Goffard Gaffgarion (Dropped)

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Goffard Gaffgarion (Scenesys ID: 493)
"A fight with no coin at the end of it is no fight for me!"
Full Name: Goffard Gaffgarion
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Final Fantasy Ivalice-1
Function: Fell Knight
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: Vague forties Actual Age: 52
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'11" Weight: ~195 lbs.
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Oh No You Didn't!" - Mercenaries 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEbE3fGfF-o (Placeholder.)


What do you get when a prestigious commander's reputation for savagery precedes him so much that his own men toss him out and force him to become a mercenary to survive? Goffard Gaffgarion. Never one to put his life in danger if it doesn't benefit him, Gaffgarion is the consummate sellsword, the personification of "anything for a price". He is extremely selfish and cares only for money and himself...and not necessarily in that order. And he is not particularly shy about showing it. Wielding the dark powers of the life- and mana-draining Fell Sword, he cuts through enemies with practiced ease. Despite his reputation for brutality, he's not a particularly cruel or vicious opponent in battle. It just so happens to be easier to simply kill all who stand in his way than to sort through the rabble. But loyalty bought with coin is just as easily broken, and those who hire him would do well to remember that. The only thing reliable about him is that he can just as easily turn on an employer for a better price.










Equipment: While Gaffgarion can use a number of different swords, he must have a longsword to use the powers of the Fell Knight. More powerful greatswords will not do.

Reputation: To anyone hiring Gaffgarion, beware. His loyalty's bought, and it's very possible that, for the right price, it can be broken. And there's little he won't do if he's paid enough to do it. This is, obviously, not going to win him much trust from others. And there's very little Gaffgarion will put his life on the line for. He always puts himself before others and tends to care very little about what others think about it. And he tends to...well, not stick around when he gets injured past a certain point, or when the situation gets more dangerous than he feels his pay allows for. This may lead him to be branded a coward. His reputation is fated to follow him wherever he goes, for a variety of reasons. Though most likely because it's usually only a matter of time (and money) before he switches allegiance. He's a "sellsword" after all, and is very serious about that title. He does, at least, have the professionalism to finish the job according to his employer's specifications. But he's just as liable to take on the job of killing his former employer if someone else hires him after that. And he'll do it, too.

Gettin' Up In Years: Gaffgarion's not someone that's to be taken lightly, make no mistake. However, he IS almost sixty. While it might take a lot to put him down, when he finally does get put down, he tends to STAY down. It also means that he's more likely to tire before the end of a protracted battle, which may lead to him abandoning a mission before accomplishing it.

Technology: Gaffgarion comes from a world that some might consider "backwards" where technology is concerned. And his lack of patience doesn't help him when trying to figure out new pieces of technology, either. With both these, he's very likely to just chuck a piece of machinery over his shoulder and discard it than sit there and attempt to figure it out.


Title Date Scene Summary
Cogs, Dolls, and Glorious Moustache January 13th, 2015 Alexandria sends a party of Black Mages and the mercenary Goffard Gaffgarion to seize a few engineers from the Clockwork City Goug. They run into some trouble along the way however...

Meanwhile, Fuki becomes embroiled in the battle amidst a part scavenging run!

To Catch a Fairy November 17th, 2014 Ineryon seems interested in Kirito's abilities, and hires his Ivalician contact Gaffgarion to find out what he can.
The Plight of Legolas October 28th, 2014 Under contract to kill Thranduil, Gaffgarion lures Legolas into a trap, and then waits for his real quarry. Thranduil is quite a bit more than the Ivalician sellsword can handle, though...
CP: Battle Over Bronze Lake September 22nd, 2014 The Garlean Empire with the Confederacy move in to take control of Point A in Upper La Noscea. Can the Eorzeans and their allies hold them back?
Lord Of The Inferno September 15th, 2014 Vi'Sharra and the Immortal Flames have hired out assistance from all corners of the Multiverse to deal with a rather large problem. The problem being that of a Primal known as Ifrit. Can they take this massive aetheric creature down? Or will it be they who become BBQ?
Maiden of the Skies August 18th, 2014 Coming on the tail end of the decision to give Burmecian refugees sanctuary in Ivalice, Alexandria decides to bring its own brand of diplomacy to Limberry courtesy of the Alexandrian air fleet and the Red Rose. Though the diplomat herself has a respectable reputation, it's certainly not for her skill with a pen...
Battle at Riovanes August 15th, 2014 After weeks of war in the dukedom of Fovoham, with the end result being that the Duke Barrington's forces were forced back into their own capitol, the Archadian army begins to march upon Riovanes itself. A grand, bloody, battle is sure to occur as the Duke's forces give their last in resistance... but will it be enough? <Boss Battle>
Save The Dragons! August 14th, 2014 Hired to steal dragon eggs for a client, Gaffgarion thinks he only has Momma Dragon to deal with. He's wrong... to the tune of one pegasus knight by the name of Sumia!
A Cloud Over Fovoham July 26th, 2014 The roadways between Gallione and Fovoham were cleared of the accursed undead, and much aid was to come to Fovoham under the canopy of the Yuguewood. ... But the aid never arrived. The Order of the Southern Sky has written it off as Archadian interference, but a soldier claiming to have survived the attack claims fiends the likes of which no man has ever seen descended upon the caravans. Many were killed, some were taken away into the forest - but none of the goods were taken at all.

The Soldier has posted three month's pay, requesting that captives be recovered if possible and their belongings recovered for memorial services. You have been provided a map, and a warning: be wary of the ominous-looking mausoleum.

Horrors Revisited July 20th, 2014 The battle between the Archadian invaders and Duke Barrington's soldiers rages on near the Fort City Yardrow, but there's been reports that the Yuguewood has been rendered impassible to emergency troops and supplies from Riovanes due to unusual levels of undead activity. Put the troubled souls of soldiers long since dead to rest, and help free up the roads to passing wagons!


Title Date Scene Summary
Hol(e)y Knight (Goffard Gaffgarion) August 14th, 2014 After getting thoroughly perforated by Sumia, Gaffgarion's got time to think. Also modern hospitals are scary!


Thranduil: Quite an enjoyable battle, Elf-King. With this you are likely to have quite the ill temper towards me, aye? Good. I would like to see what you can do the next time we cross swords.

Ineryon: You do manage to get yourself into quite the predicament, good Ser. Worry not, you will have your information. Only do be careful-- horns were meant to pierce what they hit. But whether or not the surface will release it afterwards is an important question that is often left to an afterthought.Dropped