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The nation of Garlemald is one of the most feared nations in the world of Hydaelyn, despite once being one of the smallest. Its technology and military power is beyond all other nations and can hardly be challenged within their world. As Garlemald grew in power, they started to conquer the neighboring lands and from sea to sea. This was until it reached Eorzea, where the Garlean Empire's conquest under Imperial Legatus Gaius Van Baelsar stalled when they were defeated by the massive dragon known as Midgardsormr over Silvertear Lake. Though the dragon sacrificed its life to save Eorzea from invasion, this led the Garlean Empire to take desperate measures: The Meteor Project.

The Garlean Emperor, Solus zos Galvus, entrusted the second conquest of Eorzea to Imperial Legatus Nael Van Darnus, a man corrupted by power and madness. Nael would use ancient Allegan knowledge to pull down Dalamud, one of the moons of Hydaelyn, upon Eorzea. Yet none knew that bound within the red moon was none other the greatest of Primals, Bahamut, who had Tempered Nael years ago. Though Gaius went behind the Emperor's back in an attempt to stop the Meteor Project, his hands were tied and he could do little but watch. Nael Van Darnus' death at the hands of Eorzean forces was not enough to stop the moon's descent.

Over Carteneau Flats, as Eorzean and Garlean forces clashed, the moon cracked open and released Bahamut upon Eorzea, bombarding the nation with the Primal's great fire. Louisoix Leveilleur attempted to bind the Primal once more, but failed. Instead, he managed to teleport the Warriors Of Light into the unknown, before the Primal unleashed a final massive attack and shattered Hydaelyn. At the time this occurred, the world also unified with the Multiverse at large.

With the Weaver's great tapestry forever lost to the changing winds, this is the new chapter of struggles, dreams, and adventure. The Eorzean Alliance sides with the Union, Ishgard remains neutral awaiting the Dravanians' next move, and the Garlean Empire stands with the Confederates. For where the Crystal's light shines on the unknown future, so does the darkness wait in this shattered dawn of a new age.

Theme Note: This is an Alternate Universe of Final Fantasy XIV based on the 1.0 story. The events that led to the fall of Dalamud have taken place, but the story that has happened after Dalamud have been changed greatly by arriving in the Multiverse. For all thematic elements, please visit the wiki or feel free to contact Gaius Van Baelsar (GVB) for any questions.




NOTICE (8/18/2015): This page is under heavy construction. Information below theme details and history are going to be under heavy rework. If you have any questions, please contact me (Gaius Van Baelsar) for details.

History Scenes

These are a list of scenes that one can read to see how some of the events of Final Fantasy XIV are shaping up, also maybe use some of these events to help tie your character into such events. These scenes do not so much deal with a 'character' who is in play, but more of just events on the world itself. If you are curious containing to the 'characters', please visit there wiki pages (if they have one).

Seventh Umbra Era: 1572 - New World Seventh Umbra Era: 1573 - Dragon's Bane
Trouble On The Rise No Sylphing Around Ishgardian Resolve Prelude: Upon The Flames Of Rebirth Welcome to Coerthas
The Needs Of Many Lord Of The Inferno It Comes From Below Dragon's Den Elements & Arcanists: Part I
Elemental Judgement Dark Divinity Answering The Dream Wings In The Big City All Hail
Crystal Blues Pirates Be Problems What Is Mine Is Yours So Far Away From Home Elements & Arcanists: Part II
Chocobo Ordeal Ship Wrecked Street Dragons Are On The Loose Lost In Coerthas
Seventh Umbra Era: 1573 - Dragon's Bane
Into The Lair Land So Far From Home
When You Seek
Down With The Vigil
No Castrum Standing
Mining Agreement

Classes, Jobs, & Soul Crystals

Classes and Jobs have a slight separation in what they are and how they work within the universe of Final Fantasy XIV: Shattered Dawn as we take a mix approach between Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, ARR, and lore. As being that the MUSH is not a place to play the video game, but designed to foster the RP creativity of the individual, so does the Classes and even the Jobs in some ways.

The creativity is only limited to what you, as the player, would like to actually do with your character, but we do request for original concepts (such as a Dancer wielding summon cards), that you speak with Gaius Van Baelsar just to be sure the idea can in fact work in; More than likely it can or at least they can help bring the idea more in line with the thematic possibilities.

Classes are the basic elements of the principle of combat, such things as you see in the standard Final Fantasy XIV MMO, like Gladiator, Conjurer, Arcanist, and Thief. Classes can however be combined to create a unique take on a class and in some ways, become someone own individual flare of a 'Job', as Jobs tend to be the cross-classing of several skills in order to make something highly effective.

In most cases, most individuals start out with a single class, but due to the Multiverse interaction with the world of Hydaelyn at large, many new elements are starting to be added into the culture, allowing more freedom and knowledge of what can be achieved.

Jobs are the honed skilled of the classes combined together in a deadly art. Many jobs are something that someone has to be trained in, such as a Dragoon is an Ishgardian art form typically only seen among the Holy Knights of Ishgard, or Paladins are the Sultansworn of her Lady of Ul'dah.

Also more original concepts could also be seen as Jobs, such things like Rangers who use dual wielding swords and a bow, or more Final Fantasy classics like a Red Mage that wield both healing and destructive magics while using a sword.

Soul Crystals
Soul Crystals in Shattered Dawn are given to those in order to rapidly master the art of their Job. These Soul Crystals are generated by the Guild Masters by taking an empty crystal and infusing the aetheric energy of not only the individual to be, but also the knowledge of the Job from the original crystal source. These Soul Crystals now empowered with both, will give that individual the abilities needed that would have taken many, many years to master the art of (or never at all), or they may even be blessed by the deity of the nation giving them also greater power, but it all come with a price.

If that Soul Crystal was to be taken, they would lose a part of themselves until re-obtained and suffer a great sickness that would weaken them. This is the price they pay for greatness and rapid acceleration of power.

Regarding player made Jobs, like the Red Mage used as an example, they too can have a Soul Crystal that has been either located on some exploration or gifted to them as a form of an amulet of some kind by the Twelve, such as the woken up one day and they found it, or some horrible event took place and when they came too, they found an article of something changed by the Twelve.

Again, it is possible however to have a job without a Soul Crystal, but this does take many, many years of training and you may not end up as strong as the job with a Soul Crystal. This is by player choice of what path they would like to take, what would be more reward for them in Roleplay, and in character concept.

Garlean Military
The Garlean Military ranges from many races of Hydaelyn and the Pureblood Garleans. They are trained in both forms of martial combat, ranged combat, and use of Magitek. If you do decide to go down the path of being trained in Garlemald, you may know a few normal class skills depending on your origins and you may even know a few job moves, such as Yari Takane who had learned since she was young the skills of being a Ninja in order to help her "mother" infiltrate the Ninja camp and open the education to other Garleans.

Garleans are also unlikely to have Soul Crystals due to having no religious beliefs and being that they tend to make up for their lack of magical skill by either individuals who can perform magic or by the use of their technology. Always feel free to speak with Gaius Van Baelsar about any ideas you may have.

Organizations: Who is Who

Things will go here once I get it finalized.

Eorzean Alliance

Information will be dropped here once I finish out the details.

The Three Companies
Company Missions

Company Of Heroes

Information will be dropped regarding the mercenary group once details are finished out.

Joint Organizations
Missions Board

Holy Knights Of Ishgard

Information regarding the Holy Knights and Ishgard will be listed here once I get some details ironed out.

The Primary Houses
Pact Of Neutrality

Garlean Empire

Details and Things will go here once I get things finalized.

Military Structure & Ranks
The Academy Project

Under Construction

All information below here is being reworked. While some of this is valid, some of it may not be. Please contact Gaius Van Baelsar for details.

Eorzean Herald Newspaper

News from the Eorzean Region and an idea on the views of how Eorzea sees things going on around them. These news posts are copies of the ones that also go up on the IC News board and are readable by anyone in the Multiverse as well.

#1 - 8/26/2014
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Amalj'aa Unrest ---
The Amalj'aa Beast Men tribe are starting to cause a bit of a problem for some of the residence in Thanalan. With sections of the desert still falling into deep fissures of water and some areas still shifting, no one is sure when the next Amalj'aa strike will be and the Immortal Flames, the defense force of Ul'dah have not commented if there are any plans to rescue the people who now may be cut off from the large city-state.

There also has been reported rumors that the Amalj'aa may be also attempting to resummon their Primal, Ifrit-- though some reports have come in that a group of 'adventurers' were able to snuff out one of the Amalj'aa camps, including returning a shipment of some of the stolen shards which can now be not only sent off to the Golden Bazaar to aid in repairs, but also continue on to Gridania.

--- Gridania Recovery ---
The city-state of Gridania is starting to slowly make a recovery, thanks to the aid of some willing outsiders. The Central Shroud has been restored and it reported that some new growth is already starting to move in. Yet there is also the reminder that the Black Shroud still has many areas that are required to be cleansed and though the Seedseer is grateful for the help that was given-- she wanted us to remind all who reads this that the Black Shroud is still a dangerous place.

She stated the elements are still enraged and until proper succor can be given to them, they will remain so. They are doing everything in there power to handle the matters and are grateful for the aid given to them by their new allies of the Union -- an Outsider Organization of great power and perhaps even greater of new allies to the Grand Company Alliance.

--- Chocobo Crisis ---
While many traders and the Grand Companies still have their chocobos, the rental service of these fine birds have gone out of service for the time. It seems with the Calamity and Ishgard refusing to give aid, many of the Ishgardian who remained behind are now without home and worse, many of their folks of Chocobos were killed by the Primal Bahamut.

To those within Eorzea, the rental agency is requesting aid from all who have male or female chocobos that are prime for breeding in order to replenish the stock once more and try to get ground transportation fully operational once more.

--- Garlean Sightings ---
As we all know that we Eorzeans took a heavy toll during the day that the Garlean Empire unleashed Bahamut upon both their own forces and our own, and we have yet to truly recover, it would seem there is no rest for the wicked. A few eye witnesses in the area have reported Garlean activities in several locations across Eorzea.

