Folmarv Tengille (Dropped)

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Folmarv Tengille (Scenesys ID: 28)
I am the sword and the shield. I do what I must to protect the Church.
Full Name: Folmarv Tengille
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Theme: (FC) Final Fantasy Ivalice-1
Function: Divine Knight
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20)
Other Information
Physical Age: 50s Actual Age: 55
Still Aging? No. Voice Actor:
Height: 6'2 Weight: 250
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:


Folmarv Tengille, head of the Knights Templar of the Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, is a man of unassailable faith and a staunch defender of the Church. Or so those who know him might say. He is an active, long standing, member of the Church whose contributions have earned him an office most trusted and influential. A stoic man, with a grave demeanor, who values efficiency and effectiveness over grandiloquent speech and unnecessary action... he is a portrait of the anti-nobility if there ever existed one. Though he rarely engages in combat these days, it is said that his sword arm is capable of felling a small army on its own. Behind the graying man's stern countenance, is there a heart of gold? Or something else entirely...?










Bound: Hashmal's power is bound to the Leo stone, and thus it is not possible for Folmarv to access it if he does not have the stone. Taking the Stone will not break the possession, but it will stop him from transforming and cut him off from its power. For this reason, the stone is jealously guarded. Once a transformation is in effect, however, snatching the stone is basically impossible until he is defeated (it joins with him). <Taking the stone for any reason still requires consent.>

Arrogant: Folmarv and his Lucavi possessor are both arrogant to their very core. Not arrogant enough to ignore the threat of a powerful foe, but definitely arrogant enough to assume almost everyone is beneath them by default. This can lead to those they believe beneath them surprising them in many undesirable ways.

Holy Man: Folmarv works very hard to maintain his image as a model supporter of the Church, to an almost neurotic degree. So thorough is he that virtually no one in the Church has any idea what is happening right under their noses, despite the scale of it. That is precisely why meaningful threats or efforts to expose him can be very powerful.

Driven: Folmarv will do almost anything he thinks can further his ultimate goal. He is extremely driven to achieve the -one- thing he wants the most, and those who know what that is could potentially exploit it favorably. If they're willing to make deals with a devil anyway...

Anti-nobility: Despite having gotten wealthy off of the poor himself, Folmarv absolutely despises nobility and makes few attempts to hide it. He will rarely openly offend them if he ever thinks they're useful, but even then it isn't too difficult to see how little he cares for their eccentricities.

Violent: Folmarv is a man with a very violent personality. At the very least, since he discovered the Leo stone. He attempts to hide it publicly, but it is a fact that he physically abuses his children if they fail and he's been known to do it to his Knights as well.

Holy Weakness: As Hashmal is a Demonic entity of pure darkness, Holy magics and attacks are bane him. They always do more damage than normal. This applies to non-offensive things as well (such as truly holy artifacts, sites, even healing spells of the holy element will heal him less>. This does -not- mean anything related to a church or 'holy group' is offensive to him, however, they must have a divine component. Throwing a bible at him is likely to get one eaten. <This weakness is specific only to Hashmal.>


Title Date Scene Summary
Hell Hath No Fury July 11th, 2014 Faruja Senra has no doubt known troubled sleep for many moons, especially since even his alliance with the Church has been called into question as of late. But with the Cancer stone's recent awakening came the assassin's cryptic message, "...T'would seem you are fated for better things, Holy One...". One cannot be too sure of its meaning, but given the fashion of events lately... it likely bodes ill...


Title Date Scene Summary
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