Fire Emblem: Awakening-1

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In a world of two continents ruled by two dragons, the Divine Dragon named Naga and the Fell Dragon named Grima, has an air of tense borders between the Archanea kingdoms of Ylisse who revere the Divine Dragon and the desert kingdom of Plegia who worship the Fell Dragon.

The era has an uneasy calm in the kingdom of Ylisse, the Exalted lady known as Emmeryn keeps it in check with her fequent visits. Meanwhile, the kingdom of Plegia's worshipping of the Fell Dragon spurs their warriors to raid in Ylisse's borders.

The struggle between this has only started as a sinister force starts to build up as the clash between the two kingdoms continue.

(This is set just before the game's actual start and therefore will deviate some from the games actual story)