Many of these reports are not only mining machines being put into place and repairs to their heavy fortified facilities, but the construction of new facilities that are starting to show up, such in Limsa Lominsa and down in a part of Thanalan.

There also has been some eye witness reports that show some of the Garlean troops working along side the Amalj'aa and perhaps other beast men, giving them aid so they to may unleash their Primals upon us, because apparently Bahamut just wasn't enough.

Let this reporter remind you, that though we can not clearly remember all the faces who fought for us that day, we do remember who brought down Dalamud and we do remember it is THEY who cast the first stone at us. Remember it well readers. The Garlean Empire is not to be trusted. If they are willing to bring all to ash, including even willing to sacrifice their own men to lay waste to Eorzea-- just how far will they really go to feed their need of conquest?

#2 - 9/16/2014
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Garlean Movement ---
It looks like the Garlean Empire has taken advantage of the fact of there new alliance with the outsider group known as the Confederacy. Without even giving time for us the breath, the Empire is starting to extend its hand out slowly over La Noscea.

With the Twin Adler and the Immortal Flames at a low, due to situations here at home, the only hope Limsa Lominsa has is that of the outsiders joining the Maelstrom to increase the ranks, and maybe trying to convince the Pirates to turn there cannons on the land as well.

These are shaky times, my friends. Cause with everything in such a mess after what the Garleans have done, can we truly hope to continue to stand against them? Let us hope the Twelve are still in our favor!

--- Ifrit's Defeat! ---
On some good news though! The Amalj'aa's Primal, Ifrit, has been defeated! That is right everyone! That damnable Primal has been defeated by a group of adventures from the outside and was put right back into his Aetheric seven hell's hole. We here at the Office of Inquires wish to give out a HUGE thank you to those heroes. Including all the people of Ul'dah as well!

With the Amalj'aa for now scattered and the Primal defeated, we may be able to get ourselves together before the Garleans start to even LOOK in this direction. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

--- Rise of Old Legends ---
Speaking of Primals, we got some reports from the Black Shroud. It would seem due to some Outsiders, the Black Shroud is starting to at last recover. The ash has gone away and the forest is starting to get a touch less hostile.

However, what is alarming is that it would seem an Elder Primal has been awoken known by the locals as the "Dark Divinity". The locals there would tell there children stories and there children had told there children's children of this dark armored figure who rides on a horse made of nightmares. With a sword that can cleave the very heavens and is the very entity of the darkness of war.

And as the legend says, if he looks upon you, locks his gaze with you, you must battle him for your soul-- as if you lose, your soul will be his and you will forever be lost in the darkness he commands! So be good and never let darkness of war in your hearts-- man.. no wondering the Gridanians are such a war-hate people. I'd be that way myself with such a legend!

But the real concern is the fact that this Legend is real AND is wondering the Black Shroud. There has also been a report that this Elder Primal has gone after a small group of Wood Wailers. Though they did get away, one of them swears he heard the Elder Primal roar out: 'Fight me'-- but it also could have been his imagination, because no sooner then they got away to loop around--- The Elder Primal was gone!

So if you readers dare to go out in the woods to track down this Legend, be warned, you are dealing with an Elder Primal and one never knows when he may appear! If ever! Probably have better luck chasing down a Moogle honestly.

--- The Word On Outsiders ---
Now as some of you been reading this, as we been keeping up with events after Dalamud. Just WHO are these Outsiders? Well, they are possible allies of the Unions, who our Alliance of the Three City-States have joined up with. Yet some also could belong to the Confederacy, the enemy to both us and the Union. So though you should give your warm hospitality to them, but if you see any suspicious behavior-- Report it right away! Beyond that, don't be alarmed and give them a good welcome.

#3 - 10/10/2014
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Pirate & Ghost Problems ---
Not like Limsa Lominsa doesn't have enough problems with the Garlean Empire hunkering down in the north, but apparently some groups of Pirates have decided that 'peace' with Limsa Lominsa isn't enough and are now starting to cause trouble within La Noscea waters.

Then if you want to add more insult to injury for the mighty navy of Eorzea, they have some type of ghost fleet that has been reported being pretty close to Lominsa waters and are not very friendly. Apparently this ghost fleet took down several of Lominsa's scout ships and the head of this small group has not been seen from and the worse has been gathered since the last anyone saw he went down with the ship. This leaving the wife without her dear husband and a child without a father.

Send your best wishes to them, as no one is safe on the seas in these troubled times.

--- Ul'dah Tower Project ---
In works with some engineer types of the Multiverse, Ul'dah has offered to be the first city-state in Eorzea to start work on building a radio communications tower that will not depend on aetheric waves for conversations, but that of electromagnetic frequencies used by the Multiverse itself. Yet though the Garlond Iron Works in Lominsa is working on a hybrid technology between the two worlds, its seems Ul'dah wants to go even a step further!

Though personally I am more rooting for the Garlond Ironworks, even with Cid missing, because though I do love great progress and should be supporting my own home city-state, let us never forget a very important fact! That the heavier we push technological limits here in our lands, this could ever bring us closer to becoming like those Garleans... and that is a line I hope none of us ever cross.

--- Adventure Guilds Need Workers! ---
With the communications down and Moogles now becoming our way of message service, the Adventure Guilds have gotten together with the city-states and other local areas to create Mission Boards. These boards are handled not only by the Adventure Guild, but also along side the Moogle kind!

People need work down and so the Adventure Guild asks for those within Eorzea and outside of our world to always feel free to check what is up on the Mission Board and choose an assignment of your liking! Who knows what you may find up there.

#4 - 11/06/2014
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Leviathan Defeated! ---
By the efforts of the Company of Heroes, the Maelstrom, and some extra Adventures, Leviathan was defeated at the Levee cove in the ocean waters near Limsa Lominsa's land! It reported the battle was a difficult one and sadly many lives were lost during the battle, but far as the leader of the Company of Heroes is concerned-- It was worth it to keep Eorzea safe from the Primal threat.

The leader of the Company of Heroes also told us that they could never take all the glory, because if not for some of the Outsiders who came, the battle could have quickly turned out with everyone gone.

Though when asked if the Company of Heroes would stand up against the lingering Garlean Threat, the leader informed that as far as he was concerned, the Primals were a far greater threat than the Garleans and that is evidence by what Bahamut had done alone. Though maybe once the Primal threat is over, he and his men may look into it.

--- Shifting Sands Of Thanalan ---
With the aetheric flow still in flux by the explanations of the Thaumaturge guild, it will be hard to say when the Earthquakes were are experiencing all over will come to a stop. While we are fortunate here in Ul'dah itself it has settled down, other parts of Thanalan are not so lucky.

For one, the massive craves that has formed cutting off trade routes too Gridania has been causing slow issue for the past moon and every time construction is planned out, the Earthquake comes again and halts any progress. Though Ul'dah is getting some assistance in from the Union, the Syndicate knows at this rate-- That we of Ul'dah-- could be in big trouble.

The Syndicate is also debating on maybe see if the airships could be used for transporting, but given with Garlond Ironworks man still missing and even the crew he had trained down in Limsa Lominsa had not learned all his secrets. The Syndicate knows we have to protect what we have for more political matters. in truth folks-- I'm not sure how I feel on this.. how about you?

--- Two Arcanists Arrested ---
Speaking of trouble and the main trade issues with Gridania..

Two Arcanists were located here in Ul'dah trying to use their illegal arts upon a few of the locals outside the main city gates taking the guise as Conjurers. Stating they were only trying to help given that the Black Shroud had been cut off from Ul'dah and that by-- some crazy number value-- there was no way the Alchemists could create enough elixers for the people or even proper medical attention. Even with the aid of the Union, lives would be lost if something isn't done.

Though I myself can't argue with the thought of it, but we all know that Arcanists magic is nasty stuff. They twist aether like the Primals do and even use aether to summon their own little mini primal to do their bidding. Who is to say that those mini primals may not become some ravaging giant monster!

Honestly, they should keep their dark arts to themselves and maybe do us all a favor by returning what they have taken from the aether, back into it. For all we know, they may have helped the Garleans summon forth Bahamut! Cause we all remember the legends right? Those with the great single horn, able to call out great beasts to protect their lands, but in the end they all returned to aether -- to give back what they had taken to restore balance to the Mothercrystal and drive away the darkness so a new Era could be born.

So maybe if we gather up all those arcanists and force them to return the aether back to the land. Maybe we can get back to our normal lives and the gods can return proper order back to how it should be.

#5 (SE) - 12/02/2014
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

Greetings readers! We bring you a special two page edition of the Herald News as we are coming soon to a closure of the 1572 of the Seventh Umbra Era. We will soon come to the time to reflect upon this past year and including remember all those who we have lost in the Calamity, to raise our glasses to the Warriors of Light who remain in our memory as Silhouettes upon the Twelves' holy light.

For if not for them, we would not all be standing here and would have fallen under under the Garlean rule. Slaves to their mad emperor and martial rule. Stripping us of our liberties, our freedoms, and capital mights.

But let us get these headlines on the way, shall we!

--- Chocobo Breeding Program Success! ---
Probably one of the greatest news we have a chance to bring all of you, is that some of our female chocobos we were able to protect from the Calamity out in La Noscea have actually laid some eggs! That is right folks, we may have some baby chocobos on the way and these little guys are special.

How so you may ask?

As you know, we got our chocobos from Ishgard, when they had their doors open to us. However when the Garleans came, they closed up their doors and what chocobos we had, is all we had. When the Elder Primal Bahamut took the skies, we lost majority of the flock across Thanalan, Gridania, and La Noscea. A request was the sent out to the Multiverse in hopes that maybe, just maybe there would be a world out there like Hydaelyn that could help us repopulated our chocobo population.

Who answered? That of Spira! A young man named Clasko came from the faraway land, along with Ren to make a deal with one of our new ranches in La Noscea. There was concern at first that the Spira Chocobos would not be compatible with the former Ishgardian birds. Yet with these eggs laid, there may now be a bright future for our friendly, avian mounts!

We sit back patiently and in anticipation for what could be what we may call indeed our own breed of Chocobo!

