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This variation of Final Fantasy Tactics encompasses both the cannon nation of Ivalice, but a few nations from other games: Burmecia, Cleyra, and Alexandria from Final Fantasy IX, as well as the nation of Archades from Final Fantasy XII. Unlike the original game, non-human beings such as Viera, Burmecians, Nu Mou, and other races survived the great cataclysm that ended the timeline of Final Fantasy XII.

The world of FFT is one of high magic, and brutal politics. Imperialistic nations such as Archades seek to swallow the world in a tide of oppression and xenophobic expansionism, even as nations such as Cleyra seek to merely survive against so many world powers. Ivalice stands as a bastion of safety, if not freedom given the greedy nobility and King that rules the nation-state against Archades' advances; it's ancient orders of knights, and great magical prowess standing against the industrial-military might of Archades.

Technology is at the alchemical-mystical level, almost steampunkish in some places. Archades holds the majority of technological advances in airships, and firearms, while Ivalice holds the greatest font of magical knowledge, putting the two powers at a stalemate. The Holy Church has the greatest healers in the land, as well as the only power to officially possess Summoners of Espers.

The Holy Church of Glabados is the largest religion in the world, and is the only officially recognized religion in all but the most remote of nations and places. Its members hold key positions of advising, and often are rulers in some cases, the Holy Church a great political threat to many even though its militant forces are relatively small. Even some Kings cannot go against the word of the church's Inquisition, so respected in the Church for its great works, as well as secretive acts that ensure it as a nation-spanning power of faith. Corrupt, it's leaders seek power for the Church, even as the rank-and-file do honest good works. Good and evil alike reside in the Church, though all adhere to its beliefs.

This theme encompasses a singular world, where monsters roam, and is generally a high-fantasy setting with steampunk and industrial elements. Political intrigue and betrayal as well as adventure make up the key points of the theme.