Galen Marek (Dropped)

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Galen Marek (Scenesys ID: 18)
"I bring Lord Vader's enemies to justice."
Full Name: Galen Marek, Starkiller
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Star Wars-1
Function: Sith Assassin Starkiller
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Sam Witwer
Height: 6'1" Weight: 85kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown-Yellow
Theme Song:


A child born from the secret marriage of two Jedi, GALEN MAREK, codename STARKILLER, watched both of his parents die, his mother to Trandoshans and his father to Darth Vader himself. Sensing a powerful connection to the Force within the child, Vader personally took him as an apprentice from there onward, raising him from a young age into a member of the Inquisitorius, whose duty is to identify, track and kill enemies of the Empire thought too dangerous for others to handle. Traumatized for the longest time by his upbringing, Galen only recently remembered his own name, and tends to go by the alias STARKILLER. Knowing very little but his loyalty to the Galactic Empire and his master Vader, Galen lives by the idiom that anything short of death makes him stronger. Though not a bad person at the core, he lives first and foremost for his duties as an assassin, juggling hatred, sorrow and apathy with mild compassion, his love for one of his pilots, Juno Eclipse, one of his few redeeming qualities. Trained by Vader himself, Galen is a dangerous opponent to engage head on, wielding a potent mastery of many Force powers, some unique to his fighting style, alongside his lightsaber(s) and a variety of assassin tools and toys.










Trauma: Whether or not he enjoys his current life serving the Galactic Empire, Galen was left mentally crippled by the death of his parents and the violent nature of his training (and being raised by Darth Vader, who is not the ideal father figure to have). This leads to nightmares, as well as a need to meditate now and again to calm himself, a process so delicate that doing so with a lightsaber whose color isn't red actually throws him off-balance.

Live And Die For The Empire: Galen knows very little outside his duties, and has a cranium explosive implanted in him should he ever attempt to rebel. This bomb cannot be detected by most forms of scanning technology, ensuring that he does not know it exists, and that a routine medical exam cannot find it. Fortunately, it is a very well designed bomb, and cannot be accidently set off by a blow to the head or combat; it must be intentionally triggered, and is otherwise inert.

"Only Human": Though gifted with great Force powers, he is still, past the armor, human. A single blaster bolt to the head, or being run through by weaponry, would tend to be lethal. (This +flaw does not really represent much, and mostly serves as a warning that when fighting Galen, most damage caused will be in the form of grazes or armor damage, as direct damage would be more lethal than it is to the average superpowered Elite.)

Frequent Assassination Attempts By His Best Friend Brodroid: PROXY was programmed to frequently attempt to murder Galen by Vader, to keep him on his toes at all times. Despite this there is absolutely no bad blood between the young man and the droid, and in fact the two are very close. This does not stop PROXY from making his attempts, although by now Galen has taken a humorous shine to them, sometimes giving PROXY the upper hand so that he doesn't feel too bad about constantly failing in his core programming.

Love: Galen is extremely attached to one of his pilots, Juno Eclipse. Should someone find this out, she would be an ideal target to get to him.

Rage, Hatred, So And So Forth: As a user of the Dark Side of the Force, Galen requires at least some internal struggle or imbalance to truly use the full extent of his abilities; failing that, a powerful emotional drive at least. Situations where he is pacified somehow would leave him weakened.


Title Date Scene Summary
Xiang's Return August 2nd, 2014 Xiang and Galen Marek attack a town and research facility. Heroes stop them.
Between the Shadows July 3rd, 2014 While the Rogue Shadow drifts between the stars, its crew have a civil discussion. Sort of.


Title Date Scene Summary
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