( See: )

--- Garlean Advance Push? ---
Now for something a bit grim and concerning with that news above. As you know the Garleans have invaded northern territory of La Noscea, home territory of the city-state Limsa Lominsa. There is notice by some folks that they are setting up for another push for where Wineport is located!

Wineport is sadly right in the marching path of the Garleans, as they can come down from the north and out from their Castrum near the location as well. Eorzeans are setting up a defense line in hopes that if they do push, they may stand a chance.

Because of this possibility, Wineport has been evacuated and we can only cross our fingers that the small settlement won't be heavily impacted, because as some of you readers and for those who don't know-- Wineport is known for some of the best Eorzean wines. The flavors they can produce and the smoothness is unlike anything else.

So for you wine collectors out there, get ready to collect, because this could lead to the last year-- for who knows how long-- we Eorzeans get wine out of Wineport.

--- Ixal Troubles ---
Out in Gridania it would seem the Ixal are attempting to evade, by sightings of one of our reporters out there. They have made camp somewhere out in the woods and are actually cutting down the trees!

Now, we here in Ul'dah don't believe in some of the Gridania superstition, given that to us, our coin is all we need to praise, but if you know anything about Gridania lately-- it is going under some equally troubling hardships like we are here in Thanalan. Though where ours is earth changing quakes.. Theres is that their entire old forest has been nearly burnt down to the ground.

So the Ixal tearing down the new growth and even the remain old growth, will not help the Shroud's recovery, nor the people's as well!

If you readers have a spear, sword, or a weapon at hand, maybe you all should get out there into Gridania and see what can be done to help them with their flightless bird issue. Though just remember if you're an Outsider-- keep your tech at home. Something about wood sin and elements attacking-- but whatever. I don't get it either folks!

But we here in Ul'dah are respectful of our nature loving allies and we support them-- even if don't understand them at times.

Speaking of nature loving, there was also a sighting of a Kolbold out that area. He apparently was being chased by the Ixal and having to run for his little life. No idea why a Kolbold was out there, but hey. Maybe the Kolbolds are getting desperate with the Garleans breathing down their necks.

--- Rumors of Ishgard ---
Now as you read this, understand that these are rumors that this information was leaked from one of the members within the Syndicate and possibly also from one of the Immortal Flames. But it looks like Ishgard may be looking for a fight against us as well.

Apparently for some reason, by what these little birdies told us, Ishgard is worried about that we three city-states down here may be harboring dragons, more correctly-- those of the Dravanian Horde and possibly their heretics as well.

Now while we tend to stay out of the religious war against the dragonkind up there, we do have to worry if Ishgard really would come after us as well. If they would understand that some Outsider species are dragons and they have no relations to their holy war-- or if they would see that as only an extension. We have no idea and that in itself is rather frightening.

Given when you understand that Ishgard and us have been long term allies until the Garlean Invasion came and it feels like sense then, that our friendship of alliance has been slipping away. They claim they could not join because of the Holy War, but then why now? Is it really cause they believe we have become part of this holy war and that we have become allies of the dragons of Hydaelyn?

Absolute madness I say if that is the case!

We already have enough issues with the Garleans, the last thing we need is a rain of Dragoons coming down from the sky, spearing us like Miq'abobs! I don't know about you folks out there, but if Ishgard wants to pick a fight with us. I say we have them meet our good friends the Amal'jaa and see how they like to play with their craze Primal Ifrit. At least we can sell some tickets to that!

--- Final Words ---
With these final words of this special edition Herald news, I like to extend out my thanks to the Outsiders of the Union. The humanitarian aid sent to us here in Ul'dah has been extremely grateful, but as I'm sure you folks have heard and already read even here, these Earthquakes are putting a major toll on us.

Any continue aid you give us, be it food-- helping build further shelters for those fleeing to our walls, anything-- we are ever the more grateful.

Even the aid you can provide to the Black Shroud with their own recovery and even helping Limsa Lominsa protect her land. All of us from Eorzea send out a large thank you and we hope all of you members of the Union who may be reading this will join us for this years Starlight Celebration.

For I have heard this years Starlight Celebration will be held in La Noscea near the Limsa Lominsa gates and there will be many games to be had, dancing, and so much more.

Again we thank you and may the Twelve watch over all of you and all of your worlds as well.

#6 - 1/1/2015
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Starlight Celebration Washup ---
So as many of you all know, the Starlight Celebration, for the first time in Eorzean history, had to be cancelled. It was suppose to be held in Limsa Lominsa this year, but the Navigator seemed to disagree with its location, casting the area under heavy rains.

Given the time for the Celebration is almost up, I do hope some people have at least had fun with their families and loved ones this year and prayed to the Twelve for a ever brightening future! I know we here in Thanalan sure are.

--- Mystery Massacre & Orphaned Children ---
Speaking of my homeland here in Thanalan, one of the small mining villages has been wiped off the map. Not by earthquakes folks, but by something far worse. Leaving only the children behind, leaving them with no families for this new year.

Though preparations are being made to find these kids homes, from what has been determined their families and village were attacked by an unknown figure that carried an Obsidian blade that glowed with haunting light.

Who does that sound like folks? You got it. That damnable Elder Primal Odin. It seems he has moved out of his hiding hole in the Twelveswood and decided to come pay US a visit. Who knows who may be next on this crazy Primal's hit list and the Company Of Heroes are moving their groups further around Eorzea in order to get better coverage. In hopes that the next time Odin shows up, they'll be ready to move out.

Sure the Company Of Heroes are normal men and women and they are no Warriors Of Light, but they got the Thal's balls to do it what needs to be done, just like those outsiders from beyond our own shores. Twelve bless them all.

--- Mor Dhona Report ---
Though Mor Dhona remains out of the Alliances hands and mostly in the Garleans, we still have some eyes over there who are friends with the adventure camp. The news from them, though it shows a very obscure picture, it still smells of trouble.

It seems some eyes on the prize spotted some activity on a mountainside not far from one of the Garlean's castrums. They saw some outsiders, which can only believed to be part of the Confederacy (or we got traitors in the Union, which I doubt readers), talking with the Black Wolf, Gaius Van Baelsar. Though most of it was impossible to see, they did see some crazy events unfold, including a massive machine which seem to have come kind of clock face on it.

Then they witnessed it-- doing something with the corrupted aether crystals. Sadly any details beyond that falls short, as they got chased off by the Garleans.

What could the Garlean Empire and the Confederacy be up to in Mor Dhona? Who knows, but I can tell you folks, if it deals with corrupted aether-- it can't be anything good for any of us. As soon as we find out more. We will try to keep you, the public, informed.

#7 - 2/14/2015
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Mor Dhona Recap ---
Activity in Mor Dhona has been pretty quiet after the events of what many locals call a massive aetheric storm. No one is really sure what happened up on the mountain the Garleans were messing around with along side their allies of the Confederacy, but nothing was good of it!

The locals have actually reported that the wildlife has been actually been hiding, while other far more dangerous creatures have become extremely more active. This has been making hunting hard in this area and it seems like whatever has been unleashed has everything, well, spooked or overly cranky. A seedseer from Gridania came to visit this place along with a Hearer and they have even said the elements in Mor Dhona have gone quiet-- silent-- fearful.

Whatever has happened here, I'm sure it is nothing good.

Primal Silence ---

To even add to oddness of Mor Dhona's past events, the Beast Men tribes have actually gone into hiding as well! While we all know the Kobolds are being kept in submission from the brutality of the Garlean Empire, other more friendly tribes-- such as the Sylphs, refuse to come out from their side of the forest.

From what we been able to gather from Gridanias locals is that the Sylphs are going on about a force on the horizon that will burn away all the sins of man-- and they apparently want nothing to do with it!

Now, I'm not sure what sins we have to worry about that they don't, but my reporter nose is pretty sure by the timing of events-- this is all being linked BACK to Mor Dhona and what the Garleans have done with the Confederacy. Wouldn't be the first time the Garleans have tried some evil scheme under our noses after all-- look back at Dalamud and that tells you everything we need to know.

--- Dravanians & Ishgard ---
To continue to add even more raised eyebrows and deep rooted concerns. Though while Ishgard has been in a strange place with us lately, the Houses willing to talk to us have reported that after the events of Mor Dhona, the Dravanians have become extremely active. To the point where the dragons are heading into outsider lands.

The House we spoke too, which name I will be keeping confidential, stated that while they can no longer track the Dravanians like they once did by the stars, they do have some of their best scouts attempting to get an idea of what the Dragons are doing. There has also been reports of Garleans working possibly alongside the Dravanians, which has brought some questions to the table. What those questions are-- we do not know-- but the House assures us that if the Garleans are working with the Dravanians, they may try to put pressure on the other houses and possible vote to the High See in order for Ishgard to put away its harder religious stance and work along side Eorzea-- which means folks! We may be gaining an ally in Ishgard, instead of being concerned about a two front war with them.

Mind you for those who are reading and don't understand a lick about Ishgard. Ishgard is a religious nation and have a holy war against Dragon Kind. A war that is said to been raging for thousands of years. It is this reason they also have kept themselves locked up even from the new world, as being they tend to hate all dragons or anything remotely dragon like.

Yet if this house can convince the others to back off slightly on such heavy beliefs, focus it solely on the dragons of Hydaelyn-- The Eorzean may be gaining a powerful ally in the future to come! Imagine that, the Union and Ishgard. That be a blessing in disguise from the Mother Crystal herself!

--- Rumor Mill: Admiral's New Flagship ---
On more hopeful news as well, a new rumor is floating around down in Limsa Lominsa. Because of the heavy influx of Outsiders in the port of the sea side city. It is said that the Admiral herself may be looking into changing up her plans for her Flagship to take one more of an Outsider look.

Rumor has it that she may be taking on a metal vessel that is seaworthy with greater technology in it that has never been seen by Limsa Lominsa or anyone of the Eorzean Alliance. This could place the Limsa Lominsa fleet, if this rumor is true, on par-- if not greater-- than the Garleans, making them down the road the technological power.

And as we know Readers, with the Ironworks being located in Limsa Lominsa, as much as I may love my city of Ul'dah-- if anyone has a chance to go toe to toe here in Hydaelyn with Garlean Empire's technological might-- its Limsa Lominsa!

