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There's not too far to go from the criminal underbelly to the depths of the underworld in Stonegate City. When a Faustian deal goes perfectly and lands an industry king in the grave and his teenage daughter in the hospital, the tracks might be hard to follow. Technology has boomed in the seven years following the tragic accident of Spencer McRae, and with it a glut of money and reformation, leading to avarice and creating a market for slave labor for knock-off companies and "pleasurable company" -- but from the ashes of the city, a new breed of hero rises. A town ripe for vigilantism holds its breath as whispers among the fearful speak of an archer.

A contemporary city where the deeper you go, the more magic and supernatural you can find, Stonegate is a fictional city analogous to New York City in size and scope. Magic exists, and on occasion a devil of a deal may be discovered fueling the undercity... or the rise of powerful technology and stock moguls.