Final Fantasy X: Age of Aeons-1

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Sin has been destroyed. Yu Yevon is no more. His priests still try to maintain the Yu Yevon religion, but with the fayth gone the temples see many less visitors. Now, they have a whole new set of things to worship. Summoners are no longer able to call upon Aeons, and no longer make pilgrimages to the many temples of Spira. The Aeons that were once called upon by Summoners to fight the fiends and unsent of the world have become living beings, formed from chosen avatars who's bodies were altered by the infusion of the Fayth. These people were transformed by the Fayth, their bodies becoming the very Aeon they were chosen to represent. The degree of transformation depends on the Aeon, but all are easily recognizable as the Aeon with which they were infused. Those who still follow the religion of Yu Yevon worship these people like gods, and many more come to them for advice or assistance with problems. Most of the Aeons from the main FFX story are somewhere in the world, as well as many Aeons from previous games, those members of the group who finally actually destroyed Sin, and plenty of other people, both alive and unsent.