Lets hope this rumor may strike true and gold, because I'll be saving my coins to check out that beaut when she is done!

#8 - 5/5/2015
The Eorzean Herald - Bringing You The News One Moogle At A Time

Written By: The Office Of Inquires, Ul'Dah

--- Earthquakes On The Rise ---
Earthquakes have been continuing to be a problem out in the northern and southern part of Thanalan, though while staying away from the main city of Ul'dah, several outlying towns have felt the trembles of the ground and many have started to flee to Ul'dah proper.

Several other towns have also been brought completely down or engulfed by what has been called the worst earth-slide ever as a massive cavern has given way creating an even larger fissure then before. While work was being done on a bridge originally, the bridge construction has come to a halt until both the Conjurers and Thaumaturges can have a meeting to see about anyway of stabilizing the land.

Thanks to also these Earthquakes, many towns even near the main city are falling into poverty, people are losing their homes, and even here in the main city life is starting to become hard for any sort of profit. We can only hope the Syndicate and the Empress will have a solution soon for this continued crisis.

--- Beast Men Aetheric Trade? ---
Beast Men tribes have actually been seen gathering, minus the Kobolds, at location out in Coerthas. Our hidden eyes out in the Ishgardian lands have seen them not only conversing, but conversing with what looks like the Garlean Empire.

In these conversations, they have been handing off crates upon crates of aetheric crystals and what conversations could be overheard, it seems this is some agreement from their 'gods' to not bring upon the wraith of them from 'Bahamut'.

It is unknown what the Garlean Empire has going on here, but it can't be anything good given they already unleashed Bahamut on us once before. Perhaps this is a new method of them trying to bring in more Primals under their control?

--- New Broadcasting Equipment & Aether Warp Gates ---
Garlond Ironworks have perfected their prototype Link Pearl devices and have expanded upon it, in turn they have won the communication war quoting that: "Cid Garlond would be proud of us if he were here. He believed in innovation for the good of all and that technology should be used for the need of the people. These will not only connect the billions over Eorzea, but allow us to communicate with this brave new world out there in the Multiverse."

While these Link Pearls have not gone out on the market yet and are still under testing with the military, they have a far better broadcasting range and are able to fully make use of Multiverse radio waves by doing some type of conversion process.

It will be interesting to see where the Garlond Ironworks plans to take these.

Garlond Ironworks also informed us they are looking into how the nearest warp gate to Hydaelyn operates and might be seeing about hooking up the Aetherytes into that same system. Granting access to everyone, but on the same token, looking into the dangers of doing this as everyone is aware that the Garlean Empire may try to take advantage of this method, given the Aetherytes running on straight aether has been what keeps the Garlean Empire out.

--- Ishgard Asking For Aid ---
After Ishgard may have wanted to declare war on Eorzea, it is now asking its once neighbors for aid. It seems the Dravanian Horde threat is on an increasing rise and Ishgard is slowly being pushed into the corner, even with their Holy Dragoons attempting to hold back the dragons from the main city itself.

While we were not able to be part of any talks or even get a man on the inside, there is belief that the Eorzean Alliance may in fact aid the Ishgardians, forgiving their harsh criticisms given the threat the Dravanian Horde may entail for all.

The War For Eorzea

Just because the world of Hydaelyn has fallen into dismay, does not mean the war comes to a screeching halt. With the Alliance getting aid from the Union and the Garleans having assistance from the Confederacy. Both sides see the chance to end the war once and for all as to who will rule over the land, and change the face of history forever.

This war is waged by capturing points and once enough of an area is ruled by one or the other, a true end game battle can begin-- though it may take time to do so-- but in the end, only one can be truly victorious.

For Information On Capture Points - Go Here

Note: This page is still under heavy construction and content will be added in time at closer release to the capture point battle. Things are subject to change in this section.

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The Lexicon

This is a compiled list of all the terms, locations, and just random stuff that may be used in the Final Fantasy XIV theme. This is not a complete list however, but it is compiled to the best of my memory and what I can find. As a note, I will probably add more things to it as I come across things that may need explanations.

For the Lexicon - Go here

Mission Board

Looking for some jobs to do around Eorzea? Then come and take a look at what is available! For the Mission Board is open to all!

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Racial Overview

This is the known list races with the Final Fantasy XIV theme. There could be more added later as the game progresses, but for now, this is what we got. This is a very quick overview as well and some noted differences among the races between Eorzea and Garlemald. As many races of Eorzea can be found being locals of the mighty empire.

The Citizens Of Hydaelyn

The Elezen are noted by their long ears, slightly lanky bodies, and mildly elongated limbs. The Elezen people were originally a nomadic race that go long back in Eorzean history, making them perhaps the original natives of the land and possibly in old strife with the once, long forgotten, Allagan Empire. Though when the Hyur moved into Eorzean, the Elezen saw them as intruders and brutal wars waged between the two, but in modern time, the two races are now at peace with one another-- for the most part.

Like many races of Hydalean, the Elezen have two distinct tribes. That of the Wildwood Elezen who have golden brown skin and tend to be more attune with nature and the wilds, making up most of the population in Gridania. While the Duskwight keep to their old nomadic lifestyles and tend to be mostly in cavern tribes. Many Duskwights also have made homes in the cities of the Hyur, though most are seen as unsavory types that get involved in pirating and thieving. A duskwight can also be spotted easily from there Wildwood cousins by the virtue of pale white skin to very dark bluish hue in color.

Elezen are not so common in Garlemald, but the few that are there are not as tall has there Elezen cousins in Eorzea and tend to be closer to Hyur height of Garlemald, and these Elezen tend to share the traits of there wildwood cousins more often than not. This may be due to the racial mingling with the main populace of Garlemald.

The Hyur are a race that look like normal, average people. There are two distinct tribes of Hyur, The Midlanders and the Highlanders. The Midlanders are moderate in size and range around you're average height of a normal man. The Highlanders are slightly darker skinned and are far larger in muscular stature and in height as well, get up to near seven feet tall.

The Midlanders are the main population of Eorzea, expanding from many reaches of the nation, while the Highlanders are found more in the mountainous region and many called Ala Mhigo home before many of the refugees had to move to Ul’Dah for safety to not be caught by the Garlean Empire.

Many of Garlemald look like Midlanders and share many similar appearances with them, beyond the fact of the small third eye on the center of their foreheads, though some of the Hyur from Garlemald are also slightly taller than the average Midlander but do not reach to the heights of the Highlanders.

The Lalafell are a very small race that are half the height of a Hyur. They originally come from small islands around Hydalean, but eventually made their way into Eorzea by virtue of trade. Where now many call Eorzea home. These small people have slightly pointed ears, short features, and are slightly round. Yet due to their small stature, they are not very strong, but they make up for this in intellect and wit. Making many mages of Eorzea that of the Lalafell species. Like many races, there is two tribes of Lalafells that have formed. The Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk.

Though there is little differences between the two that the common eye can see, it is more common in there sets of lifestyles. The Plainfolk have adapted to the wide valleys and open meadows, and as such they have become very custom to running long distances. They tend to also stick to their ocean side roots, remaining near ports of calls and lakes.

While the Dunesfolk have adapted to the life of the desert and to wear on their foreheads a small gem representing their birth sign believing it to bring them closer to the god corresponding to that sign. The Dunesfolk were also the ones responsible for the building of Ul’dah and tend to be the main populace of the mighty commerce city, including still overseeing it to those day. Dunesfolk are also the ones, when in other cities, tend to be making the most fuss over trying to sell goods and trying to bargain over items, even chocobos.

The Lalafell as a native people are not found in Garlemald. Though in recent times as the Garlean Empire has moved further down south and bordering Eorzea, a few have shown up in their military. But these are still seen slightly still as outsiders and are kept around only for the use of being heavily magically inclined and for there great deal of intellect.

The Miqo’te originally came to Eorzea in the Age known as Endless Frost. Their great ancestors crosses the sea while it was frozen and found the land of Eorzea to be a great hunting ground. From here these cat-like people rose into the Miqo’te people that are known as of today.

The Miqo’te as a race, thanks to their feline physique are agile people whom are highly quick, flexible, and have a great sense of balance. Both sets of tribes share this, but they differ by their very short fur color and by how they handle the light. The Seekers of the Sun have golden fur, have trouble seeing in the dark, and have very cat-like eyes. While the Keepers of the Moon have very dark fur, to almost black, fanged teeth, and eyes designed for seeking in the dark-- where they can not handle extreme light.

The other notable differences is that the Seekers of the Sun tend to call Ul’dah home, acting as stage dancers and attendants for many of the local shops. They tend to be very at home in the desert and including even the sea life of Limsa Lominsa. Most of those who are Seekers of the Sun also tend to worship Azyema The Warden and celebrating the light of the sun.

While the Keepers of the Moon tend to find themselves at home in the Shroud around Gridania and are used for night-shift guards and hunters of the forests. They tend to worship Menphina The Lover and the pure light of the moon. Unlike the Seekers of the Sun, the Keepers of the Moon also keep to themselves, making their family culture hard to determine.

Like Lalafell, Miqo’te are not found in Garlemald, but as the Empire moved down, they started to gain some in numbers, but mostly that of the Keepers of the Moon, more so than that of the Seekers of the Sun. Seen as being resourceful as scouts and light troops.

The Roegadyn are seafaring folk and have made the area around Limsa Limsia there home. They are known for their muscular builds, near gigantic height and intimidating presence. Like many people of Eorzea they are broken into two tribes. The Sea Wolves and the Hellsguard. Where the Sea Wolves populate the ground near the ocean and most of Limsa Limsia, the Hellsguard remain near the volcanic mountain, whom believe that this very mountain is the gate to hell itself.

The Sea Wolf people are blue in skin color and are a hearty people. They are the most populous and tend to be heavily focused on hard labor, construction, and sailing the seas. They laugh hard, they play hard, and they hit hard. While the Hellsguard tend to be more conservative, tougher skinned, and more magically inclined.

Like Lalafell and Miqo’te, the Roegadyn are not seen as natives to the Garlemald people, but were introduced to the culture before the other two were. It is in this that they tend to be slightly more accepted by the people, but are still shunned by others; Yet for them, it is a work in positive progress.

