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People tell tales of a time before the miasma -- a time when all the races were united, when technology and artistry flourished, and when people could freely roam the countryside without fear of monsters. In the modern day, however, little evidence remains to suggest that there ever was such an epoch. The Lilty, Yuke, Clavat, and Selkie tribes that inhabit this realm are all almost entirely segregated from one another, forced to live only where the warding glow of the crystal can reach. To venture beyond its veil means almost certain death: miasma is a lethal poison to nearly all 'tame', sapient races, and it is as pervasive in the atmosphere as oxygen.

As such, there are only six major settlements in the known world: the Yuke city of Shella, the Lilty citadel of Afiltaria, the mining hamlet of Marr's Pass, the Selkie town of Leuda, the pastoral Fields of Fum, and the peninsular village Tipa. Another town, Tida, stood beside Afiltaria in years past, but their home succumbed to the miasma one year when their caravan failed to return. Aside from those, the landscape is dotted by innumerable dungeons and monster-ridden fortresses which make travel no mean feat, exacerbating the already significant issue of isolation.

But even these settlements are not entirely safe. The crystals that hold back the miasma must be tempered annually by a mystical substance -- Myrrh -- to maintain their magical qualities; if this is not done, the barrier will fail, and the city's inhabitants will promptly be slain. It is for this reason that groups of able-bodied youths from each settlement form Crystal Caravans, bringing portable crystals with them on journeys to gather this precious resource. To this end, they venture into the heart of monster-occupied territory, putting their lives at risk daily for the sake of their loved ones back home.

Though many would still say that the miasma is, always has been, and always will be a natural part of this world, the condition of other worlds throughout the Multiverse has begun to sow seeds of doubt in that prospect. For the first time in what may well be centuries, the crystal caravans have started to act with a renewed sense of vigor, and hope: that they may one day find a way to banish the great poison from their home, thus opening the land anew for exploration and cultivation. Were it only that they could identify a common source, find somewhere to begin their search...

... alas, if there is indeed some way to banish the scourge, it for now remains elusive. Only time will tell if such a panacea exists at all.