era has stripped much of the world of its mystique, but magic stills exists, as do Heroes, and the men and the beasts that necessitate their existence.

Magi hoard and jealously protect centuries of thaumaturgical lore, and fell beasts prey upon human society from the darkest corners of the world. Ill-considered gladiatorial rituals cast a long, bloody shadow upon unsuspecting cities, and malignant gods fester and grow to consume them.

A magical artifact, the Holy Grail, said to grant wishes, rotates around the world every 20 years, culminating in a battle between fourteen legendary figures, two Saber-wielders, two Archers, two Lancers, two Casters of magic, two Riders of beasts, two enraged Berserkers, and two Assassins, with each combatant having a Master commanding them, to possess the power of the grail.

The year is 1988, and the Grail War has ended. With no victor, and only personal tragedy for each participant left in its wake, Sir Gawain, Saber of Gold, has been left the only surviving Servant.