The Padjal are a mysterious people of the Black Shroud. They look like ageless Hyur children and teens. They are said to be this way because they are the chosen by the elementals to help guide the people in the Black Shroud to understand the words and wisdom of the forest.

The Padjal are noted not only by their very youthful features, but by the horns that grow on their head. They also do not seem to have any parents, given they only call one another brother and sister, and thus seeing the forest as their parent. Also one will never see these people out of the Black Shroud, unless they must, and none have ever been seen in Garlemald, as the Garleans have never seen these people until coming to attack Eorzea-- and who they have seen are very, very few.

For these are a people who are rare and as speakers of the wood, are very good at concealing themselves even in plain sight. They are also very sensitive to what happens in the Black Shroud and are affected by the elements of the forest itself.

Au Ra
Located on the Eastern Continent of Ilsabard within Othard, are the people whom live there and one such people are the Au Ra. Like all of Ilsabard they are subject to Garlean Rule and serve inder the Empire's might. While much of their culture has been stripped they still hold onto some of their legends in secrecy. Clinging to what way they knew of life before the Garleans came and tried to remove all religion from them.

They are a tall people with the females around five to six foot and males almost at seven to eight. They rival the heights of the Elezen and Roegadyns of Eorzea. They have scales along their smooth skin and horns that protrude from the sides of their head. While they have the humanoid shape and could fool one for being a Highlander, it is these features that set them apart. Along with their slim tails and clawed hands and feet. There are two known species of Au Ra: The Raen and Xaela -- both mistaken for Dragonkin because of their physical features by those who are unknowing.

While both share the same creation story, they they came from the Dawn Mother and Dusk father, with few believing still in hidden sects that they are divine blooded, what sets the apart is one which god or goddess they come from. The Raen believe they come from the Dawn Mother which is white their scale glisten in the sun and their skin like ivory. Where the Xaela believe they come from the Dusk because of their dark blue skin they share with the Duskwights and onyx scales that ignore all light.

There is also the growing problem within the culture because of Garlean Rule, which is also the training of Ninjetsu. It is their native artform and one that runs strong on Doma. Only those who still retain the religious order still teach of it, clinging hard to their way of life, but at some point the secret was shared with the Garleans allowing the Legion out there to begin to use such methods as well in their most specialized of soldiers. A great distaste in the mouths of those Au Ra who still cling to old ways.

This also leads the separation of the people, those of the Au Ra who cling and those who have accepted their new way in life. An Au Ra normally must go through a great length to prove themselves to any Garlean. Given their typical stubbornness to release their past and prove they have no ties to their false faiths. Only then will they ever be accepted among the ranks of the Garlean People.

The Beast Men Tribes

The Amalj'aa are a lizardfolk race that are slightly taller than a man and are heavily muscular in structure. They have powerful tails, strong jaws, and a grasp that can easily pick a full grown man up in one hand. There scales are normally very dark brown in color to black and they tend to wear tribal like armor. They are known for using martial type weapons such as lances and their own fists, and some use different types of fire magic due to their worship of the Primal, Ifrit.

The Amalj'aa are located in the great desert of Thanalan around the mighty city of Ul’Dah. Because of their ties to the Primal Ifrit, they tend to be a constant problem for the large city and are known to go after caravans of trade goods, mostly targeting the crystals that have aether within them.

There is however a splinter group of Amalj'aa, though small it may be, called the Brotherhood of Ash. The Brotherhood is what remains of what the Amalj'aa were like before they were corrupted by the taint of Ifrit and tend to be friendly to the people of Eorzea, and sworn enemies to there once brothers and sisters.

The Sylphs are a gentle race that roam in the Black Shroud just slightly outside of Gridania’s borders. These gentle soul of beast men tend to have no problems with the people, so long as they mean no danger to their homes, livelihood, or their forests. These beast men have the appearance of a mix between flowers and fairies and are very magically inclined.

Though the Sylphs do have a Primal of their own named Ramuh, they dare not summon him in fear of what danger it could cause to their alliance with Gridania, which they greatly cherish. However with the fall of the world and the treat even being greater, there has be a few Sylphs who are starting to think otherwise, but for now, there number is too few to be a problem-- at least of yet.

It also should be noted that though there genders look alike and they nearly all sound alike, there is a male and a female Sylph and this can be determined by their names. As male names tend to have a “xio” at the end, while females tend to have a “xia” at the end.

The crafty Ixal are natives to the land of Coerthas and tend to roam from there into the neighboring lands of the Black Shroud. The Ixal are just shy of being the same height as the Elezen. There physical features would remind one of a featherless humanoid bird, with a lack of wings or even tail. They have sharp horns on the top of there heads and their beaks are razor sharp with teeth edges.

Due to there lanky structure, they tend to be extremely quick and crafty. Easily creating ambushes and playing mind games with their prey. They are known for using weapons such as Bows and lances, but there are some who have learned the art of using wind due to their worship of the Primal, Garuda.

They are known as a problem to both Gridania and the city-state of Ishgard, as both have to deal with these Primal Worshiping beast men and neither have been successful at stopping them from the continual summoning of the wind being.

The Kobolds are a mole like race and have similar attributes to their Goblin like cousins. The Kobold are heavy into digging and tend to make use of the minerals they find to forge their homes, weapons, and metal armor. They also show an understanding of explosives and using them for mining operations as well.

There is not much known about the Kobold race, but what is known is that they have a high aggression with Limsa Lominsa and due to the city taking a large control over many of the mines that the Kobolds’ call home, they have undergone the ritual to resummon the Primal they worshipped name Titan. With the summoning of this Primal, they have now become a threat to all in Hydalean.

The Sahagin are an aquarian fish-like race that live near Limsa Lominsa and tend to be a real problem for the city for some time, as they are known for attacking their fleets at sea and also the fishermen. The Sahagin are able to breath both underwater and on land, and tend to be quick on land, but are even faster while underwater. They are known to use Tridents as weapons and rarely use magic.

As of more recent years, the Sahagin have even gone as far to start summoning the Primal they worship named Leviathan to aid in their battles at sea and made allies with a group of pirates who have been tempered (drowned) by Leviathan. These pirates are known as the Serpent Reavers and are just as dangerous as the beast men themselves.

However not all Sahagin agree with this battle of the seas and coastal land and some do desire peace. These individuals tend to be shunned by their own kind and forced to live hermit like lives. There are even some who try, even at nearly their own lives, to convince their own that there must be peace for the survival of the Sahagin race, seeing the dimensional upheaval as a warning. Though so far, they have not prevailed.

The Moogles are a small race, no much different in size to the Sylphs in that both tend to be just about the same size if not just shy of a Lalafells height. They tend to have round bodies, very short limbs, and little bat wings. Including a pom-pom at the top of there heads, that is normally yellow in color, but some moogles have other colors as well.

Moogles are very friendly to the races and typically will never do any harm, as it is not really there way, but they will cast magical spells in order to protect themselves or someone else. As a race they are also very uncommon to see, as they have the ability to hide themselves from view of many people and they tend to most stick around the Black Shroud, helping with the understanding of the elements there.

The moogles currently don’t seem to have a Primal they worship and after the dimensional falling of Hydalean have taken up actually delivering mail for many of the cities and towns within Eorzea. Also Moogles have a weakness for children, as much has children see them as big stuff animals to be cuddled.

The Goblins are a race that stand around the same height as the Lalafell and tend to cover their entire body in leather armor to heavy armor as well. No one has ever seen when a Goblin actually looks like, beyond the long floppy elf-like ears that protrude out from their helms.

The Goblins as a society are extremely adaptable. They tend to be able to fit themselves in with all types of cultures ranging from the normal races of Eorzea to even the Beast Men. They are seen as a neutral in the war and try to keep themselves out of it. Though they do like to offer trade, and will market their wares to any-- even work out bargain deals.

Goblins are also the ones who have taught the Eorzean people have to do synthese items using aether energy within equipment to mold materia and from materia, make stronger weapons and armor. They tend to be extremely good at crafting and smithing as a race goes, though such services come with a price. Be it by money or by a trade.

Though Goblins do not hold very good language skills, they are still a very intelligent race and tend to also understand many conversations across the realms, willing to also trade information for even a profit at the right price. Though many Goblins choose not to do such a thing, as they know it could mean there life.

It is a very common place to see a few Goblins in many of the city states working along side the people and many are always willing to talk it up, even if their speech is a bit odd. Just remember to be careful what you say to a goblin and with some, watch your pouches around too!

The Gigas are a race of Giant Humanoids that tower easily over many of the current races. They are heavily muscular and tend to range in the skin color of dark brown to green. They are known to fight with bludgeon weapons and have naturally tough hides, giving them the ability to wear very little armor. They show also a great resistance to many magical elements.

Not much is known about the Gigas, beyond the fact that they are very rare and few between. Many tribes long ago were hunted down, killed, or sealed away in the depths of mines. Those that do still roam, tend to roam in Ala Mhigo and Coeraths. They do so though in small numbers and tend to never stay in one place long.

From current knowledge the Gigas serve no Primal, though this may change one day.

The Qiqirn are a short rat-folk race, they stand around the same height as a Lalafell and tend to have, like the goblins, a strange way of speaking. The Qiqirn for the most part are a neutral race, though a great deal of them tend to be scavengers and thieves. They are extremely crafty and highly intelligent. They will also seeming do anything for a Dodo egg, as they have a ravenous appetite and are known to eat anything; Even some very disgusting things.

Though many Qiqirn who tend to hang out in cities act as traders, competing with the goblins for the market space. Many items that the Qiqirn sell can be seen by some as black market items and random junk that has been scavenged up. Sometimes these items they do scavenge can be very valuable, but unlike the Goblins, they do not work for money, instead they only work for trade… which once again, those dodo eggs come in handy for such a thing.

It is not known if Qiqirn have a Primal they worship, though if they do, they so far have had no reason to even think of summoning one and for the most part, live in peace with the rest of the races, beyond well, the thieves at least.

Mamool Ja
The Mamool Ja are a race that have made themselves known after the attack carried out by the Primal Bahamut. Not much is known about this Lizard-man like race, but they are starting to call the lands around Limsa Lominsa home and seem to mean the people no harm. Instead this Beast Men race is offering their services as mercenaries against the Empire. However they also show to have a great dislike for the scholars within the races whom are looking into ways of touching the hearts of the Primals to control some of that energy for themselves.

The Mamool Ja are a curious species as they have a republic overruled by four overlords that work on making choices for the race as a whole. They tend to be a very social race, who speak in a “yoda-isk” way, but seem to always willing to talk before making choices. In many ways, though these lizardfolk look very tribal and the way they live is as such, they have proven to be anything but when spoken too and observed.

The Mamool Ja are also vastly different from the lizardfolk in the Ul’Dah area, as they have tan to light brown scaled skin. Slightly more agile frame, and a single horn that protrudes from the top of there heads. It also seems that the Mamool Ja who can handle magic are actually blue scaled in color and have much shorter muzzles, which the Mamool Ja call those who can cast magic, Sages.

It is unknown what the stance of the Mamool Ja is on the Primals, why they are willing to assist, or even what they are after, however Eorzea will not turn away any aid when it comes with dealing with the Empire.

Racial Naming

Like our own culture of the world, many races of Eorzea and even that of the Garlean Empire have their own naming convictions. It is how there people differentiate from one another and also continue to keep to their own racial standards. Though some information is easier to come by then others, I will list here websites that can further inform of the type of names used and possible explanations to the middle names of Garleans that we are aware of.

  • [Name Generator] - This is very useful if you need to find a name for one of the Eorzean people and is lore friendly.
  • [Final Fantasy Wikia Entries] - They have further details on the races here and also sections that are just for the naming lore process, if you rather do a bit more homework and like to come up with your own without the use of the generate.
  • Garlean names from all accounts seem to be connected to latin. The first name being their true name, while the last is their "house" they are associated with. The middle representing their position within the Garlean Empire itself. This will be covered more in the Garlean section.

The People Of Garlemald

Those of the Garlean Empire tend to be about 80% Hyur-like, while 10% is that of Elezen-like, and the rest is mixed culture brought in from other conquered nations. All of those originally from the land of Garlemald have a 'third eye' located in the center of their forehead that lacks a pupil or iris. They are a Meritocracy society and gain their prestige through the acts they commit. It also through these acts are they also punished when they failed a duty and the harshness of punishment is based on the activities leading to that failure.

Most of the population serves in the Garlean military in some capacity and all walks of life who are the citizens of Garlemald have a job they are given at which they can raise their position in. All positions are rewarded by the head of, just as becoming a Legatus, highest rank in the military, is only given by the Emperor. By the highest favor of the Emperor, a Legatus then could become the next heir to the throne.

Military Structure
The Garlean military structure comprises of four groups, which with the final ranging up to around 6,000 soldiers in the service of a Legatus. The numbers that will be represent here are estimates and they may be higher or slightly lower depending on the power and the campaign the Legatus is running.
  • Legion: An Army of ten cohorts comprising of a total around 6,000 troopers.
  • Cohort: A battalion of three manipuli comprising of a total around 600 troopers.
  • Manipulus: A company of two centuries comprising of a total around 200 troopers.
  • Century: A Single platoon comprised of 100 troopers.
Military Ranks
The order given is from most powerful position to that of the lowest position within the military. Through acts of positive progression and good favors, one can easily raise from the lowest of the ranks to that of mid tier. When one gets to that of the Tribunes, those are only elected by the Legatus of that Legion. Then to obtain the status of Legatus, one must be given such a title by the Emperor himself.
  • Emperor: The Emperor is the leader of Garlemald and all territory that belongs to the Garlean Empire. He is the one whom can also override any Legatus of military action and is the only one who can promote any to that of a Legatus status.
  • Legatus: The Legatus are the generals of the Garlean Empire and the command of their respected Legions they command.
  • Tribunus Laticlavius: These are the second-in-command to their respected Legatus and the Legion they serve in. They also act as the head of the Tribuni.
  • Praefectus Castrorum: These are third-in-command of the Legion and it is their jobs to oversee all training, equipment, and the Castrums within their Legion's control.
  • Tribunus Angusticlavius: These are the assistance to the Legatus, normally in groups of six at most, and tend to be under the direct command of the Tribunus Laticlavius.
  • Primus Ordinarius: These are the commanders of the Cohort; Could be seen as Captain or Colonel.
  • Pilus Prior: These are the Centurions in charge of the first Century of of each Cohort.
  • Centurion: These are the commanders of the Century; Could be seen as a Lieutenant.
  • Optio: These are Troopers chosen by the Centurion for a purpose within a Century. Normally this would be to act as the second-in-command to the Century.
  • Duplicarius: These are Troopers whom receive double the pay due to prestige and reward for excellent service.
  • Triarus: These are veteran troopers who have seen a great deal of time on the field, but have yet to be promoted.
  • Trooper: These are the basic soldiers of the Garlean Military. This is where everyone starts out as and has to work their way up from in some way.
Middle Name Titles
All of those within the positions of the Garlean Empire hold their title in the middle name. Though this is perhaps not a complete list, but it is a list of middle names that has been located within lore from the game and what has been figured out by the association given. For the only thing we as the players been told and thus stands here, is that the middle names represent the titles. So here is what we know thus far...
  • Zos: Emperor
  • Van: Legatus
  • Tol: Tribunus Laticlavius
  • Sas: Tribuni Angusticlavii; Praefectus Castrorum
  • Rem: Pilus Prior
  • Nan: Imperial Minister

It also should be reminded that when addressing a Garlean, within their own culture area of influence or out of sheer respect, one should address them by their middle first and then their last name. So 'Van Baelsar' as an informal, but a formal would be 'Lord Van Baelsar'. Though if you are in private and given permission, using the first name is acceptable.

Military Jobs
Like those of Eorzea that have classes, so does that of the Garlean Empire. Many of these classes have similar associations with that of Eorzean classes, though nearly all those within the military have access to either a gun-weapon or an actual type of rifle (though rarer these tend to be). More times then not, when facing a Garlean within the realm of Eorzea, they will hold a gun-weapon or a weapon that lacks a gun attachment but have an actual firearm at their side. Also all Garleans in the military are trained to handle Magitek of all kinds, as such a thing is heavy in their way of life.

Also such roles in these classes have become more predominate with the increased members being added in from locations such as Ala Mhigo, as some roles are not native to that of the normal Garlemald individual. So here is the list of the currently known...

  • Eques / Bestarius:
  • Hoplomachus:
  • Laquearius:
  • Medicus:
  • Sagittarius:
  • Secutor:
  • Signifer:

The Primals

This is a list of the known Primals (or Eikons for those Garleans) at this current time, as the events of A Realm Reborn have to yet to happen. We are not that far ahead yet. As such, not all the beast men have summoned there Primals, but the ones that have and continue to do so, are listed here. This list will probably expand in time.

It also should be understood that all Primals have the ability to temper (bring someone under their control) those of their world and like worlds. They also may be able to extend this out toward others whom are just weak of will. Yet as NPCs have little say against this, the player characters can resist this tempering, or only fall under it temporarily. If you do decide to become fully tempered by the Primal-- you will be in servitude forever (or until someone can figure out how to break it). This is a consent ordeal as a player and the effects will never be forced upon. Its your choice what happens and your choice alone; Cause really-- its all an RP gimmick in the end and everyone is different.

Ifrit is worshiped by those of the Amalj’aa with the great deserts of Thanalan. He is the Primal of Fire and seen connected also to the sun. This primal is quick to temper, which leads to a great causality of life. His claws can emit enough heat to melt the strongest of steels, his very presence heats the air to where no plant life can possibly survive around him, and his horns can scorch the very heavens.

Ifrit tempers those under him as loyal servants which call out to him like a god. He does this by washing them in a blue flame at which he emits from his maw. The blue flame itself is not dangerous, but those who dared be touched by it, may find themselves permittely under his servitude.

Garuda is worshiped by the bird-like Ixal and they see her as a beauty upon the very skies. She is the mistress of the wind, sometimes called the Empress of Birds. A story long ago was once said that she was a beautiful hunter of the skies, but in her anger for how man was treating the creatures of her kind, she one day swooped down upon the land and feast upon those who hunted. Yet by doing this, she gained a taste for the flesh of man, and it rendered her mad.

Though this story is that of a legend, perhaps created by her own slightly crazed personality and her desire to feast upon the aether itself. Some wonder if there is any truth that she may have once been something more than just a cruel Primal whom is quick to take upon wraith on the land and unlike the other Primal’s she is one of the few who can be-- humored.. though it may not change her mind, but only hasten her choices.

When she brings those under her control, she sends out a gale of powerful wind of blue aetheric magic that soars across the are in great speeds. Once it makes impact, it cyclones around them like a tornado, stripping them for a moment of their very breath, until they are rested back down on the ground. Now ready to serve their new mistress of the wind.

Titan is one of the few Primals whom does not treat his servants as ‘slaves’ or ‘minions’, but as his children under his protection. He is a massive Primal who is seen as a god amongst the Kobolds and is known to be like a father to them; At which they also call him “Father Of The Crag”. Sharing his wisdom onto them and giving them bounty upon the very land they call home. Yet Titan is quick to anger when a force dare threatens his children and any who dare shows a hint of being a threat to those under his rule will find him merciless and cruel.

For Titan controls every stone and every mountain. The ground is his domain and he can create a massive earthquake which can shatter the very ground for perhaps miles. His very hands can crush a man alive without little thought and his foot steps can shake the very ground which one stands on.

Unlike other Primals, Titan seems to show little interest in bringing random races under his fold for servitude. Staying to his Kobold children and desiring only their safety from the surface-dwellers.

Worshipped by the Sahagin, feared by those at sea, and monster of the deep-- Little is truly known about this Primal and where he stands in the ranks amongst the other Primals. What is known is that he is crafty and intelligent. Confident of his abilities while in the ocean and protective of his Sahagin children.

Yet Leviathan does not just depend on the Sahagin to worship him, for he has also tempered lost men at sea, giving them a second chance at life as one of the Serpent Reavers.

But in this Multiverse, Leviathan sees all oceans as his domain, even when the oceans yet can not support his very being. For in time, he knows one day they will and he will rule all.

Bahamut-- feared by all across Hydaelyn. For it is he who brought forth not only the destruction across Eorzea and some of the northern lands, but also by his power caused the very world to merge with that of the Multiverse.

Bahamut is herald of the Seventh Umbra Era and his very name coincides with that of Dalamud-- the moon he was entrapped within as his prison and released from by the Garlean Empire’s own hand in hopes to ‘cleanse’ the world of all who oppose them.

Yet after the fall of Hydaelyn, none have seen the mighty dragon sense and many believing that in that flash of light, that perhaps he was coiled by the chains of the divine twelve. While others wonder if he still roams, waiting for the right time to strike again...

After the assault carried out by Bahamut, It had weakened the crystal prison that had Odin sealed away since the time of the Allagan Empire. Though after the events of the outsiders aiding Gridanian in making the land cleanse of great darkness, they have inadvertently freed Odin from his prison. Now he roams across the forgotten paths of the Black Shroud. His figure concealed in the remaining shadows of the woods and the hooves of the animal he rides upon barely making a sound in the brush.

It is apparent that Odin is seeking battle with all those whom he deems worthy of his time.. and with every failure of his own battle-- he only grows stronger. For his desire of vengeance is strong and his need of conflict ever greater.

Unlike other primals however, Odin has no servants nor does he temper any. It seems he only lives for battle and war-- and there are some that believe in battle and war is how the Primal survives and returns from the aether time again.

Odin's Favors

With the mighty Elder Primal Odin walking around in the Black Shroud. There is slight distress about such a powerful force who is openly out looking for conflict, including desire to get vengeance on the one named 'Urth'. On the MUSH, anyone can challenge Odin for a fight and if you can defeat the Elder Primal, then you gain his favor.

This favor can be used at least once for anything and Odin will ride forth to carry out the task requested of him. If you wish to challenge Odin on a one-on-one send an @mail to Odin stating such and a schedule time can be worked out. Odin scenes will also take place randomly, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Current Favors

  • Marrik
  • Maya
  • Ayako Hasekawa x2
  • Tshallandria
  • Auron
  • Anivia
  • Mantigora
  • Beelzebumon
  • Dastan
  • Karian Icefang
  • Deelel
  • Souji Murasame
  • Kamon Lionward
  • Soan Sagittarius

Used Favors


This section has Frequently Asked Questions or things that have come up at times that may need a bit of explanation that is beyond the Lexicon or even some sections of this page. It is here that some things will be covered and things may be added as the theme on the MUSH continues. If you yourself ever have any questions, always feel free to contact Gaius Van Baelsar (GVB) on MCM. They will be more then glad to assist and answer questions.

#1: Are Arcanist playable?
You can indeed play an Arcanist, as the teachings are indeed in Limsa Lominsa, but given the current time frame of the guild in this setting, it is a very underground type of teaching and may be extremely frowned upon by some given how they are able to conjure aetheric beings of their own. So they may be labeled no better then the Beast Men with their Primals at this time.
#2: Do I have to stick to the classes/jobs?
Not really. For example, someone can be based on an Archer, but wield two swords and a bow. The classes and jobs listed here are simple guidelines, but you have some flexibility, as long has it isn't to far fetched. If your unsure on the concept, always feel free to ask!
#3: How does Aether work in Hydaelyn? How would it impact me?
Aether is a funny thing. It is like the Lifestream in Final Fantasy 7, The Mist in Final Fantasy 9/12, and is used in almost everything. Those who hang around the Aether, wont really feel its effects, those who are not use to it may find themselves feeling dizzy, a bit sick, and maybe drowsy. For those who are use to playing with magic/mana/aether, they probably wont even notice its there -- much like the air itself.

Yet in large doses, so an area that is thick of fog in it, it can become very dangerous to someone no matter how use to it you are. Think of radiation really. We have radiation all around us, but in large doses, no matter how built up we have become, it will eventually get to us. This is the same way with Aether in large quantities.

So even if your character is someone who can command the very aetheric energy, you will, and you can, become sick from it. Aether also in a mist form has been known, in /canon/ to cause monsters to go berserk. So this too, could be another side-effect if you hang around in it to long.

YET! Aether can be redirected, which is what Black Mages do by using a foci, so by doing this it can become less deadly because instead of going into you, its going into a foci which can handle the Aether levels. So A foci, is like having a gas mask on, thus allowing you to breath around it, without any concern.

As I said, Aether is funny stuff. Its hard to explain and its hard to peg, so I hope that helps explain some and leaves less questions.

#4: I would love to be a part of the theme, but I don't know anything about it. Can I still have a character in the theme?
Yes, You can. It is actually this reason I designed this page, the Lexicon, and everything I can think of to help players who like to be a part of this theme, but no nothing, still feel welcomed to it. I made sure that the theme was extremely Original Character friendly and open to all types of avenues of play.

I, as the theme runner, want everyone who partakes in the Theme to feel like they have a place and they make an impact in it. I have no problems ever in helping explain things or go into details about some of the little details of the world, if anything I Highly encourage this, because to me-- communication is very important.

So yes, please, even if you are a total stranger to the genre of Final Fantasy XIV, read the content I have in here, page me (Gaius Van Baelsar/GVB), or even @mail me and I'll be more then glad to talk to you about your character concept, including even answer any questions regarding the theme itself to help you know the world better.

#5: Can I play someone who has been tempered by <Insert Primal Name>?
If you want to play a servant to a Primal, go right ahead! Though I do ask that you read over the Primal section we have here on the wiki and make sure that it is in the natural of the Primal to temper someone, along with if they have even been listed yet.

Though don't worry! Just cause the Primal isn't listed right now, doesn't mean it wont be later-- and if you really want to be tempered by a Primal that has yet to show up, but you know Is in game, come and talk to me. Who knows, maybe you can help be the herald of the coming storm!

#6: How close is this Theme to the Realm Reborn content?
Given that this theme takes place after the events of 1.0 and before A Realm Reborn, it is close enough that people who have played the game will pick up on some things, but not close enough that it follows the game directly. Many of the events that will be unfolding will be due to how players handle different scenes, the interactions with the multiverse, and the even the NPCs that come into play.

This is after all a living, breathing world, and all choices matter-- even the small ones. So yes, this means those of you who know the story line in ARR, could maybe prevent the Ultima Weapon from showing up or aid in speeding up the process. You may be able to aid keeping the Primal threat in check-- or make it far worse. You may even get a few Primals to actually aid you, who tend to be rather neutral in some matters.

So will the content eventually show up? Yes; But how it shows up is entirely on the player base.

#7: Can I play a Half-breed?
This is a yes and no question really. In most cases the answer will be yes, but within reason. I don't think all races are compatible with one another and I am pretty sure the normal player races can not have children with a beast men. So if you do decide to go this direction with your character, please do so reasonably.
#8: Did you really play Final Fantasy XIV 1.0?
I did yes. I played it from closed beta for those of us who pre-ordered the game all the way to the very end when Dalamud came crashing down. My main was a level 50 Dragoon (look for Vaelyn Nykah - A duskwight), which is all I focused on and the only quest line I didn't get to do (cause I am a very slow leveler, and back then it was a massive grind), was killing Nael Van Darnus. It is actually my one regret that I didn't get to do that, but oh well. At least there is youtube!

The funny thing is, I almost didn't stick around, but thanks to some awesome roleplayers from Hydaelyn Role-Players (Formerly known as the Roleplay Coalition aka RPC), we pretty much all supported one another and kept one another entertained. Even when the grind caused us all to run around screaming, haha. They still operate even today and actually because of them and everything we did, is the reason I tend to be extremely versed in the lore of Hydaelyn. They are amazing people and yes, as a shameless plug to them, even though I'm not really part of the RP circuit on the game itself, here is there site if you want to check them out:

#9: What is with the Aether and Death?
During 1.0, those who died would return to the aether, which is the energy the flows around and in everything. Placed like Mor Dhona were void of this cause of how was messed with when the Agris broke the seal in its crash. Garleans themselves lack a high connection with the Aether, also would not fade away.

Yet after the events of 1.0 and where we are now in the story. The Aether has been changed, in this, not all return to the aether like they did before; at least-- not in body as well. If someone is highly connection to the aether, they may fully return to the aether-- they may be able to even 'cheat' death. Those who are not, though perhaps there essence will, there body will not. This could even be impacted by the area itself. It may even be delayed.

Death, corpses, or lack there of, is all up to the scene and for narrative play. There are some areas however that will control the narrative in a sense, but for the most part, it is in the air to the person whom runs the scene.

#10: Potions & Ether: How do they work?
Throwing aside game mechanics, we need to look at what Potions and Ether actually do. Potions are used for healing HP, while Ethers are for restoring MP. So lets take a look at these from more of a roleplaying prospective.

HP, is your health. In this Potions are like a salve. Something to be used in order to keep a wound from getting worse till a Conjurer can weave the aether to properly heal it. Its an Alchemy creation and though good in a pinch, it isn't as good as Conjurer magic. As Garlemald naturally had no conjurers they use more methods that we are use to seeing in our own medical science. Yet they too use a type of healing salve, much like the one you may see in Hunger Games-- where it does a really decent job of patching up an area, but with far more pain mixed in. So Eorzean potions are effective, with little discomfort, but compared to Garlean science, Garlean potions have more bang to the buck, but are far more painful because of it.

However, no potion or Conjurer magic can mend a broken bone. That takes good ol rest and recovery, but a conjurer can help it along its way so it mends correctly.

Ether for MP, is more of an Eorzean thing. Garleans lack this, because they use magitek to do there magical stuff; Beyond those few from other lands who can. Ether is more of a drink. It goes in, replenishes the lost aetheric energy more quickly then the body would naturally. See it like magic users Gatorade. The effects are not instantaneous, but its better then having nothing at all in your system. Then the higher version of the ether, the faster it tends to work in the system.

#11: Conjurer Healing Magic
I touch on this a bit above. Conjurer magic is a great form of healing. It can repair a great many of wounds. From nasty cuts to deep gashes. This all done by the weaving of the aetheric energy to act like a stitch, but unlike stitches, its more soothing and gentle. Conjurer magic can even bring someone back from the brink of death, but it can not-- nor should not-- be used to bring someone back to life once they have gone on. As this can cost the Conjurer there very life and possibly bring back something far worse.

Conjurer's magic also can not fix broken bones or allow someone to grow new limbs. Conjurer magic can though help a broken bone slowly mend correctly and deaden the pain of someone's limb that has been cut off.

#12: What is up with Linkshells and Linkpearls?
As you may (or may not) know, the aether in Hydaelyn is in massive flux. It isn't very stable and it has really messed with a ton of stuff in the world. A great deal of how things use to be no longer work. Aetheric gates shattered, almost all Aetherytes broke down and became tainted, and many of the beasts of Eorzea started to roam in places they were not meant to be, or, well, become extremely hostile.

The world changed greatly with the Calamity and with it, so did the Linkshells and Linkpearls.

When Bahamut shook the very aetheric flow of Eorzea, linkpearls shattered and linkshells ceased to connect onto the atheric waves. Communication broken down and in the early weeks, people had to depend on merchants to get messages through, but that wasn't very expedient and most of the time-- didn't even work. The Moogles however knew of the distress and responded quickly in kind by becoming the messengers for Eorzea, thanks to the fact they knew how to move about the world, even in its chaotic form.

As of very recent (9/12/14 -- at least around there), the Alliance is just now starting to get Linkshells working again and giving out linkpearls to their military. Though this works in some areas, there is still a great deal of disturbance in some locations and other locations (like Mor Dhona), where they don't work at all. It will still be some time until Linkshells are working fully again and it is very possible that some city-states (Ul'dah) may start to look into using Miltiverse radios as a mean of communications instead of the older method.

#13: Can I play someone with the Echo?
I fear that is not an option I'm going to really allow. The Echo was a very neat game mechanic, but considering the rules of MCM and the fact of how powerful the Echo is. It isn't something characters of right now would have. They can have something akin to the Echo however (please talk to me on those details), which I as the GM will give you things of note to play off of, but the Echo itself is not available.

The only person allowed to have the Echo is that of, Minfilia, who is under GM control for right now. She is also one of the members with the Archons. See the FAQ section on the Archons for further details.

#14: Where are the Archons at right now?
The Archons themselves right now are in hiding. After the fall of Dalamud, they split up and the Circle of Knowing fell apart. Some members went back to their home land, some have remained, but they for the most part are not characters that can be found easily or can be located with ease. These members are highly important characters; including Minfilia who has the true Echo; So if you are interested in playing one of them, please contact me (Gaius Van Baelsar) about it.

It also should be noted as well, that the original group was known as the Circle of Knowing located in Ul'dah proper. They were tolerated at best and not overly loved. The group they become in A Realm Reborn, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, does not exist yet.

#15: Can I play an OC Garlean <rank here>?
Most ranks are open to be played until you get up into the Tribunes. I do suggest though if your looking to app into the Garlean Empire, that you speak with me (Gaius Van Baelsar) first, as I am also the 'fac-head' of the main Legion. That said though, you can not app normally other Legions and you can not apply for another Legatus, as I am not even sure what plans Yoshi-P has for other type of Legatus characters in the game. Which means I am keeping the Legatus rank for now, FC only.

Speaking of Legions though, if you do wish to apply a character of the VII Legion which once served Nael Van Darnus, this is open for OC concepts, but be aware-- Nero went through recently and was hunting down members and you are, probably, an enemy of the Empire given that nearly all of the VII Legion saw Nael Van Darnus as a god. Again though here, I ask for you to speak to me, as applying for someone from the VII Legion requires some footnotes and information that needs far more heavier research done then the XIV Legion types.

#16: What type of scenes can I run for Final Fantasy XIV-1?
As the story progresses, more things will open up for the cast themselves to do. Some ideas on what can be done without really needing to check with the GM, may be found over in the Mission Board area. Having social scenes at the local pubs, out in an area somewhere enjoying the shade of a tree, those types of things are fine. Fighting local monsters that have become aggressive cause of aetheric changes, those are fine and don't require permission from the GM.

Things dealing with like a beast men raid, bandits, or pirates, falls more into GM control (or the control of the Eorzean Alliance leader) to handle. This can also be given to a player to do as well, but needs to be spoken with the GM (and controller of the area) first.

Things that deal with heavy effects on the world of Hydaelyn like Primals, guilds, and things of such nature, will only be handled by the GM or a person given permission to do so for a scene.

Things that require adding in new things to the world or further education about something, can be handled on your own, but should be spoken to the GM about first to make sure the concept will work and so that those things can be marked down that have been done. Keeping everyone, after all, on the same page is very important.

#17: What are you looking for in Eorzean Alliance (Guild) Leaders?
The Eorzean Alliance leaders and Guild Leaders are like mini fac-heads. They have a great deal of presence in the theme and can easily effect the way the world operates. In this, those that look to apply for one of these hefty FCs, I request they are willing to work with me, the GM/Theme runner, closely. As it is important we all remain on the same page.

I want to trust these individuals to be able to operate things in their area of control and be able to ever as equally help players out if they have any questions about the theme at large. It is this very reason as well that it is important that they know and understand the prior lore of Final Fantasy XIV going back into 1.0. This information can be easily obtained on the web, so research isn't that hard.

Guild Leaders have a bit less of GM control, but are still important as they represent that guild of learning and knowledge, as such, they too should be very informative on what they know of the past and present, including oocly understand where we, as a group, are planning on going with things.

It is for this reason it is important, again, that we are all on the same page and I (Gaius Van Baelsar), always available for questions, suggestions, and a good ol' conversation on things.

#18: What Advance Classes Are Available?
As stated in the section, Advance classes are not easy to obtain. They are years of brutal training under the instruction of the leader of those orders and some advance classes are not available at all or have yet to be introduced in away they have become available at this given time. I will however list what Advance Classes are available and how hard one can get an idea of how hard some of these are to obtain. If I do not have it listed here, you can figure it is not available as of yet for story reasons.

Though do feel free to check back here to see if this has updated or/and contact me (Gaius Van Baelsar) by @mail if you have any questions.

  • Dragoon - Ishgard Alligned, proper training: Dragoons are trained dragon knights of Ishgard. They are Ishgards main line of defense against the Dravanian Horde and have trained most of their life for this very honor to be of the Dragoon order. Dragoons are only taught within the wall of Ishgard and those of their bloodlines. They do not teach those of the outside of the walls of Ishgard and to do so, is to remove yourself from the Dragoon order. Be stripped of your title and all that makes you a Dragoon. It is said that long ago, a Dragoon once turned his back on the Order to instruct those of Gridania the way of the Lance, though many of the secrets, out of respect were not shown to the Gridanians.
  • Paladin - Ul'Dah Aligned, Picked from mostly military and trained: These brave men and women have been hand picked to be trained and serve under the Ul'Dah Royal family as their bodyguards and defenders. It is rare to see a Paladin away from his station as a body guard and even rarer to see one away from Thanalan entirely, as they have sworn their swords and shields to forever be the shields and swords of Ul'Dah in the darkest of times. Though in these dark times, desperate measures must be taken and some Paladins have been called upon to aid in relations with the Multiverse and aid in the military of the Eorzean Alliance.
  • Monk - Must be chosen, has to be worked for through RP: A hand-to-hand martial arts that deals with drawing on the chi of ones own body for devastating attacks. The fine art has nearly been lost with the ever changing tides over Ala Mhigo. However there is a single man who still studies the ways of old and though he wonders Eorzea. He will train any who proves themselves to have a strong of enough chi within them and shows the proper discipline to be a student, but he does not pick just anyone and being trained by him is not an easy task. For it is not one that can be bought over, proven, or tested. For he sees into the soul and knows what he seeks.
#19: Are there Chocobos in Garlean Territory? Where do most Chocobos come from?
It is a bit of yes and a bit of no. Chocobos are most common in Ishgard who are known for breeding the finest in the lands. When you go more Northeast to Garlemald, Chocobos become far more rare and probably raised for eating, because it is a know fact by the time you get to Doma, who is in Garlean Empire territory, that they have never seen a Chocobo.

This means for most Garleans, unless they have operated in the South, they have probably never seen a Chocobo and if they have, never used as a mount. To them someone riding a chocobo is probably about as silly has seeing someone ride a pig. You just don't do that with your food.

#20: Do Garleans even have mounts then beyond Magitek?
Yes. They do. They actually have horses. Hoof stomping, neighing, horses. These are not to be confused with Ishgards nearly extinct Unicorn population however, but true to goodness horses. Garleans love their horses and while the use of horses to get around has gone down greatly due to Magitek, much like it did for us, there is still people who raise them for show and there is even a Legion that specializes in still using them.
#21: Magitek Magic vs Aetheric Magic
In Hydaelyn aether is part of the life-force of the world, it runs through almost every living being and creature. Much like the Force in Star Wars. Almost everyone with proper training can use aetheric magic, as magic is part of ones self and also part the elements there in. It is actually this reason why such arts is why Black Mages and White Mages are banned from any normal teaching, because of their devastating power and drain on the individual person. The only race known thus far in Hydaelyn that can not use the aether, or the life-force of the world are of the Pureblood Garleans.

The Pureblood Garleans however got around this denial of not being able to aetheric energy, by creating machines to do it for them. Their advancements in technological boom that occurred 60 or so years, including their sudden dominance over almost all of Hydaelyn. Magitek Magic differs because of the fact it is technologically made. There is nothing natural about Magitek Magic and it forces elements to do their will in a very non-consensual way, far as some races would be concerned. Some of it not even right at all.

There is however no difference in power behind either magic form, just the means to achieve it. Though both may have their own personal opinions of what is actually better, but that is all in speculation.

#22: Does Golden Saucer exist?
No. It does not, at least not at this current time. While there may be another Golden Saucer in another world, there is none within this theme and some of the games don't really exist. Things like Chocobo Racing though may become a reality given the new breading going on in Limsa Lominsa, but for now-- none of this exists.

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